Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

How Far Along? 15w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: Starting to really want to know for certain!

Weight Gain:

Maternity Clothes: I wore maternity jeans on Saturday and it was really weird! I was in between sizes when I tried them on and the sales girl told me to go with the bigger size. I'm not sure if I should have listened because they were just about falling off of me by the end of the day. I'm holding out hope that they'll fit later (because they were super expensive) but I have the receipt handy just in case.

Nursery: May and June will bring some changes.

No but looking very forward to it. 

Symptoms: I finally caught up with sleep thanks to Unisom. I took it two nights last week and I think it helped get my body back into action. I do feel like my stomach is starting to push out a little, but it's not clearly defined bump and could easily be mistaken for too much food. I also have to pee an ungodly amount - especially right when I lay down.

Not feeling the insane wave of exhaustion every afternoon which has been a nice change. It's not 100% gone....but I see it decreasing.
Joel: Honestly, he's so, so, so good and I would be so, so, so screwed without him. Besides doing all of the heavy lifting this weekend with our new rug, he's really thoughtful and picks up a lot of slack at home. I'm rewarding him by being a great designated driver though.

Workouts: 5, M-F. I think I got all of them...1 spin, 1 hike, 2 treadmill sessions, and 1 weights-day. This week will be harder since I'll be in Palm Springs but I still feel better on the day that I get in something. 

I may need to up the weights workout because I was holding a ten pound baby this weekend for maybe fifteen minutes and I told Joel my arm was literally shaking so that's slightly concerning!

Cravings: I'm not in a "I have to have this and I'm waking up thinking about it" type of craving situation, but pizza always sounds good and I love tart green apples with cheddar cheese. 

What I Miss: I missed drinking a glass of wine at birthday party this last Saturday. Something is always fun about day drinking and the white wine just looked so good!

Random Things: We had a family friend offer to give us a lot of their baby stuff which was just the most kind, generous offer, I still can't believe it. We are going to take her up on it, see how everything fits in our house, and see if we can make it work. 

Best Moment This Week: Thinking that maybe I have a little bump has been fun. I sent a few pictures to my mom and sisters and a few friends and it was pretty fun to get their reactions of the first signs of baby bump.

Looking Forward To: I kept saying the next appointment was May 3rd but UGH it's MAY 5th! Next Tuesday, next Tuesday, really really looking forward to next Tuesday. Just the assurance that everything is going according to plan will be music to my ears. And I'm really excited to be able to give everyone a date for the anatomy scan.


Weekend Report

This weekend was equal parts busy, relaxing, and productive. We watched my cousin's pup Pudley all weekend while they were in New York, so Friday morning I took both dogs out for an early hike. I hadn't been hiking in almost a month so it felt great to be outside and on the trail....and I'm still sore.

Plus, it meant that we had two tired dogs (the best kind) for the entire weekend, especially since Joel had run them both the morning before as well.

You nay notice in the picture above, our carpet was ready to be swapped out. We had originally purchased a remnant piece from Home Depot that worked great for the last 3 years but it was starting to pull pretty badly and the edges were exposed so they were fraying badly. We had a new carpet made so Friday night we Joel rolled up the carpet and spent a solid bit cleaning the massive amounts of carpet residue that was left behind.

We rewarded ourselves with pizza and a bomb virgin Moscow Mule, along with the Bruce Jenner interview. Pretty solid combo if ya ask me.


Saturday was the busy part of the weekend. I snuck in a walk and starbucks date with a friend before we celebrated the first birthday for our friend's sweet son.

Joel and I snuck out around 4, ran a few errands and then drove down to Manhattan Beach for drinks and dinner with some friends. We ate at Fishing with Dynamite, which has been on our must-eat list for a year. They don't accept reservations, and we had six in our group, so the wait was every bit of two hours. Thankfully, we were with good company so after stops at a few bars in the area, we were finally seated for dinner. 


Dinner was fantastic, but by the time we finally got home close to midnight, I was exhausted. I woke up feeling hungover so I was thankful Sunday was pretty chill. Plus, Joel brought me Starbucks in bed, which just might be my favorite thing in life.

Plus, we managed to get the new carpet down, get a few loads of laundry done, and get dinner made....so even though we bummed around, we crossed off our Sunday to-do list.

