How do you stay present while planning for the future?

Weekends move at warp speed, months fly by before I've been able to enjoy them, and all of a sudden a year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

We have so much on our calendar I feel like my mind is always on next week's schedule, or next month's dinner party, or organizing next year's vacation. With my mind always three steps ahead of my body, I've been in this constant state of anxiety where I feel like time is slipping through my fingers.

I'm not enjoying right now, because in my mind, it's already gone. It's already Christmas and it's already next year and I'm already sad it's gone.
I have trips that I haven't taken, 3 in October almost back to back, and the anxiety of being gone is already getting to me...and I haven't even left yet.
Do you find that this happens to you? I think it might be something that a lot of women struggle with, but how do you enjoy today without worrying about tomorrow?

Give me your tips wise women (and Dalai Lama)


Weekend Recap

On Friday, as I was driving home from my last meeting for the week I caught a Baskin Robbins in my rear view window and literally pulled the most extreme U-turn possible. I'm not normally one who is tempted by drive thru's or fast food, so I sort of surprised myself as I pulled in. There was literally no stopping me. I ate my scoop of butter pecan alone in the car, felt somewhat insane - but holy cow did it hit the spot.

That night we met up with my cousins for dinner at our favorite spot, Picca. They make insanely delish drinks and the bartender David was even a Chicago boy, so we were warmly received. 


After dinner - the five of us came back to our house and played Trivial Pursuit Party and watched youtube videos until we polished off too many bottles of wine.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Saturday morning was the Tennessee v. Georgia game, and since the games start at 9am out here, we decided to make a celebratory breakfast for it.

We never did crack into that champagne, especially since the Vols lost, but I did get to enjoy my first pumpkin coffee of the season which did not dissappoint.


I snuck out for a happy hour with my girl Shelby after the game, was home by 5:30 and then , and then Joel and I had a low key night at home.

Sunday morning we were up early for another training run. Joel has been such a great running buddy for me. He's pushed me out the door for countless runs, and for long ones he will come run with me. I'm not sure I could get my butt (and keep my butt) out there for 9 miles if it weren't for him. 

We powered through and then pretty much hung out on the couch all day Sunday. The weather was absolutely glorious and actually cool enough to wear sweaters and light candles - so our Sunday was pretty lovely.

Next week is the last slow/unplanned week we have before our crazy October arrives so I'm trying to soak in these nice fall days as much as I can. Here's to another week!
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Friday's Five

 ::: 1 ::: 
My cousin Ryan has been in town all week and we've had so. much. fun. It's been years since I've had days of quality time with my cousins Ryan and Erin (who just moved to LA) and boy have I missed it. I've tried to sneak out for morning walks with them, happy hours, and had them over for dinner on Tuesday when she arrived. I know not a lot of people have close cousins, and I can't imagine life without mine. I got really luck in that department.


My all-time favorite jean jacket from J.crew went missing after my trip to Chicago. I hadn't noticed it until Monday of this week because it's been so damn hot, and when I realized it wasn't in this apartment I went buck crazy. I searched everywhere and almost broke into tears when it didn't turn up. I called J.Crew corporate and they had 3 left,  of the light color I wanted, in their warehouse (by some Grace of God). I got it for a really great price, ordered a new one, and all is right in the world again.

Did you guys catch the premiere of The Voice? It was so good. Pharrell was adorable, I'm obsessed with the banter between Adam and Blake and I actually liked Gwen Stefani (who I have never liked before). The short stories before the contestants go on are a little depressive -- especially if they don't make it -- but overall I was so impressed with the raw talent that show finds. Such a fun addition to my Bravo Reality shows. 

The fragility of life has become a painful reminder - and what I can't help but think is - "relax, laugh, do it, go for it, travel, buy the damn bag, drink that bottle of wine, sleep in, stay up late, jump...". Life is short, normally whenever it ends, so live it up.
Make sure it makes you happy.

Besides a fun goodbye dinner for my cousin Ryan tonight, we are watching football, grabbing happy hour with friends, getting my 9-miler done, and staying home. Should be another good one for the books; and we are lucky for that. Have a great weekend. 


Work it Girl

Work It Girl
I somehow forgot to take a picture, which I'm shocked because I broke out leggings AND boots!! I think it was 72 degrees here and I went all but nuts!
 J.brand jeans, RL buttondown, Converse
White after labor day...Guilty 
Loft Jeans, Michael Kors sandals, BB Dakota blouse
j.bran jeans, ralph lauren blouse, j.crew heels
target tank, Max Studio (via Marshalls) pants, TB flip flops


Fall Touches

I love decorating for fall and every year I get excited about the additions I make to my collection. I try not to go too over the top and keep the look pretty simple. Some Halloween decor can get a little much - so I try to keep it tasteful but festive.

My favorite thing about Christmas is the glow of the Christmas tree, so I was excited to find this cozy little light up pumpkin at Micheal's for like 11 dollars. Actually, I've never picked up holiday decorations at Michael's before and they had a pretty good selection for inexpensive goodies.

I try to find decorations that I can keep until the day after Thanksgiving - so most of what I use isn't too Halloween-y.

