Day in the Life [with a 10 month old]

The best part of posting a DITL post, is going back to the read old ones. Not tons has changed since I posted our last one (with a 7 month old) here - in fact, apparently last time I captured our day on a Tuesday, and I'm doing that again.

So here we are, on Tuesday, August 9th


6:16am - Joel wakes me up, even though I asked him last night not to wake me up 6:26am! It takes me ten minutes to wake up anyways so I guess it was a blessing in disguise.

6:46am - Leo is still sleeping (of course, because he only sleeps in when I workout in the mornings) and I am out the door on my way to yoga.

7:00am - I'm doing a month at CorePower and actually loving it. I do the Yoga Sculpt class and sweat my face off.

8:05am - Joel stays late two mornings a week so I can get this workout in, which is much appreciated, but he quickly scoots out once I walk in.

8:10am - We facetime Coco, play a little, I change out of my sweaty clothes and into a bathrobe, and then we get ready for breakfast.

8:30am - I let Leo munch on some blueberries while I get his oatmeal going. Leo likes oatmeal (enough), but its actually one of the messiest foods to feed him! Leo much prefers to feed himself, so it sort of becomes a pain when it ends up in his eyebrows.

8:45am - I set Leo down on the ground to play with tupperware and the dog, while I quickly throw a few things into the crock pot for dinner tonight.

9:00am - I put Leo down in his crib for a short nap. We have our library class, so I'm going to have to wake him up in an hour, but I figure something is better than nothing. I put together a snack for him for after class and clean up breakfast - and dinner.


9:15am - I sit down for a cup of coffee and kind of an unusual breakfast. I really wanted a bagel and cream cheese, so I ditched the bagel and subbed in almonds.


9:30am - I jump in the shower and get dressed. Later in the day, I will seriously regret wearing white jeans to spend the day with a bunch of babies.

10:00am: It took Leo almost 30 minutes to fall asleep, so he got a really weak nap, but I need to get him up and fed so that we make it to class on time (which we rarely do.) 

I love his little drool spots - and this view.....


10:15am - My cousin Erin and her daughter Carter text me that they are downstairs, so we head down and load up the car. We stick Carter's car seat in my car, and the four of us head into Beverly Hills. We park at Joel's office every week for the class, which is awesome, but means we have a ten minute walk to the library.

10:50am - We got to the library with plenty of time which was good because we have two other friends meeting us there today!

11:55am - Class was so much fun, but packed and we're all kind of exhausted by it. We decide to head to Caufields for lunch which is back by where we parked so we walk over and grab a table and a very cold beer!

12:30pm - Lunch with 4 babies, and 5 moms could be insane, but it actually went flawlessly. All of the kids were happy, the moms were really happy, we had a booth where we could make a mess, feed, talk, laugh, and catch up....and we did just that. I had a burger, Leo had my bun and avocado, and spent a really fun afternoon together. 

2:30pm - We got home a little later than I expected too, so I sort of rushed Leo into his crib hoping he would take a much needed nap. My cousin came upstairs for 20 minutes to watch a little of the Olympics, and then she and Carter hit the road.

3:00pm - Since I had already prepped dinner in the morning, I decided to put on Bachelor in Paradise while I dabbled on the computer a bit ordering Leo's birthday invites.

4:00pm - I totally spaced that I had a new dog sitter coming over, so when I got that text, I scrambled to get the dog walked, house tidied, and snack ready for Leo. 

4:30pm - I got Leo up, stuck him in his highchair for a cheese stick snack and water, and then met with the dog sitter. We have a busy fall of travel, so we talked over a few dates, he played with the dog, and then left.

5:00pm - We facetimed with Coco and Papa and then I got the second half of dinner made. I made SkinnyTaste's crock pot taco salad, but needed to combine the lettuce and veggies. 

 6:00pm - Normally Joel gets home closer to this time, but since he stayed at home a little later this morning, I knew he would get home a bit later in the evening. We try to have dinner as a family together each night, but Leo's naps were totally off today so I wanted to keep him on schedule (and I was staring), so we sat down at the table before Joel got home.

6:10pm - Dinner tonight is SkinnyTaste's crock pot taco salad. I make it every other week. It's so easy and so good - and Leo likes it too! 

6:20pm - Joel walked in the door and was able to sit with us for the rest of dinner which was nice for him and Leo. 

6:45pm - Joel feeds Leo a bottle, and I clean up the kitchen.

6:55pm - Joel calls me into the nursery so that I can say goodnight to Leo. It's one of my favorite times of day because Leo waits for me to play this little game we play every single night. Once I give him a kiss, I walk out and then walk back in a bunch of times....basically like a peek a boo game, but it just melts me.

7:00pm - As Joel reads Leo a story and sings a song, I collapse on the couch. I'm exhausted....I pour half a glass of wine and watch the Cubs play the LA Angles 

7:30 - I have like 15% left of the book I'm reading, so I decide to go lay in bed to finish it since my stomach is kind of bothering me.


8:30pm - Joel forgot his shoes (they're in Leo's room), so he has to walk the dog in my flip flops....which I found to be funny.

9:45pm - I stayed up a little later than I normally do, but I had to finish my book!


I love our days right now....we're in a sweet spot and enjoying every minute of it.



  1. Go Girl on those early morning workouts. Ive been trying to set my alarm for 6am to go get 45 minutes of swimming laps in before the kids wake up, but I've been doing a terrible job lately. Its either raining or Matt has to get out the door early for something or I just sleep through my alarm :(

    Leo is just the cutest!! I love these posts and I can't wait until the day comes some time that we get Leo and Madelyn together. We need to meet ya'll in Chicago some time!! That is one of the few direct flights we have from Pensacola :)

  2. I love your sweet lil family.
    And please tell me about these bowls - I have a set of 8 that match our plates, but they aren't big enough for an entree salad, so I end up eating mine out of a serving or mixing bowl :'D

  3. Love these posts! They also make me miss the infant days, when they're so portable and not running around crazy. Love that you guys sit down for dinner as a family, we try to do that on the weekends when Kyle's home.

  4. I'm also fascinated by those bowls--please share!

  5. Love these sweet updates- Leo is getting so big! And I'm with everyone else - bowl details please!

  6. Love these posts! Such a sweet and fun season you're in right now. Also, gonna go look up the recipe for those taco bowls.

  7. I love you DITL posts! Such a cute pic of all the babies and mommies! Can't wait to see you tonight! yay!

  8. I've got to try that crock pot recipe! I'm always rushing when I get home from work to get dinner for Oliver made and to walk the dog so to have dinner ready for all of us would be awesome!