Don't be tardy for the pardy

Voiceless blog.

That's right readers (bahaha, if they're are any) ((I humor myself)). I've gone from infestation of the swine, to straight up voiceless. And let me tell you, voiceless teachers don't get very far. Why voiceless you may be wondering. We had a Tyrrell invasion this weekend here in good 'ol Iowa City, with an unbelievable HAWK WIN. Wow!.

Amanda, my most wonderful cuz, and her bf Andrew came to visit. Also, little 16-year-old Nellie had her first college experience as well. Unfortunately she is now home with 102.0 degree temp and chills. Clearly, she is not prepared yet.

Overall we had a really great, stress free, late nights, bad food, no sleep, typical family weekend!

Tyrrell Sista's

Well isn't that nice! ha


I'm Sick

:) This helps a little bit.



Okay, something must be askew. That little counter thingy to the right of this post is claiming that I have had 12,000 hits on this blog. I do not believe it. #1. None of my friends have blogs #2. None of my family have blogs #3. I'm not that interesting. However, I'm going to pretend that I have people reading my blog as stalkerishly as I read other blogs. In fact, I have stumbled across two unbelievable blogs. These two women are crafty, creative, stunning, organized, and deisngers (with great camera's). If you're bored, or even if you're not, I highly reccomend grabbing a glass of wine, and perusing their lovely sites.

P.S. Did I mention that "these two women" are twin sistes. Just an FYI.
Darby and Erika

P.P.S. I aspire to have blogs like their's. Give me 3 years. Or more.

P.P.P.S. This blog post (probably only read by Joel, will inadvenrtley concern him, guarntee)



which means I have to run it.


FALL has arrived!

My favorite season is here!
Joel is a good sport because this weekend was dedicated to any and all fall activities I could think of. Saturday we headed to an apple orchard to pick apples and get some cute pumpkins. We made a really good apple crisp, made a pizza, and watched some UT football. It was a success

And then today we decorated Halloween cookies. It was a great weekend, minus the fact that it has landed me under the weather. I had to leave work this morning in hope to not infect all of the children. I'm hoping by tomorrow I will be back to kickin' form.

I'm very proud of the bat cookie :)