I like to swap out our soaps and dish towels too, which are cheap fixes that keep me happy ;)
18 Quotes That Will Make You Fall in Love With Autumn


Weekend Recap

Joel and I went out with friends on Thursday night, so we were excited to stay home on Friday and keep it chill. By Fridays, I'm pretty over cooking dinner, so I stopped at Trader Joes, picked up some cheese, nuts, and charcuterie, and we noshed France style.

My family in Chicago was celebrating my Grandmother/Kuka's 85 birthday. Kuka is probably the coolest 85 year old woman in the entire world. Her one birthday present request? That everyone come watch her tap show next weekend - to which she told me some of the songs they're dancing include Pharrell and Beyonce.

Either way...everyone was going through pictures and found one of Kuka on her honeymoon and all agreed it looked just like me!

Both of us on our honeymoons :)
I've never been so flattered.

Saturday morning was my first big run on our half marathon training schedule. 


I was super nervous before I left, but besides mile 3 and 4, which were almost entirely uphill, I actually had a fun, enjoyable run. I enjoy my runs so much more if I stop to take a thirty second breather every few miles, and it really doesn't impact my pace, so I'm making sure to incorporate that over the next few big runs.

The downside to these runs? They take a lot out of me!! When I got home, my legs hurt and I was exhausted! I hung out on the couch until lunch time and then decided to take a nap. It helped a lot, but I'm not sure I can count on a nap every time....

I did make it out to Santa Monica Fish Market with Joel so that we could pick up some yummy dinners for the weekend. Saturday night Joel made Ahi Poke and lump crab cakes...both were out of this freaking world. 


Sunday was super low key, except for an afternoon outing to Crate and Barrel and Potterybarn. I told you on Friday that we were hunting for new stools, and I was all but convinced we were going to go with a seagrass stool with a back. Well, Potterybarn was having 20% off furniture sale, and these leather, backless stools stole our hearts. 

Decker Leather Seat Barstool

They are super comfortable (I love the foot rest), rustic yet modern, and just the perfect look for our house. It will take a week or two for them to ship, but I'm anxious to see how they look in our house.

Our blood sugar dropped a little too low while we were shopping (doesn't that always happen?) so we made an emergency stop for Chiptole, had a few beers while watching football, and made an Ahi Tuna Salad for dinner to cap off the weekend.

This week my cousin Ryan is coming into town, and we are celebrating a ton of LA birthdays, so it's due to be a very fun week!!

My thoughts exactly!


Friday Thoughts

::: 1 :::

Navy blue is my favorite color - for everything, but I have such a hard time wearing navy pants with blue jeans. Without a belt, I feel like solid navy just does not go. I was determined to wear my new navy blouse last night, so I did it, but it irked me. Is it that my jeans are too dark? Does anyone have this gripe?
I love the dark blue denim, But that shirt is to die for however I would definitely pair this with lower jeans and a pair of low heel brown boots and some accessories Kate donned blue J Brand skinny jeans and a £48 ME+EM striped Breton-style top with a £79.99 navy Zara jacket. 11 April 2014 #wkwhrmmm outfit is awesome - but so is the haircut...so much inspiration!

 File:ITunes Radio Logo.svg
This might not be new, but I just discovered the wonder that is iTunes radio. I've always listened to Pandora, but over the stations play the same songs all the time. My sister Nellie turned me on to iTunes radio, and I've been loving it. It's more like Sirus radio, and I love that you can listen to all the Top 50 songs. Plus, I think you can skip songs without a limit.  (Trumpets by Jason DeRulo, umm? SO good)

 I normally phase out drinking white wine during the Fall and Winter, so I'm using up the rest of my bottles. This summer I really started to enjoy Chardonnays. I've found that I like them oaked, buttery, and as cold as can possibly be. The top three are my favorites of the summer.

Our current breakfast bar situation
 Joel and I are hosting Thanksgiving (my whole family is coming to LA!!) which is giving me a great excuse to do some updating. We need new bar stools, a few more pieces of our china, serving dishes, and a few couch throw pillows, this list is long.. Our current breakfast bar only has space for 2 new stools. If we move in the next year, I want to be able to buy a third if our new place has additional space - or is it ok to mix styles? And I think we want a back to the chair. Thoughts??
Intentionally aged Provence style Kitchen - French chateau in Houston, Texas :: completed in 1933 for J. Robert Neal, who made his fortune in Maxwell House coffee. LOVE this peninsula with the bookshelf, and the glass door cabinets and subway tile. Also really like the look of the fridge encasement. Great wall color too. jb   Bower Power- Ashleys kitchen 
kitchens - white silk tufted dining chairs gray linen oval back chic counter stools bredakfast bar built-in wine rack glass-front hutch white shaker kitchen cabinets granite counter tops white carrara marble subway tiles backsplashJessie Epley Short Home Tour // kitchen // subway tile dark grout // farmhouse sink // gooseneck faucet // gold pendant lighting

 I'm leaning toward the wicker...

 We have another no-plans weekend on deck, which is blowing my mind. Remind me of these nice, relaxing weekends when I start complaining that things are getting too hectic come October, will ya?
 Insert high five emoji here.