Work Wear

You guys.....the Kendra Scott necklace has taken over my wardrobe and I can't stop. I'm sorry, but it literally works with everything, although, I do think it's a little overkill 4 days a week.....

Work It Girl

Monday - stayed in my workout clothes, all, day.....really killing it this week ;)

J.crew blouse, j.brand jeans, RL sandals, KS

Old Navy dress, H&M button down, RL sandals

J.crew cardigan, target tee, RL jeans, RL sandals, KS necklace, Ray-Bans 

wore this Sunday too, if you're wondering.
J.crew blazer, Target tank, AG jeans, Franco Sarto sandals


Travelin' to Chicago

I love a day of travel, especially when it takes me to my favorite place in the world; Chicago. 

I love the process of laying out my outfits, getting a mani/pedi, packing up my suitcase, and feeling all of the anticipation of a fun week ahead.

If you've been around here for a while, you know I'm obsessed with Virgin America - so even the flying part feels kind of fun. I pretty much always order a mimosa, have their yummy cheese plate, and catch up on work emails while I can't be on the phone - I mean, it's really not too shabby! 

We have a week packed to the gills - visiting friends, celebrating birthdays and engagements, a wedding, brunches, a run along Lake Shore, deep dish pizza, and hopefully a few boat rides too.

A week is never long enough, so I'm hoping to stay as present as I can and soak it all in.
Sunkissed and Southern


Weekend Recap

For Joel's birthday he wanted to run a 50k (32 mile) race - his third so far - and so for the last few months, he been training more than than usual.

During race weeks, Joel tries to up his protein and carbs, and not take in much sugar and alcohol, so for a birthday week - it was a little lackluster.

Friday night, "Race Eve", I made pasta, garlic bread, and pasta, and we watched a movie and went to bed super early since Joel had to leave the house at 4:30 in order to start the race at 6:30.

My girlfriend Kristin and I went out to his course to help cheer him on, so after a quick stop at Starbucks, we were at his race, by 8am and were able to see him at his 4th aid station (mile 15).

Joel's first half of the race went great, and he looked like he had barely run when we saw him! He had a few potato chips, some Tums, and some gatorade, and made his way with his friend Jack for the second half of the run. By this point he was about 1 hour ahead of his PR for a 50k.


His first loop took just a little over 2 hours, so he was hoping he would do that pace again for the second half, and finish the entire race under 5 hours. Joel started to cramp around mile 22, and with the heat of the sun getting worse by the minute, his second looped slowed down a little bit.

Either way, he ended up top 30 in the race, finished 32 miles in 5 hours and 31 minutes, and shaved more than thirty minutes off of his best 50k time. It was a huge victory for him and I was beyond proud!


 It was really hot by the time he finished (about 12:15pm), so I was really thankful he was done before the day got super, super hot. The three of us hung out for a little bit, Joel drank a lot of coconut water, and then when he was ready to get into the car, we drove to the first brewery we could find ;)

We had a great lunch and a few beers and celebrated Joel's huge win. After lunch, the three of us went back to our house, watched a few movies, hung out, ordered Chinese food, and then went to bed very, very early.

 Sunday morning was one of the laziest mornings I've had in a while, and it was lovely. 

Everyone slept in, and even after we were awake, I had my coffee and breakfast in bed and didn't get moving until almost 11.

For most of the day we hung around the house, took a long walk and a visit to the park, and just enjoyed an easy Sunday.

For dinner, we went to A.O.C Wine Bar in West Hollywood and it was fantastic. Easily in my top 5 favorite LA restaurants. 

We went early to take advantage of their happy hour, so we sat at the bar, had small plates and a few glasses of wine and really just enjoyed outselves. 

 It had felt like a while since we went out to a nice dinner just the two of us, and this was just what the doctor ordered. One of my favorite things to do with Joel is just sit at a restaurant, and try and take as long as we can. We like to savor the experience, order slowly, and enjoy the whole "dining experience" as much as possible.

As we were about to leave, Carson Daley walked in, so we tried to hurry to catch a good glimpse of him. We are both big Today Show fans, so we wanted to wish him congratulations on his new baby, but he was out of sight before we had a chance.

We had a great weekend - but I'm glad it's over because that means we are one day closer to getting back home!!
It's true <3


Friday Five


First, and most important, my favorite person  turned 27 yesterday. Joel is the ying to all of my very obnoxious yangs, and I just love him. I love being able to spend my days with him. Most of all, I just love living life with him and he is so deserving of celebration. He's a good egg and I'm lucky to be his wife.

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes
Unrelated, I have been a monnnnnster this week. I don't know what my deal is but I've just been a cranky, braty, lousy bitch. I've tried to "focus on gratitude", and go to bed early, and have coffee in the day, or wine at night, but nothing has kicked my overall nastiness. I'm anxious for a fresh new week next week - and thankful that I get another shot at being a human.

my instagram is: @teatimewithtess 

I got my hair cut!! I'm pretty sure I am now a short hair convert, and I don't know if I will ever go back. The first few days of it being this short make me feel a little funny - soccer mommy-ish and old - but I think overall it really is the most flattering cut for me.