I leave for Palm Springs tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to a great week of a fun work conference, hotel living, and some pool time.


Friday Five: Travel Edition

::: 1 :::
Number 1 Travel Rule
Always Carry-On.  In fact, I'm actually a little scared that this will have to go once a baby join us on our travels, but carrying on is my unbreakable rule. About four years ago I started traveling with this rule and it is just life changing for me. First of all, it helps make me a really smart packer. I did have to get over the fact that I would need to re-wear while on vacation, but once I settled with that, I truly saw the light. It is so much easier - for everyone! I did my honeymoon for two weeks in a carry-on, and Europe (my tips here) so now, every other trip seems like a breeze to only have a small bag.

 ::: 2 :::
Must-Have Item
Multiple Pashminas. No matter where I'm going, hot or cold, I always have scarves (and layers). My mom imparted this wisdom on me when she said she used her pashminas when she backpacked through Europe for everything from bath towels to pillows....and she is right.  There is nothing a good pashmina can't fix so I always wear one on the flight and have another in my suitcase. If it's hot, cold, sunny or smelly, these babies are life savers.

::: 3 ::: 
Airport Tip
Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check. I'm not a weekly traveler...probably on average monthly or every other month I'm flying somewhere, but still, I have found Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check to be a game changer. It's $100 dollars and you have to interview at the airport, but it has added hours to my life! The lines are always much shorter, security is a breeze, and if you fly internationally you don't have to go through customs on your way back into the US. Make your appointment - it's worth it.

Also, fly Virgin. It's just my all time, all time, all time favorite airline. Pay the difference - every time. It's worth it. And if you're delayed, pay the $40 bucks and check into their lounge.
::: 4 :::
Summer Plans 
We are packing a lot in before October when travel will have to take a solid 3 month hiatus. In May, I've got Palm Springs and an impromptu trip to Vancouver! June I'll be in Nashville for a shower, and then Joel and I will spend the Fourth of July in Chicago. I go back to Chicago in August for a baby shower and then we are going to celebrate a babymoon in Aspen. I love keep a lot of things on the books to look forward to!

::: 5 ::: 
Favorite Part
I love the anticipation of trips. I like getting organized, finding new outfits, getting my house in order for me to gone, packing my toiletry bags, everything. I just love the "Christmas-Eve" excitement that comes the before we go anywhere. Traveling, even if it's a road trip, is one of my absolute favorite things in life - always has been - and I feel uniquely lucky to have the opportunities and abilities to travel the world, stay in touch with friends and family as frequent as I'm able to, and make life long memories. There's just nothing like it. I'm really hoping, dog, baby....babies...that we always keep travel a big part of our lives...
This is going to be me this year. I promise myself that


Thursday's Random Thoughts

::: I have been in a ripe mood all week. It's been pretty gloomy all week and I haven't slept solidly since last week so by 2pm each day I turn into a lazy, irritated, headache filled, bitchtastic version of myself. :)
Dear Self: Don't Focus on the Negative

::: I've also been on jury duty which is another excuse I'm giving myself for being so grouchy. Every night this week I've had to check at 6pm to see if I need to report to court the following day. That means that I wasn't able to have any meetings set for this week, and everyday at home with nothing but my computer gives me horrible cabin fever - plus side - I haven't been called to report (yet).

:::Since January, I've been reading pregnancy books only and I was due for a little break in the action. I wanted a mindless beach read and Mary Kay Andrews always pulls through for me on that. I read Summer Rental in about a day and it's just an easy, light, cute book if you're looking for an something entertaining and fun.

::: I'm obsessed with 19 Kids and Counting. I stalk their hashtag, keep up with all of their corny YouTube clips, and watch their show all the time. I'm actually scared for the day that they cancel it. Although, these kids keep popping up with more story lines (Jessa's pregnant) so I don't see that happening any time soon.
Pregnant Duggars

::: I have a business trip in Palm Springs next week and I'm so excited for the little getaway. It's the perfect business trip because it's only two nights away and  only a two hour drive from home. . I'm looking forward to reading another Mary Kay Andrews book and just sitting out at the pool when my conference ends at 3 each day.
Wherever this is.

