26 Reasons

Why I love the boy I'm lucky enough to call my husband

1. He brings me flowers when I get really, really mad at him

2. He eats anything I make - and takes it for lunch the next day too

3. He makes me try new things

4.  He will sit through Real Housewives

5. He is obsessed with our dog

6. He is the first person to read my blog and checks in all day to see the comments

 7. He goes along with my traditions and celebrations

8. He opens the car door for me

9. He calls his mom every Sunday

10. And checks in on my sisters


11. He is the most dependable person I've ever met

12. He tells really bad jokes

13. He appreciates good food and wine


14. He is really nice to waiters

15. He brings me coffee in bed

16. And wakes me up every morning

17. He lets me cry when I need to just cry

18.  He works his ass off 

19. He wants to be a really good dad

20. He gets upset with me when I text and drive

21. He isn't afraid 

22. He has good taste in clothes and knows how to dress

23. He makes me healthier

24. He remembers everything

25. He loves Chicago as much as I do

26. He treats me the way I hope my sisters and friends are treated by their future husbands

Happy 26th Birthday Joel- here is to many, many birthdays together

I love you


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Joel!!

    May your 26th year be the best one yet!

  2. So sweet, this made me a little teary eyed. Happy Birthday to him!

  3. This is so sweet! You've got a keeper girl!
    And since I know you're reading Joel, have a fabulous birthday!

  4. Adorable - what a sweetheart he is and what a good pair y'all make! Happy birthday to Hubs!

  5. Happy birthday Joel!!!
    You found a keeper, Tess. :)

  6. Oh my gosh I love this. Happy birthday Joel!!!

  7. This is sooo sweet! He sounds like a real catch!

  8. So sweet! I love that he checks the blog. haha

    Happy Birthday Joel!

  9. What a great post, this was so sweet! Happy Birthday Joel!

  10. So cute! He does get along with the family and crazy traditions! And LOVE that he is obsessed with Roscoe (the dog) and Roscoe (the street in Chi). Love you both!

  11. Happy belated birthday Joel! Sounds like you've got a wonderful man, Tess.