Friday's 4

 I have been out of it all week. There's tons of different reasons why, but I just struggled to be present this week, and I've felt like I've been walking through a cloud since Monday morning. I'm hoping to snap out of it soon and get on with living in moment.


 It was so hot this week, and clearly, because I'm not living in present, I decided to try and do a little fall shopping. I came home with this sweater from H&M and cannot wait until the temps drop and I can wear it. I think it would love great over a white or jean button down.

And finally you can buy off the site here

Finally TODAY is the day that I get my wedding photos and video. Yesterday my vendors emailed me that they didn't think they were going to meet their deadline (today) and I about had a mini-stroke. A few friendly but bossy emails and they were both able to 'getter done! I'm refreshing my gmail like every 22 seconds.

This weekend Joel is heading down to San Diego to finally catch a Cubs baseball game this year, and I'm heading to a baby shower for my girlfriend Dawn who is due in September!
 Wise words


  1. Love that sweater! Have fun at the baby shower and cant wait to see your wedding pictures!

  2. 1. YAY FALL CLOTHES! I'm going to go so crazy once I'm not so poor. Which means, probably next year.

    2. WEDDING PHOTOS. Let me hyperventilate a little for you. I am SO SO EXCITED to see how they captured your gorgeous self and your AMAZING wedding. EEEEEEEEEEEEP! Wish I were closer so we could demolish some wine on the couch checking those bad boys out!

  3. Wedding photos eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! So excited!

  4. that jacket is super cute!!

    YAY for wedding pictures!

  5. Can't wait to start wearing fall clothes! So fun getting your wedding pics back! Have a good weekend!