Adios Amigos

Tomorrow at 6:30am, a limo is arriving to take my family and I to our favorite home (sorry Illinois). No--Santa's sleigh is not arriving to load us to the North Pole (although we are on the short side). We are off to our vacation home in Punta Mita, Mexico! We will be spending the next 15 days in the sunshine, with a crew of 29 other family members who are meeting us there on Christmas Eve. I can't wait to

Walk on the beach...
take dips....
Make friends with the locals....

Take in the views...
Go whale watching in richity boats...

Spy on the beach hotties.....
Read about failed marriages....(I'm still bitter about this one)

See beautiful sunsets...(2-pictures-worthy)
Get a little crazy...
And toast in the new year!

Can you tell I'm excited???


For Emily

Joel and I celebrated our 3rd Christmas together. We exchanged the nicest gifts yet. Joel got a shiny new Swiss Army watch, and I received this david yurman bling below...

Not bad!


An Iowan no more...

University of Iowa, you have served me well. I just moved out of the lovely Iowa City, and am back at home. It doesn't seem long ago that I had moved into the dorms. I was so nervous to meet my random roommate, Jamie, from a small town in Iowa. I came in from a run and she and her family were moving in. There was no turning back. That year, she became my closest friend. She is so different from me; she is the life of the party, with no reservations. She is wild and crazy, loud and spunky, and anyone that gets the unique pleasure of meeting Miss Jamie, can't help themselves from loving her. Four years later, we looked at each other and couldn't believe that time had passed so rapidly. I am forever grateful for meeting Jamie and know that we will be in each other's lives forever.

Our next door neighbor in the dorms was Sara. Our little Sara who wore her pants too high, loved(s) pink, and kept us laughing every single day. Sara is someone I could spend days and days with. She and I could talk for hours, over analyzing every word we've ever said. Sara recently accepted a job offer in Chicago and will be moving to the Land of Lincoln in the next month. I'm so happy that I get to have you all for myself!

My last few nights were spent with all of the people I have truly come to love


1 for 2

I'll take it! Yipee!


Blizzard Warning

Blizzard warning is in effect. Do you think it could blizzard so bad that the Iowa City Public Schools cancel school Tomorrow and Wednesday? That would make me a really happy camper.

"G-O-D Hey! Give us a snow day" - Repeat at least 50 times.
When I was a wee young one, we used to chant this in order to produce a snow day. I think I will start my dancing now.



Dear Santa:

This is would make for a great teaching interview outfit. Thanks!