::: Are you a Today Show fan? Joel and I watch it everyday and then I watch the 9'oclock hour when I'm at the gym. Does anyone else pick up on majorly weird vibes between Natalie and Tamron? I'm pretty sure Natalie hates Tamron and is very fake nice with her. I find their dynamic super uncomfortable. Am I alone on this?

::: I'm on a TV show kick here (time to find a hobbbbby!), but what are we thinking about the Full House reboot? Do you think you'll watch? I loved Boy Meets World growing up, never missed an episode, and haven't seen one of Girl Meets World, so I'm thinking I probably won't watch Fuller House either, but who knows....

::: I had a family friend who lives out in LA offer a LOT of baby goods for Joel and I to just have. It was such a kind and generous offer, and it was so out of the blue, it just made my whole week. Not having my family and cousins here in LA, I really didn't anticipate many hand-me-downs like I would have had we been living in Chicago. We are likely going to take everything she offered and see how it all works, which means I might have a whole lot of baby stuff in my house a lot sooner than I bargained for! Just imagining touching a crib or a bumbo seat feels surreal, so I know when it's in our house it's going to be a crazy feeling.
appreciate good people.  they are hard to come by.

::: We've got another action packed weekend with a lot of fun things planned, and a lot of necessary to-do's, but I'm going to really try and kick up my good-mood attitude and really start putting a little more pep in my step. Life is good and we have so, so, so much to be thankful for.

want this framed


Vancouver Tips Needed


I'm feeling like a lucky girl! Joel has a work trip in Vancouver over my birthday weekend (May 8th) and I'm jumping aboard to spend the weekend with him. And this is a work trip that includes a pretty big private concert, so that shouldn't be too shabby either! 

We had considered Vancouver as a "babymoon" (sorry mom, she cant stand that term) location, but since we're getting in here, Aspen has won our vote!

We will only have one free day and night so I wanted to open it up here to see if you can point us in any solid direction (I'm looking at you Laura). 

I want to pack in a solid punch, so what do we need to do and most importantly, where we need to eat. 



Bumpdate: Week 14


How Far Along? 14w, 4d - due October 15, 2015
Gender: Starting to really want to know for certain!

Weight Gain:

Maternity Clothes:
I bought a pair of AG jeans and just a simple black skirt from Gap. I don't need them quite yet, but I think it's close, and I didn't want to have a freak out moment when my jeans finally need to be retired. 

Nursery: Same as above. We did remove the renters shades and had rods installed in every room which is nice. We have temprorary drapes up for now but it's a checked item off the list! 

No but looking very forward to it.
Symptoms: We had kind of a crazy weekend where we were on the go non-stop and by Monday I felt like I had run a marathon. I was so exhausted and worn out, it was not fun and really hard to shake. Also, when I lay down horizontally I have to pee every twenty seconds from pressure on my bladder. 
And I think I maybe, kind of am starting to puff out a little but my stomach is not hard yet so it really just feels like all of the food I've been eating is catching up. 

I wish there was a sleep pill that you could take to instantly feel restored. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Joel: I still like him. He's really uber helpful and really picks up my slack.  I don't give him enough credit, but I know that I am very lucky to have him as a partner. When I was out running around like a mad woman on Sunday, he spent hours cleaning the house, vacuuming and sweeping and made me dinner so that I didn't have to come home and do anything.

Workouts: 5, M-F. None of them were great, but I got to the gym five times and did 1 spin class so that's a win in my book.
Cravings: bagels with cream cheese and a coffee....like that whole experience. And take-out sounds good every night. 
What I Miss:Went out to dinner with my cousins on Saturday night and had to turn down oysters. Wasn't that big of a deal but it would have been nice.
Random Things: I bought my first item for the baby. If the gender proves to be wrong, it'll have to go back, but it was too cute to pass up.
Best Moment This Week: Buying something for the baby was pretty fun to be honest. And, last week I watched Father of the Bride II (cried my eyes out even though I've seen it maybe 300 times) and was just all sorts of fuzzy/excited/emotional which was pretty fun too.

Looking Forward To: Good gracious I'm ready to for this doctors appointment on May 3rd and anxious to schedule the anatomy ultrasound for mid-May as well.


