Weekend Recap

Thursday nights were always the beginning of the weekend in college, and lately it seems that I'm bring that back!

I ended up driving to Joel's office at the end of the work day so that he could take the baby home and I could meet some girls for happy hour (clearly the better end of the deal). Ami, Shelby, and I hit up Wally's in Beverly Hills.

I love this spot...it's groovy...but our server sucked! He had such an attitude! Regardless, our time together - and champagne and cheese plate were perfection. (PS. Ami has a great blog detailing the planning process of her soon-to-be amazing wedding, and its worth checking out!) 

Also - I really can't help myself from sleep stalking, and I'm sure no one will find these pictures as heart melting as I do, but I literally can't help myself with that booty popping!!!

Friday we had swim lessons and this week my cousin Erin, and her daughter Carter joined us.

Leo swam SO well! He puts his head under water and kicks his feet like a little pro. I love our weekly swim lessons, and I'm actually blown away at the improvement I've seen. If you are in LA, we go to The Jim Herrick Swim School in Studio City.

On our way back from swim lessons, we stopped at In-N-Out burger, and hung out the rest of the afternoon together. The babes were both really tired from swim, so our pizza dinner party had to be scrapped, but Joel and I enjoyed the pizza and wine, watched a lot of Olympics and called a night.

Saturday morning, Joel and I both got runs in and then we took a mini road trip to visit family down in Newport Beach.

Joel's cousin is doing an internship at Disney, so we met her and her dad for lunch in Corona Del Mar, along with Uncle Andrew and cousin Sulley. We had a great lunch, and then afterwards walked around the beautiful neighborhood (and I want to move there now).

It took us forever and a day to get home and when we parked the car at home, we discovered someone had a larrrrge car seat blow out.....

Thankfully he is cute.

Sunday morning I got up and got in a yoga sculpt class.

I needed to run some errands, so after a morning with Joel and Leo, I kind of left them high and dry (and it was glorious!).

Once I was done, I met some friends for a glass of wine before we cozied up at the AMC Dine-In theater for Bad Moms.

 I'm now obsessed with dine-in theaters. Literally, there is not point to see a movie anywhere else!

And, if you haven't seen Bad Moms....you need to.

It's adorable, hilarious, sweet, and relateable. I haven't laughed out loud so much at movie in a long time!

Joel made brats and a caprese salad for dinner on Sunday, and we toasted to a weekend well spent! 



  1. Love his little booty in the air! Sleep stalking is so fun. I "checked on" MA at least 4 times last night. For no reason other than to see her. haha. Glad you had a couple fun outings with friends. Good for the soul!

  2. That cheese tray looks so good! I'm also super jealous of your swim classes. I've got to get our Madeline enrolled in some. She would love it. She also sleeps with her little booty in the air. The cutest!

  3. Yay! Loved our girls night! So fun :) It looks like you guys had a fun weekend! XOXO

  4. What a fun weekend! Love the little sleeping picture; SC does that too, and I just love it! I so want to see Bad Moms!!

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