Friday's 5


Pretty positive my favorite errand of all times is the liquor store. I will say, I haven't found a charming wine store in L.A. like the one we had in Chicago (Que Syrah), but I still love browsing all of the aisles and loading up my cart. I'm starting to get sick of Trader Joe's wine, so it was nice to stock up on some of my more popular favorites.

Joel is obsessed with the camel commercial about "Hump Day" and all of his co-workers totally play into it, so I decided to treat everyone to a little hump day treat. I made my Breezy Banana Bread but added a few cups of chocolate chips.

I bought season 1 of Girls on my ipad on Wednesday night and I cannot put it down - I've literally been bringing my ipad into the kitchen while I make breakfast. I'm seriously obsessed. 

Wednesday night I hosted our company's suite for the One Direction concert. I met my co-worker/girlfriend at Katsuya to indulge in a Burning Mandarin martini before we faced the crowds.

Even though we were in a suite, the craziness was not lost on us. These girls are like MEGA fans.

We had a great time but with all of the screaming our ears were literally burning and you couldn't hear the cutie play very well. 

Either way, it was better than your typical Wednesday night. 


Joel is in Vegas on business again this weekend, so I'm riding solo for most of it. Tonight, Laura and I are going to the much buzzed about Salt Air, Saturday I'm laying low, and Sunday I'm meeting a few girlfriends for brunch before Joel gets back home in the late afternoon. It should be a low key and wine filled weekend .

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 Cheers to the weekend!


  1. I have been looking for some new wines to try, let me know if you find any good ones! Also OBSESSED with Girls- can't wait for the next season to start! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm green-eyed with jealousy over your relaxing weekend.

    Please tell me that someday I'll have a relaxing weekend again someday.

  3. We buy that same brand of tequila. I think we first had it in Mexico? Mike likes to reuse the bottle for storing water because it looks nice in a glass bottle rather than a plastic one :)

    You should do a wine rec post. My newest fav for reds is Smoking Loon I think it is? I believe it was the Pinot Noir. Do share!

  4. That martini looks awesome, and I'm trying to figure out what the garnish is ... is it a jalapeno slice?!

  5. Try wally's wine on westwood blvd. i'm not sure how charming it is but it has a great selection!

  6. That is the cutest little dog picture I have ever seen! Now I want to do one for my doggie!

  7. I swear, on Wednesday so many people were making comments regarding that commercial, not only at work but on facebook. haha

  8. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR PICS!!! How many times can I say I love love love them. The last e-card says. it. all.


  9. I remember when Lauren from The Hills want to Katsuya! Do you ever seen any celebs there? My husband loves the camel hump day commercial too. I personally think it's annoying! That's sweet of you to make your man's coworkers banana bread!

  10. I LOVE Girls!!! I am so excited for the new season!!