Weekend Recap

This weekend was Joel's Birthday Week Extravaganza.

On Friday night we planned an indoor camping trip. We don't have a backyard, so we had to improvise and it was so much fun. 

We got really into it - no sitting on the couches, no electricity, the whole nine  yards. 

Camping started promptly at 6pm so I changed into my most "camp like" outfit and got ready for a night of fun.

We spent as much time outside as we could. We decided to grill hot dogs, drink beers and margaritas and just enjoy hanging out with the two of us without the distraction of ipads, phone calls, or the tv.

And the best reward for camping? 


Once it got dark, we moved inside and played four rounds of Trivial Pursuit Party before falling asleep on the hardwood floors. Joel cheated and moved the the couch around 5am, but for the most part, we stood strong and had such a good time. 

On Saturday we went for a hike and I snuck away to get a massage with a girlfriend - which was beyond lovely after sleeping on the floors. 

Saturday night we had a whole birthday night planned in Malibu. 

 Our first stop was happy hour at the Malibu Beach Inn which is a boutique hotel right on the water with a top notch restaurant on the main floor. We had a few martini's in their small bar and took in their amazing view.


We have family coming to visit in September and while we were enjoying our cocktails we made the call to bring them here for dinner. I can't wait to try it out.


After our drinks we headed down the street to Nobu Malibu. It's an enormous restaurant and I knew it was going to be a night to remember when Eric Dane held the door for us to enter the restaurant. 

We were seated in their main room next to my new buddy Eric and had one of the best meals we've had since being in California. 

A few more martini's and a round of stellar food made for a very happy Shields family! 

 On Sunday, we had breakfast at NY Bagel in Brentwood and then played tennis and ran some errands.

It was a perfect weekend with lots of together time and lots of indulging. 

Time to get back on the no carb train this week and get back to the grind!


  1. what a fun weekend! love your camping idea.

  2. the indoor camping idea is SO cute! I totally would have quit and crawled into bed :p

  3. And I just had to google Eric Dane :) seriously Hapoy birthday Joel!

  4. LOVE your indoor camping idea and Eric Dane?! Girl you are luckkkyy! So glad you guys had a great weekend!

  5. This sounds like an awesome birthday weekend! I loved your idea of indoor camping! So creative, and it sounds like the perfect solution to camping without the bugs lol

  6. A birthday extravaganza weekend with drinks, smores and a massage + Eric Dane? I'm pretty sure you had the best weekend EVER!

  7. Love the indoor camping idea - so fun! And how cool that you got to see Eric Dane!

  8. Oh you know, Eric Dane, no big deal! Happy bday, Joel!!

  9. OMG! Eric?! Love it! Also, loving your indoor camping idea! So freaking cute! ALSO ALSO loving your pink skirt!!! Where is that from? MUST HAVE!

  10. How cute are you two glamping on your living room floor!!

    Also..... McSteamy! You have the best life.