My Quick Cleaning Go-To's

Since I work at home, I feel like I have to keep my house extra, extra clean to keep my sanity. With a shedding dog and a lot of dust, it's taken me a long time to find some of my favorite cleaning products that actually work.

I try to wrap up my errands and work day around 4pm and always do a clean sweep of the house. Every week day I use this Multi-Surface spray around my whole house. I take a huge clump of paper towels and wipe down every surface in the house.

A fellow blogger (Amber) posted about this product on her Instagram and it's been a game changer since I found it at Target. Since I can use it on every surface in my house, it's a one stop shop. It de-dusts and shines everything quickly and painlessly.  I'm not a big fan of the "glade"  artificial smell, I hate all febree-ze like products, but I light a bunch of candles afterwards and it fades quickly.


Along with that bad boy - this vacuum has literally changed my life. 

Larger Front

I have to vacuum 4x a week, and before this I had to sweep afterwards too. It was a long and dreaded process.  Since "the shark" I have not picked up a broom once - and I even bought a new one when I bought the vacuum and it still has tags on it.  The Shark works perfectly on my rugs, hardwood, and tiled bathrooms. Plus, it has a super long cord and I can literally do our entire condo without having to unplug the thing. A good vacuum may be a secret to sane wives everywhere.

I had complained daily about all of my wine glasses getting water stained, cloudy and never looking actually clean. When we received our Riedel wineglasses as shower presents I was determined to find the solution to making them shine all the time.
Insert: Micro-fiber towels from C&B

I do hand wash the glass with dish soap and warm water but they instantly dry with these magic makers, and all of my wine glasses look like I pulled them out of the box yesterday. Gems these bad boys.

Do you have any quick cleaning fixes that I need to know about?? 
Spill! (and then clean it up! Ha!)


  1. Im on my way to Target so Im going to pick up that cleaner!! We have a shark also and I love it. Now I feel guilty that I dont clean at 4pm daily. Good idea!

  2. Oooh great tip with those C&B towels, I'm a Riedel newbie and the smudges and whatnot are driving me up a wall

  3. Girl, I feel like I seriously need to take notes on this post.

    See also: currently living in a pig sty. OOops.

  4. I want you to come work from my home, hahah! I definitely need to get some of those towels!

  5. Well, who wants a dirty and stinky home? Be it through vanity, or keeping one’s sanity intact, we all have this disease of tidying the house up. Thank you for sharing some of your housekeeping secrets, by the way! I am glad to hear that things are going smoother for you now with the new vacuum cleaner. This modern-day cleaning equipment is truly awesome, no? : )
    Deidra @ Minutemen

  6. I have to vacuum 4x a week, and before this I had to sweep afterwards too. It was a long and dreaded process. Since "the shark" I have not ... isharkvacuum.blogspot.com