60 years of wedded bliss

Precious. That is the word that comes to mind when I think about my grandparents and their 60 years of marriage. Kuka and Papa are the foundation of the family and have asked for only one thing from everyone. To foster a close knit family. Mission Accomplished. This weekend was spent laughing, and smiling, and touching, and hugging, and eatting, and dancing together as a family.

Saturday was the big day. At an early service on Saturday morning, Kuka and Papa renewed their vows and recieved a blessing at their church. (After brunch, I am proud to say, I ran 5 miles!! Way off topic, sorry!) Saturday night they hosted a party for 75 of their closest friends and family. After a wonderful dinner, and touching toasts, we danced the night away. Kuka and Papa couldn't have been happier.

Most of my best memories are in the company of my family and I have no one to thank for that but Kuka and Papa. They have are more than words can describe and an inspiration to us all.



Joel Bolt!!
Joel Bolt!!
Joel Bolt!!

This weekend Joel ran the Crystal Lake 1/2 Marathon. His goal: complete the marathon under 1 hour and 28minutes. Pfffffhhfff - He blew that outta the water. At 1 hour and 23 minutes, I heard his brother Jake yelling that he was on his way to the end. I quickly grabbed my camera and was amazed to watch him cross the finish almost 4 minutes faster than he had predicted. It was a proud moment :)

Jake and I could barely keep up with him - on our bikes!

Look at those awesome Crystal Lake runners

Coming around the 4mile bend

My Tori moment ;)





No clue who the little girl is but...Google did it!

Practicum has begun. Practicum is the semester before you student teach. We spend 4 days a week at a school from 8-11am. Seeing as we are spending so much time at these schools, where we got placed was a big deal. There are so many of us that we were told that some of us would be placed as far as 90miles a day. I did not want to deal with a super long commute so I had been anxious about "placement day" for the entire 3 weeks they made us wait. Well, the time has come....I am so happy to say that I will be in an IOWA CITY school district in a 5th/6th split classroom. Let's go Lemme Leopards!