Thankful doesn't even cover it.

When I really step back and take stock of the rich life I live, it truly brings me to tears. 

Every year I become acutely aware of how blessed we are and Thanksgiving is just a poignant reminder to say thanks. 

While hosting responsibilities can sometimes bring me stress or chaos, I'm vowing to focus on the fact that we all have our health, we are all together, and we all have so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families and I wish you all nothing but a day and year ahead packed full of things to be thankful for.

 Only I would find a quote that is relatable to my dog. I do love it though. Read the whole thing!

Get your happy on!


What I Wore

Work It Girl
 Clearly it was the week of the vests!
Max Studio top, J.crew vest, gap leggings, Tahari boots
Gap top, Joes Jeans, Franco Sarto booties
Gap shirt, BB dakota vest, paige jeans, cole haan boots
H&M button down, jcrew vest, tahari boots
Gap shirt, Loft sweater, Banana belt, gap leggings, tahari boots


Weekend Report

Friday night we had planned a big girls night out but half our group ended up being sick, so only four of us were able to make it to dinner. It ended up working out perfectly because I really couldn't afford a Saturday hangover.

We had dinner at City Tavern in Culver City, and because Dawn knew the chef we were treated like royalty. They had a coursed out menu for us and dish after dish came out and knocked our socks off. We were so full by the end of it, but it was one of the best restaurant meals I've had in a long while.


Saturday we made our hour by hour Thanksgiving day plan, all 17 grocery lists, put up the Christmas tree, watched football, made enchiladas for dinner and then retired to bed before 11.

 Our group of friends had a major baby boom in October. My sister-in-law said that he doctor has seen tons of October babies too, and she claims it's due to a very boring Superbowl.

Whatever the theory, we finally met sweet Hendrix who was the last bambino to arrive in October. He is just edible.

After brunch with Hendrix, we babysat Tucker so that Tucker's parents could catch a movie in our hood. 

Tucker was a little fussy because he is cutting teeth and literally the only thing that would soothe him was Roscoe.

It was pretty much the cutest thing ever - and Roscoe took his guard dog duties very seriously.

To say I'm excited for this week would be a gross understatement! My family starts getting in Tuesday afternoon and even though we will be doing a lot of prep work, I'm just so excited to be with them.
It's almost Halloween! Which means Thanksgiving is approaching! Which means Christmas season is almost upon us!


Five of Friday


Get this-
I put these cinnamon scented brooms in our hall to flank our condo door. The smell was strong, but Christmas-y and not too overpowering. I was a little nervous that it was too strong, and well, apparently someone in our hall agreed because yesterday they were missing. Like, someone literally came up to our door, stole them, and hid the evidence. 

I'm so irritated by it, because if it was too strong, a simple note would have been far more respectful than just up and throwing them away?! Someone is getting a lot of cinnamon smelling coal in their stocking.


Since the world needs a balance of scrooges (see #1), I've decided to help the balance by getting our Christmas on. 
 We are hosting Thanksgiving, so I'm not going to put every Christmas decoration out, but the tree and some lights are going up this weekend. It'll add to the festiveness, and I don't have another free weekend to enjoy the putting up process, so we're just going for it. 

 Try a new hairstyle and go for a bold short cut!
I'm so anxious to get my hair colored and trimmed. The last few times it just has not gotten blonde enough so I'm really hoping my pre-Mexico appointment can get me the much lighter locks I'm looking for. 

Blog friends. 

You know, there should be a whole other post for this, but one of the best things of my little place on the Internet are the amazing people I've met through it.  Mallory sent me this California cutting board/decoration as a good luck gift for hosting Thanksgiving (I mean, how beyond is that?) and it just really meant a lot to me. These kinds of gestures are just so heartfelt and I'm so thankful for friends like her in my life.


Friends are therapists you can drink with. more funny pics on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourfunnypics101
 Since I work in the education industry, today is my last real day of work until after Thanksgiving!! I'm starting my celebration with a blowout and then going out with girlfriends for dinner and some live music at The Culver Hotel. Here is hoping I can keep it somewhat in check because I'm getting really tired of Saturday all day long hangovers!

