Weekend Recap

We had just your average, typical weekend....but sometimes those are the best. I know that in a few months, or years, I will re-read this recap and reminisce about how easy, and fun our weekends are lately.

Friday morning we had swim lessons. It had been about six or seven weeks since Leo's last swim lesson, and the boy has gotten a little smart for them! He was pretty resistant to putting his face under the water, but besides that, we had fun swimming in the pool on the 100 degree day. 

We decided to take Leo's afternoon nap at his Tita's (my cousin Erin) house - which meant we had some sweet company for our nap time book. 

After Leo woke up from his nap, we drove into Beverly Hills to join Joel and a few of his co-worker for happy hour. 

The rooftop on top of Sixty hotel (formally The Thompson) in BH is one of my all-time favorite spots for happy hour. We had a beer and then headed home. Joel took Leo, and I stopped to pick up wine and falafel for dinner. It was my cheat meal of the week, so it was thoroughly enjoyed! 

We watched Flipping Out and went to bed pretty early. 

I've been enjoying a free month at Core Power in Westwood thanks to my friend Nikki, so I met up with a girlfriend there for the 7:30am Sculpt class.

We rewarded our efforts (and licked our wounds since we both got $60 parking tickets) with a delicious latte at Profeta. Every time I'm there, I swear I'm going to come back more often. It's the cutest little coffee shop just blocks away from my house. 

Once I got home, we decided to meet up with Erin and Danny for a walk....which landed us at Yogurtland.

I don't love indulging Leo in anything he shouldn't have (because, why?) but we did let him take a few bites. It was actually too cold for him, so he was happy to play with the plastic water cup. 

snapchat: tshields622
My parents and all of my aunts and uncles were spending a weekend together up in Wisconsin, so we had a hilarious (and loud) facetime sesh.

Saturday night we hung out outside, listened to country music, finished off some of that white wine we opened on Friday, and just hung out. I'm pretty sure I went into bed before 9pm! 

Sunday was a day of errands, but we each snuck in workouts, I was able to get my nails done, and we got ready for the busy week ahead! 



  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend minus the parking ticket haha!

  2. Hi Tess! I think it is awesome that you are putting Leo in swim lessons at a young age. My niece Mia is 5 now and swims better than I can because of swim lessons. It is amazing to see her actually have swim technique!

  3. It's pretty incredible what these young kids can do. There is a 14 month old in our class that literally swims on his own! It's wild!

    I hope you are well and enjoying wedding planning. You will make such a beautiful bride. Hope to see you guys soon.

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