On Saturday night I had 30 of my nearest and dearest friends to send Joel and I off to California with a bang.

I was just so touched by all of the well wishes, sweet gifts, caring cards, and big, big hugs.

We had a back room at Theory in River North and Joel had a few bottles of champagne waiting for us upon arrival to cheers our night!


Even some of my college girlies made the trip from Iowa to Chicago for one night to give me their love. 

And my Chicago besties got Joel and I a going away gift.....and they sure do know me well.....because we they gifted us with a dinner at Villa Blanca. How cute is that?!


I really can't describe how loved I feel by my friends in Chicago. I'm going to miss them so much, but I know that when I'm lonely in California I will have endless amounts of love and support from the great Midwest.



1 step closer

Most importantly, I want to again thank you all of your sweet words of prayers and well wishes. Things with my aunt are still fairly unknown. Doctors had thought it was breast cancer for a minute, but her mammogram came back clear yesterday and now my aunt will go to see a gastroonocologist tomorrow at Rush University in Chicago. I'm really hoping that we get some positive news. Thankfully my aunt is in good spirits - but reality still bites.

and...onto much smaller happenings, the movers pulled up to my apartment this morning and took all of the boxes out of my 1st grown up apartment.

Joel has started his new job today and is in meetings in Ohio, so I just sat there while the movers moved the boxes for a few hours.

As soon as they were done I drove back home to parents house to stay with my aunt. She has two small kids and needs some extra help cleaning, cooking, and managing, so I'm lending my support where I can. Plus - she really needs the distraction and love that only family can offer.

While this is my last week in Chicago, I have some guilt about not being able to spend some of my last days with friends, but unfortunately I can't be in two places at once - but if I could, I would be....ya just can't do it all, ya know?

Luckily I was able to sneak into our absolute favorite sushi spot in Chicago, Ukai. They  are the kindest people there, and since we are frequent diners they were sad to see us go.

It does feel weird to think I no longer have an apartment in Chicago OR a job.....funny what a difference a week makes.


the best laid plans...

...of mice and men often go awry.

 Isn't it funny when you think you know exactly how your day, week, or month are "supposed" to look like, and then you get smacked upside the head with a 2x4?

 My aunt. My healthy, 48 year old, ray of sunshine aunt, is very, very sick.  After not feeling well for about 3 weeks, and having some strange symptoms, she has been checked in to the hospital and we have received some very bad, serious news regarding the c-word.

Life, packing, showering, twittering....everything is taking a back seat. I am supposed to be with my family right now, to sit in the hospital room and tell stories and play scrabble...so that's what I'm going to do. And, I'm going to try and cope - as is everyone else around me.

Please say prayers, send positive thoughts, do whatever you can for this woman, because it's just absolutely mind boggling and we can use all of the support we can get.



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you sweet readers. I want to sincerely thank everyone that commented yesterday with words of encouragement and well wishes. While this is a fun time, no doubt, it comes with a lot of heartache and it’s so amazing to feel like I have friends all over the place rooting for my success.

With all of the stress of the move, I haven’t been focusing on what I’m thankful for, and what I’m loving in my life right now. What better day than today than to reflect on the sweet things that are goin’ on?

1. I’m loving that I woke up this morning to a bottle of champagne tied with a dog collar as a bow. I’ve been telling Joel that I may need a puppy when we move to LA, and I thought that was the sweetest gesture.

2. I’m loving the way my parents are handling this entire situation. Both of my parents are so excited and thrilled for us, and outstandingly supportive, they won’t focus on anything but the positive.….I mean, my mom is even driving with me across the country. If I didn’t have such support from them, I would be a true train wreck. I’m learning such a lesson in being a good parent during this time of my life.

3. I am loving that my friends are taking such good care of me. Bringing me cupcakes, helping me pack, being a shoulder to lean on, and taking me and Joel in as house guests. Everyone’s sweet texts, and phone calls, and emails, have just made me feel so freaking loved.

4. I am loving that my bosses were beyond understanding, supportive, and even jealous, that Joel and I are making this huge life change. I wasn’t able to give them 2 full weeks of notice, and that really pained me, but they understand the short time frame we are under and couldn’t have handled the rocky news any better. I’m going to miss them so much.