Have a great weekend!


DIY Thanksgiving Name Cards

Having the host decide where you sit at dinner parties and showers comes with two theories of thought. Sometimes, it's obnoxious. What if you get stuck next to people you don't know, or too close to the kids table?

On the other hand, it's nice to not feel like you have to rush to the table to pick the best seat.
For our Thanksgiving dinner, everyone knows each other, and there isn't a kids table, so I figured it was safe to put out place cards. Plus, I want the table set prior to dinner, so if someone wants to grab their champagne glass off the table, they'll know exactly which setting to go to. 

I wanted to craft the name tags and after a little digging, I found inspiration to use wine corks which is perfect for this group.

I had all of the materials on hand (corks, toothpicks, paper, and tape) and I like that that corks will add a little something fun and casual with the dressed up table. 

Here's a sneak peek,

Will you use name cards on your table? 


What I Wore

Work It Girl
jcrew button down, gap tank, Joe Brand jeans, Franco Sarto booties
Calvin Klien sweater, Gap leggings, Ivanka Trump boots

 J.crew sweater, Paige jeans, Tahari boots

Splendid? top (can't remember), gap leggings, Ivanka Trump boots

Splendid top, J.crew vest, Joes Jeans, Franco Sarto booties





Weekend Report

Friday night I had a drink with Laura and Dawn and then we walked to a new friends house for a fun night of burgers, lots of wine, and our 3,003 attempt at starting a book club.

I got 3 texts Saturday morning asking if we had picked a book, and if so, which one. I couldn't remember either.

Saturday morning Joel and I hit the road really early to drive down to San Diego to finally meet our precious nephew Sullivan.

We got there early enough for Joel to prep a huge breakfast for everyone, and me to hog the baby all day long.


It was really fun to hang out with them and hear about life with a new baby since they were a mere 17 days in. We had a mimosa together and then left early to get home before 5.

We had recorded the Vols v. Kentucky game, so we watched that and ordered in thai food - both of which were turned out to be huge victories. I was seriously missing having a little bambino in my arms, so I swaddled Roscoe for the night and tried to pretend he was a newborn.

Sunday was our first day of hosting Thanksgiving prep. We decided to be idiots and brave Costco and a few tears and lots of money later, we pulled into Chiptole for emergency food and vowed we would never go back to Costco on the weekend. ever. again.

In order to fit 16 people for Thanksgiving we had to do some major furniture moving, so we spent all of Sunday afternoon trying to figure out how the big day is going to work. I think we have a good enough plan, but we'll just have to wait and see how it all goes. 

Start sending prayers for us now!



5 on Friday


I'm not going to post the infamous Kim K picture here, because, well.....we've all seen it. There is no way that is real? Right???? And, like, can they go away now?

Them college days and before a kid....it was every day and night....now it takes like 4 days to recover from 1 night of 2 drinks.
I stayed in every night this week, and even though it was a touch boring....getting 9 hours of sleep every night and not waking up with a hangover from a happy hour has been really, really nice.

As a hostess gift, to myself, I'm going to buy myself a new Thanksgiving day outfit but I have no idea what I'll be comfortable in all day long (besides leggings). I'm thinking something like the below is the way to go. I'm going to hit up Loft after work today to hopefully find something fun.
sweatshirt + skirt + shoes...love@Melinda Downey you could wear a button down under your grey poncho with a scarf!!  Reese Witherspoon - navy blue dress tights and boots

 Thanks to a few suggestions from yesterday's post - I'm starting The Andy Cohen Diaries. I'm only a few pages in, but.....hilarious. 

 I have a "book/wine club" with a few new friends tonight and then we are heading to San Diego early Saturday to finally meet my nephew Sullivan! I'm actually excited for the road trip because it'll be 2 straight hours of Christmas music.

Have a great weekend! 

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