Five on Friday

::: 1 :::
Monday was such a fun night. We decided to go to the Clippers last home game on a whim a few weeks ago and I'm so glad we did.
  We had so much fun on a random weekday date and it was just a nice break in the normal routine of having dinner and then spending the rest of the night on the couch. Plus, having a pretzel for dinner was pretty fantastic too.

::: 2 ::: 
I was so excited for my Bumpnest pillow to arrive. I had read countless blog reviews that it was the miracle worker for sleep but as soon as I unzipped it from its giant package, I knew it wasn't going to work for me.

If you know me well, you know that fabrics are VERY important to me. For example, I will just about throw up if you were to rub velvet on me. I hate the feeling of a lot of fabrics - silk, polyester, wool, bad cashmere, dry-fit.....the list is long. Finding sheets is like a gooddamn marathon.

So, needless to say, I hated the fabric of this pillow. The best way for me to describe it would be saying its similar to a dry-fit workout shirt. It's plasticy, not soft or cozy, and there was no chance I could sleep with it, so it went back.

Also, word to the wise, Bumpnest does not cover your return shipping and it cost me $17 bucks to send it back.

::: 3 :::
I am over-dosing on this happy hour concoction. I don't know why but the cold green apple, my La Corix mocktail and extra extra sharp cheddar is making 4:30 my favorite time of day.

::: 4 :::
I bought these bamboo chairs about six months ago and I just love them. I paid fifty dollars for both of them but they are just absolutely beautiful great chairs....

Well, without going into graphic details, there was an enormous spider climbing on our wall and as I was sitting on the couch I freaked the eff out, took a running jump on top of the chair and went right through the wicker seat.

Not pretty, not cute, and probably very funny....but I was determined to fix them. I called like 10 furniture repair stores and was getting quotes for like $300 bucks to replace the chair until one of the stores told me what I actually needed was to go to a Cane Chair repair shop. I didn't even know that's what this type of wicker (?) was called, but I found the coolest shop who was able to repair my chair for fifty dollars, so I was am a happy, happy camper to have my sweet chair fixed.

::: 5 ::: 
We have a pretty slammed weekend coming up. I'm spending some time with my cousins today, tomorrow we have a memorial for a friends father-in-law, and then we are going out to dinner with my cousins at Baltaire, a new restaurant in Brentwood. Sunday will be spent getting a massage with a friend and a little shopping in the afternoon which should be nice. I'm summoned to jury duty all next week so I'm crossing my fingers they don't need me, but there's a pretty good chance I'll be reporting all week next week. May as well enjoy my freedom this weekend while I still have it ;) 

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." | www.gimmesomeoven.com/style #thankful #quotes


My 1st Trimester Must Have's

Let me start by saying that I was very, very lucky to have an easy first trimester. Morning sickness spared me completely, and for the most part, I have truly felt great for the last 13 weeks. This list won't help those who have suffered and been through what sounds like hell (I'm sorry), but these things below helped make my last 13 weeks a lot more enjoyable, and if you need them, I hope they do the same for you.

I'll go clockwise starting with my "Pregnancy Bible".

Expecting Better by Emily Oster: I read this before I was pregnant, and again for a second time once I was pregnant, and now I'm reading it chapter by chapter for whats applicable. This has been my go-to book for everything. The book is focuses on statistics and, while there are stories of the authors own pregnancy experience, it does focus on numbers and studies from around the world (less Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy). I liked this book so much because it helped me determine my comfort levels, how much coffee, what kinds of medicine, and so on. Plus, more than giving me a a flat number and it explained why through data. I found it much less fear based than a lot of other books I've read  and truly the most useful of any other book thus far. Joel and I both really enjoyed it, so if you're looking, it's got my stamp of approval! 

Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier: I was waking up with a bloody nose the first few weeks of being pregnant and just felt extra dry and stuffy. I've never slept with a humidifier and now, I can't sleep without it. Plus, the cool air humidifier creates less of a breeding ground for bad stuff so this is a recommended humidifier for babies rooms as well.

Good N/A Beer: We didn't share the news with close friends right away so there were many a happy hour that I had poured a N/A beer and kept my girlfriends off my trail. Trader Joe's sells Buckler which is one of the better ones, but even Coors Light has an NA option. They're a nice option when you want a cold beer with food, or need to buy yourself some time.