5. I am loving that I get to redecorate a new house!! I’ve got both of the bedrooms new bedding options. I’m dying over both looks, and I can’t wait to put together a new house.

Master Bedroom

Guest Room
 6. I am loving that I’m getting some LEGIT use out of my Erin Condren planner.

7. I am loving that today is Valentine’s Day. I know that it’s a hallmark holiday, but I love Holidays. I don’t care how stupid they are (well, okay, I don’t really like President’s Day), but any excuse to go out, wear pink and red, and celebrate is fine with me.

8. I am loving that I’m not going to have to wear winter boots again for a long time!

9. I am loving that I have enough time left in Chicago to say goodbye to my friends and family. I’m fitting in lots of dinners, drinks, and parties….and while it will NOT be good for my waistline, or checkbook, I’m soaking up these last couple of weeks as best as I can.

10. I am loving that my aunt is joining my mom and I on our road trip to California. My mom and I would have had fun, but we would have gotten on each other’s nerves, so having my aunt in the car will add to fun and adventure!


Big Changes

We are back in Chicago after a whirlwind of a trip out to Los Angeles.

We were able to fit in a few fun things, like hiking and checking out Zoe Hart's bedroom...

But, to be honest with you, this trip to LA was more for business than pleasure.

We had a few things we needed to do...

Like find an apartment to live in.

And, no, not for a vacation home.

An apartment for our home because in the next 2 weeks, Joel and I will be living in California permanently. *or for the next 2-3 years


I've been a big, bad, lying, blogging girlfriend, and I'm sorry for not looping you all in earlier. Let me give you the deets.

When we came back from Mexico after our Christmas trip, Joel started the daunting task of looking for new jobs. Coincidentally, a friend of his who moved in NYC for a job promotion in December, emailed him asking  if he would be interested in working for his company. The two positions he had available were in NYC and Los Angeles. After talking with me, we decided it couldn't hurt for Joel to at least interview for the job position in California....since New York is not our cup of tea.

After weeks of interviews, lots of wine, and too many "what if conversations", he got the job.
We hadn't told anyone except for my family that Joel was pursuing this opportunity. Moving was not on our radar, let alone anyone else's. We decided not to tell anyone because why rock the boat if we didn't need to...but then, when the official offer came in, I had to drop a bomb on my best friends and my extended family.

It obviously wasn't easy.....

and it's still not easy.

I'm leaving my job (today, actually....so please say a prayer for me) and the movers are coming to pick up all of our things this weekend. Joel will be traveling for the next two weeks, and on February 29th, my mom, aunt, and myself, are driving my car cross country to start my new life out in Los Angeles.

I don't have a job lined up yet, but I will find one. I don't have that many friends out there, but I will find them. I don't know the neighborhood, but I'll figure it out. And everything else, is honestly a bit of a shitshow.

These next 2 weeks will be spent packing, sleeping on couches, saying goodbye, and preparing to start a new chapter. Sometimes I'm excited, sometimes I'm scared, sometimes I'm sad, but it's an adventure.....and we're going for it.

So, here goes nothing!



I am, by no means, spontaneous...okay? Let's just get that on the books.


I am doing something spontaneous and that is going. on. vacation!

which is spontaneous when you haven't planned for it for months in advance and just decide to GO for it!

Joel and I are leaving on Saturday morning and taking a little jaunt to Los Angeles, Ca!

Check that out!
Crazy right?

To be honest with you, I'm even a little bit excited to fly out there (which, I'm not normally a super amazing flyer) but we got tickets on Virgin America, and I'm really excited to see if it's at all different.

RHOBH is a genius marketing monster....they sucker in idiots like me.

We aren't entirely sure what we are going to do there (which, is not like me) but we'll be with my cousins who live in LA, so they'll be taking us around to their favorite spots.

Plus, my cousin is a writer on The Hart of Dixie, so we're going to pop on the set so that I can become besties with Rachel.

Of course, this does lead me to question - what the heck do people wear in LA in January? It's 75 degrees and sunny everyday. For me, in Chicago, that means bathing suit weather. Is it the same for them there? Can I pull out the white jeans?

Thanks to Day Old News, here's what the celebs have been sporting lately, so hopefully I won't look like a total outsider:

We leave Saturday morning and will be back in Chicago next week! Eeek! I'm already so excited!