Weekend Recap

Our August and September calendars have filled up very quickly. With lots of visitors, a family trip to Scottsdale, birthday parties, and baby showers - we decided to stay home this weekend as much as possible.

After work on Friday I decided to download Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews and I have not been able to put it down since. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm loving every chapter more and more - the main character is a cute little blogger too! Snag it!

I made another batch of red Thai curry on Friday night for Joel and I - and I'm honestly not sure if I will ever order take out curry again - it's that freaking good. I'm going to post the recipe I used this week. 

Saturday we took a long walk around the neighborhood and had a few glasses of champagne on the patio before we went to a friends house for dinner. 


For lunches lately, I've been making "Pita Pizza's" that are incredibly addicting. I buy whole wheat pita's at Trader Joes (1 pita = 160 calories), top with pesto or tomato sauce, cheese and basil and bake at 425 for 15 minutes. We had them for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday - guilt free pizzas.


Sunday morning we ran to UCLA and ran their stairs. The cheer leading team was out practicing for fall which got me all sorts of excited for the beginning of the school year. We live right behind a school and I find myself really missing the morning announcements!


We walked into our little downtown area to have an early dinner at TLT - which was amazing. Joel introduced me to their "Carnita's Fries" which are literally sinful. 

The week ahead is a pretty packed one - we are playing tennis tonight, Joel's bosses come to visit from NY before they all head to Vegas for a work trip, and I have to host our companies suite at the Staples center for One Direction concert on Wednesday.
So simple and so beautiful.


  1. I *LOVE* Thai red curry dishes, I'm so looking forward to what you share!!

  2. I didn't realize you were right by UCLA. Or did we discuss this? I forget. Anyways, I worked at a summer camp at UCLA for 2 summers and love that area. I used to love walking around Westwood. We'd get cheap manicures and eat Didi Reese (sp?) for $1. So pretty there!

    I really need to try these Mary Kay Andrew books everyone keeps blogging about.

    Can't wait to see those recipe posts!


  3. I keep hearing how fun that book is - I'll add it to my must-read list :)

  4. You and your husband are just the cutest!! Cant wait for your recipe!!

  5. I flipping love Mary Kay Andrews books. LOVE.

  6. Can't wait for that recipe, sounds delicious! And what a creative idea for the "pizzas!"