Weekend Recap

 What a weekend. 

Joel's brother and sister-in-law, Jake and Lauren, came into LA (from Iowa) to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and Lauren's birthday. They stayed at my all time favorite hotel in LA (Shutters in Santa Monica) and made some time to hang with us too!  

Thursday night they came to our house for a quick drink before we went to dinner at Milo and Olive .

The four of us splurged on tons of pastas and bread (not whole-ish 30 approved), two bottles of wine, and two amazing desserts.  


We walked to a bar after dinner for a quick beer and then headed home.  

Friday, after swim lessons for Leo and I, Joel's other brother Andrew and his wife Corie and son Sulley, came up from San Diego to join the party.

The kids played for a bit during the afternoon, and then we ordered pizza and celebrated Lauren's birthday.

All before the true celebration - Adele.

Us sister-in-laws left the boys behind and ditched them for one of the best concerts I've ever seen  

Lauren was able to get us amazing seats, and the three of us had such a blast. Not only was Adele literally perfection - we just had a great time being together. It's a pretty rare occurrence and we made sure to enjoy it. 

 After the concert finished, we took a quick uber ride back to our house to continue the party with the boys. We opened up some champagne, stayed up WAY too late, played a few rounds of Heads Up (somehow boy of our boys slept through the screams), and polished off a lot of leftover pizza before everyone passed out or dipped out.

Needless to say, Saturday was very.....verrrry slow. I literally went to bed at 7:30pm, and slept in the next morning until after 9! I was so beat up from the weekend, but it was beyond worth it.


Sunday was much more productive. We took a long run together with the Bob, ran all of the errands that needed to be done, prepped some food essentials for the week, and hosted Joel's cousin who came into LA from NY for business. 

 It was a weekend for the books - but one that can only be had every once in a while! 



  1. Beyond jealous you got to see Adele in concert! She is one of my favorites.

  2. We saw Adele last month in Chicago. She was FANTASTIC!! Best concert ever. She's hilarious & I know we could have a blast & be bffs!