Friday 5

1. The MAJOR update this week has been a face lift to our master bedroom. I don't have before pictures, but here she is now!

Previously we didn't have a headboard and those bamboo prints (I have 3 of them) were in a straight line over the bed.

A few updates and  I feel like the room has completely transformed. It has so much more style and elegance and I feel like it looks like a Master bedroom.


 That gold star burst mirror is one of my most favorite finds ever. It's Martha Steward from Home Depot and cost me $35 bucks. I have been searching for a perfect gold burst and had almost come to terms that I was going to have to spend more than I wanted to when this little beauty popped up on my search!

2. In other news, it's been friggen hot here in LA. When I'm not working from home and I actually have to go outside in the blistering heat my wardrobe is a light dress and blazer.
I'm already missing the fall that I won't get to have...

3. I have a baby shower next weekend for a girlfriend here in L.A. and I decided to order a new Lilly for the occasion. I plan to wear it to the shower and again while we are on our trip to Scottsdale. I'm seriosuly crossing my fingers that it gets here in time and looks as cute as it does on the model.
I figure I can wear it with a white blazer and wear it to work meetings too. 

4. My wedding pictures and video are due at the end of next week!!! I'm equal parts thrilled and terrified. 
Blurb wedding book

5. Have I told you that I am obsessed with Sister Wives? I especially love this season as they are all moving into new, huge houses. I often find myself thinking about how I would constantly be trying to be the best wife - which, I know they have their lifestyle for religious purposes - but don't you think it would be such a competitive way of living?

This weekend we are celebrating Joel's birthday which falls on the 21st! We are camping....inside...tonight (details to come) and heading to Nobu in Malibu on Saturday - a perfect juxtaposition.

Adult: the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want. Yep.


  1. I think we would be fantastic sister wives, just sayin.

    Also, I want to know where that head board is from!

    And that mirror WAS a great find!

  2. Love the mirror! I may have to track one down for myself!!!

  3. LOVE the bedroom, the mirror and throw pillows are absolutely perfect! Have a great weekend celebrating Joel's birthday and can't wait to see wedding pictures!

  4. PREACH IT, Gosling. I love that part of being an adult too.

    We have a mirror from that Martha Stewart Home Depot line -- so good looking and so inexpensive!!

  5. That mirror is seriously to.die.for. It totally makes your room and goes perfectly with the headboard! Love it!

    I too, am so fascinated with the Browns. I really cant wait to see all the houses finished!

    Happy weekend Tess!

  6. Love love love your headboard! And it looks so elegant with the new mirror and your special monogrammed pillow.

    ... and yeah... Sister Wives is definitely also one of my guilty pleasure shows.

    Happy Friday!

  7. that Lily dress is too cute! I love the top/collar part. HAHA, I used to watch Sister Wives all the time. I haven't watched it recently, but I was so intrigued/shocked by their ways of life that I could't pull myself away.

  8. Love the bedroom! I'm actually in the works of doing a lot of decor in our home that is WAY overdue! Love how yours turned out!

    And I got your comment on my blog but I accidentally deleted it - I HATE it when I do that! haha But thanks for the sweet comment! :)

    Happy Birthday to Joel, have fun celebrating this weekend!

  9. I've been looking for a reasonably priced sunburst mirror for my guest room and this one looks perfect! I may be copying you! That Lilly dress is so cute!

  10. looooove your bedroom - esp the headboard! btw where are your shoes from in that pic? love those!

  11. I too am redecorating our master and watch sister wives!!

  12. And yes my comment sounded very stalker ish oh well! Haha!

  13. Don't you love that starburst mirror?!?! Think it was my best purchase of 2013 as far as "biggest bang for your buck"! And that Ryan Gosling quote is amazing. I fell in love with him a little more after just reading it. ;) ;)

  14. That Ryan Gosling quote is too cute!