Memory Keeping

Having this blog is like my personal google. What did Joel get me for my 2nd anniversary? Check the blog. Where was that place we ate at in Kentucky? Check the blog.

But, I sometimes worry that this blog isn't tangible and could someday vanish into cyberspace without a paper trail. How will my kids now how cool I was?

With all of the fun wedding occasions, I wanted one place to store all of my memories and look back on, so I used shutterfly to make an all encompassing book for me and for my mom.

I just finished another book for our honeymoon - and it seems like it's the most efficient way to store pictures and keep the memories alive.

I also have meaningful pieces around my house that remind me of important people or places in my life.


I haven't printed off pictures in ages I'm curious how everyone else is keeping memories alive.

Am I missing something? Do you still have a huge Rubbermaid container holding all sorts of pictures and mementos?



  1. I love shutterfly books! I'm making one a year volumes of my son. I've also made them of trips we'eve taken. Just today Heath had me read his ABC book that I made filled with pictures of his favorite things/activities associated with each letter. I seldom print loads of images out anymore.

  2. I love having mementos and souvenirs from trips all around the house. When I was younger I always would just buy clothes on trips, but now I've come to realize how much more meaningful a piece or art, a book, or other small trinket to remind you of the trip is much better!