Wedding Wednesday: My favorite wedding presents

As luck would have it, some of my most favorite wedding presents we received didn't come off our registry.

With lots of full weddings on the horizon, I thought I would share and maybe give you a few gift giving ideas as well.

A lot of people got very creative with out ever-present "logo".


My parents visited  The Christina Gallery on Martha's Vineyard and were able to have Christina Velsig personalize a piece for Joel and I. It's my first actual piece of art, and I'm borderline obsessed with it. It's such a beautiful, special piece that holds so much meaning for me.  It was truly a special gift. If Martha's Vineyard doesn't hold a special place in the newlyweds heart, you could easily search for local artists in their neck of the woods.

I also had two separate guests monogram a throw pillow and a cozy blanket - both of which are used daily.

The blanket was wrapped up in a picnic basket with outdoor wine glasses, a bottle of champagne, a doggy bowl for Roscoe, and a few other fun accessories. I mean, too cute. 

We also had a few friends surprise us with gift cards. A group of our friends in Chicago gave us a gift card to Hyatt - the hotel we stayed at for our honeymoon - and we were able to use it however we pleased; spa services, restaurants, or even just to take a chunk off the bill at the end. It was so thoughtful and very useful.


Another great gift card we got was to a fancy restaurant here in Los Angeles. Our friends clearly know we are foodies and it gives us such a good excuse to try a new spot.

Our friends and family were all too generous to us - we were very, very fortunate.

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  1. That pillow is absolutely amazing!! What a thoughtful gift!!

    This makes me feel unnaturally excited about PRESENTS. Haha, greedy bitch here.

    Although, the more I think about it, I can only think of 1 person invited to the wedding who would dare to get off the registry train and think of something crafty.... but maybe people will surprise me!

  2. How fun are these thoughtful gifts? That painting is seriously so beautiful and such a perfect addition to your home.

  3. Great gifts! Thoughtful gifts are the best ones!

  4. One of my fave gifts were gift cards to restaurants as well - I loved it!

  5. One of my fave gifts were gift cards to restaurants as well - I loved it!

  6. Those personalized gifts are probably so special to you :-) What great gifs!