What We're Loving Lately

::: Frei Brothers Chardonnay :::

Frei Brothers Chardonnay
It's delicious. Buttery without being syrupy, and SO good when it's crisp and cold. It's been my favorite summer bottle. It's $16.99, which is a little high for my weekday wine, but not horrible. 
:::  Lectrofan Sound Machine :::
We've had the ever popular Dohm sound machine from since before Leo was born. It's a great sound machine - and I actually prefer it for my own room over the Lectrofan, but the Lectrofan is LOUD. It It's much more of a speaker of noise, versus the sound of a fan noise (does that make sense?). It does a much better job of drowning out Roscoe's barking and other household noises - and its a lot smaller than the dohm which would make it a lot easier to traveler with. For the same price, if you need a new born sound machine, I'd go with the Lectrofan.

::: Pintrest ::: 

New Canaan | Portland Interior Designer | GHID:
I'm on a major pintrest kick! Our goal is to buy a house <> and I feel like I'm starting to look at pintrest with a more unique eye of what would I want in a house, what can I make work in a house, and what is the feel I want my ideal house to have. 

 : absolutely gorgeous / door steps !! lantern lighting + wood , brick & an all white home exterior. ( even the dog & child are perfectly beautiful ! ;)
I think a lot of decorating has to do with the actual bones of the house as well, but its been fun to play pretend lately. 

::: Bachelor in Paradise :::

I know, I've lost many brain cells, but I actually don't care. What hot messes! No one makes me feel more pulled together in life than those 16 monkey's! 

::: Hills Reunion :::
And talk about loving, did you catch the 10 year reunion?? Lauren Conrad wins. I loved it, I love her, and I loved shed a little light on the behind the scenes. It's worth your time if you haven't caught up with it yet.  

These 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cups are so easy and make for the perfect treat.:
If you follow the official Whole 30, you are not supposed to recreate any kind of dessert - even with compliant ingredients - but I'm going Whole-ish 30, so I throw caution to the wind at that. 
These took literally 30 seconds to make, I froze them in a baby food container, and then had Almond Joy-y/Reese Peanut Buttery cupy goodness for dessert last night! 

::: Dressing a Boy ::: 
When I was pregnant with Leo, people would always tell me that its so hard to find cute clothes for a boy - and it is kind of true - but I actually think baby boy clothes can/sometimes are cuter than baby girl clothes. Is that horrible to admit??? And, this fall is hurrrrrting our pocket book (What is a pocket book?? )  but I just don't think there is anything cuter in this world than a well dressed baby boy.  

::: Coffee Roll Coffee :::


Its as good as you would guess.
Hope you're finding a few things to love this week too! 



  1. I love saying "pocket book", it reminds me of Grandy!!

    Jealous beyond belief with that chardonnay :)

  2. I've been loving Pinterest more lately, too! I cannot wait to have a house. Hear you there! We watched BIP too - such hot messes but so damn entertaining. I need to catch up on the Hills reunion! Forgot to record so hopefully reruns are playing.

  3. I love your house pins on Pinterest! We started to casually look for houses too! But, I think we are going to stay in our condo a little longer than we originally planned and move in the next 2 years! Wait, that is almost exaclty what you guys were thinking before you had Leo, right?! Great minds think alike!

  4. I love a good Chardonnay once the weather gets a bit cooler, the oakier and buttier the better. This summer I have been enjoying sauvignon blanc, nice and crisp and refreshing. I also need to try those whole 30 snacks, they looks so good!

  5. ahh are you looking in California ? So exciting but scary too, since I'm away from home I always feel like with renting I'm a free bird once we buy I am committing to a location !