All Grown Up

Big girl work starts tomorrow! I'm absolutely ready to tackle this new challenge and couldn't be more excited, but of course, I'm super nervous.

In preparation of work I needed to update my closet. I found out that my office doesn't have a dress code. My "office" is no small office. Located on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago, I would imagine it's home (well, work) to probably upwards of 5,000 people. I have a friend that works there and says you see a true mix of styles. Some people dress casual, some will wear suits. My goal is to fit right in the middle. I am only going to allow myself to wear jeans on Friday because I feel a little more professional when I take the time to put business clothes on.

Here are some of the new goodies I've found:

Top, Skirt, Belt - J.Crew

Top and Skirt- J.crew
Shoes- Gap

Dress- Eci (at Nordstroms)

*this did not photograph well but its really cute

Dress and sweater - Forever 21

Top: Nordstroms BP
Skirt: Micheal Kors

New work bag- Cynthia Rowley

This is my "First Day of Work" Outfit!

Top and Pants - Gap
Shoes - Juicy Couture

I also treated myself to my first 'No Chip Manicure'. Sara and I went to CiCi's on Lincoln Ave and splurged a little on our nails. The french comes in at a stiff $55.00 but regular color is $45.00. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and if it lasts for 3-4 weeks, I will be really happy with it!

Wish me luck!


ten random thoughts

Saw this today at Kentucky Mama and decided to give it a try

1. The top of my left foot hurts every time I put pressure on it. I think it's from wearing heels and dancing like a crazy person on Saturday night, but I actually have no idea. I have my 10k in 3 weeks, and really need to be training for it. However, I don't want to run 4.5 miles today, so I may milk this injury for all its worth.

2. It's 10:10am on Monday morning and I'm still in bed. This is the last Monday before I start my Big Girl Job and I'm guessing (if the job goes well, that is) that I won't have the chance to do this again for a very long time.

3. Speaking of my Big Girl Job, I have no clothes for it.

4. I am SO ready for fall. I want to light pumpkin spice candles, cook chili, watch college football, turn off the air conditioning and open the windows, and decorate the house. I'll even take September, which in Chicago could be as hot as July, or it could snow.

5. We literally have no food in the house and I will be having dinosaur egg oatmeal for breakfast - most likely in bed. Don't fret, I'm making a trip today

6. I get to see my best friend Claire this week before she leaves me for a year in Italy. She has started a blog that she promises to keep up and you should check it out here

7. I check my mail box fourteen times a day because I'm anxiously awaiting my new Tory Burch Reva's

8. I really want to get fake nails put on but I have to type a lot at my new job and they destroy your nails, so I'm forcing myself to wait it out

9. I got new Marc Jacobs rain boots (I'll post the picture this week) for SO cheap I could cry

10. This list of ten random things was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.



I started the hunt for work clothes today (I'll post all my loot next week). I really don't have the necessary items for a corporate job.

I need shoes, clothes, accessories, and most importantly, a work bag.

I headed to Nordstrom's this morning to swipe this beauty up...

...but it didn't do it for me.

Longchamp is huge in Chicago right now and I thought I would join in on the trend. There isn't much going on with the bag, and for $150.00 I felt like I could do better.

Now, I have to find something for under $150 that's actually is better. Easier said then done.

On my way back from Nordy's I popped into Marshall's. Thought about grabbing this for $80 but ultimately decided against it. It's a good shape and size but its too logo-y so I left empty handed.

I've straight up spent 2 hours on ebay and haven't found anything.

Good thing I don't start work for another week, because, I mean, you cannot start work without a new work bag.

The search continues on...



Well there was no Louboutin's written into the offer but...


I am now an Advertising Sales Planner!

I must go now, I need to put the champagne on ice

it's a denim party

Denim tops have exploded.

I cannot allow myself to do the denim on top and bottom, but I love the look of a denim top with ---> a skirt, black pants, white pants, white shorts, etc....pretty much anything EXCEPT blue jeans.

Here are celeb inspirations:

And here is how I rocked it:

I ordered mine from American Eagle, and I wore this outfit to a Sunday outdoor birthday party.

My next outfit with the top is to keep it open with black leggings and a black tank. Perfect for my Thursday plan of going to Eat.Pray.Love with girlfriends!


Fall Forecast

After a week of +100 tempature days I have been dreaming about the crisp, cool air of fall. I'm ready to keep my windows open, watch the leaves change colors, and start wearing all of my fall clothes.

I like to follow the trends, but subtly. No point in investing on leopard print "everythings", if come spring, the trend is out. So, I tend to pick up on the trends in accessories.

Trends I will splurge on, our trends that are classic (which is a paradox because how can you have a trendy classic? But, whatever).

We will see a lot of leather in the fall - that's an area I'll put my money into. Camel coats - again, I'll splurge for that. Neutral colors, I've been dying over, but, a leather sleeveless moto jacket - uhh...no. ***However, I did see a really cute one at target for 20 dollars, however I'm no where cool enough to wear it.

This is how I will be rocking the trends for the fall

Also, I'm not going to lie....but I'm also really ready for some Christmas music.


Reality Check

Let's get real here for a second: My current job ends on Thursday, in a big-I-dont-know-how-im-going-to-pay-rent-or-afford-my-clothing-addiction kind of way.

Here's a short recap of my life: I just graduated and was planning on being a teacher. Then the teaching economy in Illinois bombed in a very large way. It made getting a teaching job hard, which made me think, "hmm, its hard finding a job, maybe I don't really want to teach anymore" and which then made me think that I want to go into business.

Well, fast forward to the present ----- NO JOB!

I have been shockingly, make that very shockingly, calm about this ordeal. I have been positive that I will have something lining up in no time. Ya, guess what.....


I have a few leads here and there, but I really don't know what is going to materialize.

On one hand, I'm God forsaken scared shitless that it will be months and I will be unsure, unhappy and broke. And on another strange side, I'm really excited to see what is going to come of my life. Maybe I will fulfill an unknown part of myself and find great success and happiness in an area I didn't know I would love.

I'm a big girl now, with big girl bills to pay, and I need a big girl job.

Here's hoping I get a really great phone call tomorrow offering me a 100k job where I only work 3 days a week and they offer me a bonus in the form of Louboutins!


Lady Gaga

I'm minutes away from going to see Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza. Lolla is a huge music fest in downtown Chicago and Ms. Gaga is opening up the weekend long concerts. I'm not a huge fan of hers but I think the experience will be bananas.

I went on the hunt for a black jumper today to wear for tonight (I've actually been looking for a good one for months and have had zero luck), but, again, no success. I did however find this cute dress for a bridal shower I have tomorrow. It was a great deal from 90 bucks down to 30. Gotta love Ann Taylor sales!

When I came home, I got creative. I decided to make my own jumper, so I combined black J.Crew shorts and a black halter from White House Black Market, with an old J.Crew belt, and believe it or not....made a jumper! I'm happy with it and it will be perfect for the concert!

Have a great weekend!