I took Amy's advice and signed up for theSkimm, and you guys? It's so good. It's recapped news - written in a conversational tone - that is sent to your email every morning. I look forward to the morning to read theSkimm and have my cup of coffee every single night.

When skies are gray...
I'm going home to Chicago in just a few short days and my heart is racing. I feel my heart craving to be home, with my people, in my homeland.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


Work Wear

Last week was the hottest week of the summer - and combined with no meetings, I pretty much wore as least as possible and didn't even think about pulling out the straightner. Add that to the pro side for working from home.

Work It Girl

Loft shorts, Old Navy top, KS necklace, RL sandals

Roxy dress, J.crew belt, TB sandals

Polo button down, Gap skirt, TB sandals and KS necklace

 Loft skirt, target tank, RL sandals & old necklace

 J.crew top, loft shorts, TB sandals


Brides, and Birthdays, and Baby Showers OH MY!

We had a weekend PACKED with celebrations - which started promptly on Friday at 5pm. My best friend from college, Sara, and her boyfriend Sean got engaged!!

Sara had helped Joel pick out my engagement ring almost 3 years ago now, and so Sean felt it was only fair to loop me in on the surprise. I have been holding onto the secret for 2 months now and it has been killing me, so I couldn't have been more excited when it was finally official. They are such a perfect couple, I just can't even imagine the fun we have ahead! 

Super early on Saturday morning, Joel, Roscoe and I drove down to San Diego to celebrate my sister-in-law and baby Sullivan! Her sisters threw an adorable shower and I was so happy to be included in the day.


I think I've talked about my undying love for Corie before, but she is just such a gem and I feel really, really lucky to have her in my life, and I can't wait to meet Sulley and watch her become a mom.


And while we were busy celebrating, some of the boys were help Andrew finish up their house. They're building a new home and they are anxious to move in, so Joel tried his best at a little handiwork to help the process along. 


It took us a long three hours to get home on Saturday, so we made a pit stop at In and Out burger, watched Divergent (soooo good) and went to bed super early to prepare for the next day of festivities...

Joel's Birthday Party!!!

We spent the day at Golden Road Brewery which is in the valley in Glendale and it was SO awesome.

There were tables outside that were first come, first serve, so we set up shop, added some Vols-colored balloons, and ordered a bunch of pitchers of beer.

The brewery sometimes holds tours, but they weren't that day, and we didn't seem to mind. They also served really great food, so everyone had lunch, drank beer, and hung out. Besides it being really freaking hot, it was awesome. 


 We have some seriously awesome friends, and I just love each one of them so much. We got so lucky.

 A group of us came back to our house afterwards to order pizza (totally blew my 16 days of no-carbs, but it was so damn good), drank wine, played a few board games, and then called it quits. 

Joel's official birthday is on Thursday and he is running an Ultra Marathon (50k) in the mountains on Saturday to celebrate. *This is not how I celebrate, not even close, but to each their own.

After the marathon, we're going to celebrate his birthday again since he is giving up sugar and alcohol until then. **He's a nut




And while we are being thankful for Friday, I thought I'd list all of the other good stuff that I'm thankful for this week

....lime lacroix

....patio happy hours

....friends that make you laugh until you cry

....air conditioning

...groomers that bathe your dog for you

...new gym shoes

...non-fat lattes from Starbucks


...truffle cheese from Trader Joes

...My kindle

...Dr. Teal's lavendar soak & soothe bubble bath

...family to visit in San Diego



...my upcoming trip to Chicago


...good health


...to-do lists


...phone calls



...my bed

and this is all from this week? Life's good.


Thursday Thoughts ::: All About Books

Thoughts for Thursday 

This book theme came about pretty naturally, so we're gonna just roll with!

I'm way late to this party but I am LOVING The Husband's Secret. I literally can't put it down. I've been staying up way too late reading and keep giving myself 15 minute breaks throughout the day to just get one more chapter in.

I've mainly like to read somewhat "fluffy" books.  I get so attached to books and the stories and I try to avoid any that will involve me taking on their sadness, grief, or fear - but with The Husband's Secret, I'm wondering if my reading taste is getting a little tougher...My mom will be so proud! I know that sounds pathetic, but I'm the same way with movies. If it doesn't make me happy, why the hell would I waste my time? Maybe thought, I can go a little deeper than I once thought....
Speaking of books, when I was in college I read The Secret and it actually helped me. I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety and when I read The Secret, I realized how much power my mind and my thoughts had over how I felt, what I did, and who I was. I've re-read The Secret a half dozen more times and I like to go through it every so often. I had no idea that Rhonda Byrne had written two more; The Power and The Magic, so I'm anxious to get into them too. Have you ever read The Secret? I know it's a little hokey for some people, but with anything, you take what you can get from it.

And while we are clearly developing a theme here, I finally started my Blurb book for our Paris trip. For the last maybe 3 or 4 years, I've switched from Photo Albums to hard cover Photo books. I feel like it's just a better way to keep our pictures, they're easier to store, and they just tell a better story than a photo album can. My last few books have all been with Shutterfly, which in fairness is easier and more fun than Blurb, but the quality is far better with Blurb, so I'm going the Blurb route for our France recap.