Exercise/Spin Class: At my first doctor's appointment, my doctor's advice for me was, "just move everyday". I've always kept a pretty solid workout routine, and my doctor was more than fine with me continuing it. What hasn't stayed for me is running. It just hasn't felt good, so I've stopped. Spinning, however, is my favorite. It's pretty easy to just pedal through the class and leave feeling accomplished. Plus, for me, it's really helped reduce stress and anxiety so it's a double win in my book.

Mrs. Meyers Room Spray: Smells bugged the hell out of me almost from day 1. Most notably, coffee grounds and old banana peels. I almost can't even write that out. This room spray instantly takes away the nastiness and I feel more comfortable spraying this than Febreze, so it's been my daily go-to.

Werther's Original: Joel claims that the only people he now knows that eat these are old people and pregnant women. Even though I didn't have morning sickness, a lot of time the taste of foods that would linger in my mouth would make my stomach turn. I kept these bad boys in my car, purse, and kitchen because they helped settle my stomach and in a clutch....helped stave off hunger for 10 more minutes. 

Pillows: You're going to need at least two more than you already sleep with. I basically created my own little birds nest with pillows and liked one between my legs too. Of course, half of them ended up on the ground in the morning, but they seem to help get me to fall asleep. 

Netflix: Because we were laying real low for the first few weeks, we got a lot of use out of our Netflix account. Plus, I've seriously enjoyed mindlessly re-watching gilmore girls when I crawl into bed before 8pm.

Gap's Supersoft Leggings: Even though my jeans "fit" for now, they're not comfortable for more than an hour or two. I'm pretty sure I change into these bad boys everyday (I have two pairs). They're so insanely comfortable, pregnant or not.

A Good Mocktail: I had to find something to replace my 5pm happy hour, and in it's place has been my La Croix mocktail. It's seriously so refreshing I normally end up having two a day. My favorite is 3/4 Lemon La Croix, 1/4 100% Cranberry juice (the bitter kind), and a splash of Lime Juice, over lots of ice. I also love when a bartender can make you a solid mocktail....or even a virgin Moscow Mule does the trick! 

And somehow, my first trimester truly flew by. I can't believe it's behind me, but I sure am thankful that it is - and I'm already stocking up on a new list of favorites for these next 12 weeks.

Did you have anything you would add to this list?


Bumpdate: Week 13

Week 13

How Far Along? 13w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: We're keeping quiet until it's confirmed - but I had a dream about the name and baby, which was pretty crazy.

Weight Gain:
I lost a few pounds last week so I'm up +.5 from starting.

Maternity Clothes:
Of the stuff I bought last week, I'm keeping zero. The hunt continues.

Nursery: Same as above....I think for the next few weeks we're going to try and make some house updates before we tackle that room. My game plan is to start that nursery project beginning in June.

Symptoms: Exhaustion was strong this week. I think it's because I'm just not sleeping great at night. I toss and turn and can't stay comfortable. I also feel like I have a lot of low pressure when I'm laying down which is uncomfortable and keeps me tossing and turning. I ordered a bumpnest pillow so we will see if that helps at all. 

After dinner if I'm wearing jeans....they need to be unbuttoned. Also, very likely unrelated but my patience is close to non-existent.

Need more and more of it, the afternoon is a serious struggle.
Joel: His favorite line this week has been, "well, you're growing a human". If I'm tired, hungry, happy, sad...."well, you're growing a human".

Workouts: 4, 1 bootcamp, 1 spin class and two gym sessions. And, although it doesn't seem to be motivating enough for me to change it, the days I don't workout are the days I feel the worse.

Cravings: bagels for sure, cranberry/La Croix mocktails, chips and salsa, and sushi...and did I mention bagels?

What I Miss: I'm trying to not focus on the stuff I can't have, because then I just miss it more! 

Random Things: Nothing wild this week.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing my cousins and her kids from Chicago and starting to plan the holidays already which is a trip because this Christmas, we will have a baby with us. Our baby.

Looking Forward To: My cousin is in town all week, so we have a lot of fun things on the calendar. Sunday, I'm going to have a little spa day with my girlfriend and will be indulging in my first pre-natal massage. And, I'm very ready for May 3rd which is our next doctors appointment.