The low down

Tonight, ladies and ladies...I'm going see this funny gal

I need a few good laughs tonight. I have really, really bad anxiety which has been all over me this week. Lots of tears, and anxiety attacks, so I'm off to the doc on Monday to have him help a girl out! Hopefully tonight will put some extra bounce in my step. Hope you are in a lighter state than me!And if you are, - send calming thoughts some my way! Have a great weekend!



Saturday night in chicago:

Citizen's Jeans
Jcrew Blazer
Gap Tank
Brown S.Weitzman boots




Crazy day. No time for importing pics. Hang with me, I'll be back tomorrow. And I picked the LiLo grandpa sweater as an inspiration. It was snowy and cold, and I as able to make it work. Have a great night. Hugs -T


Monday's Attempt

So, How did I do??

Kristen Bell

Nordstroms Sweater
Ralph Lauren Button Down
F21 Belt
Sevens Jeans
London Sole black ballet flats

Tomorrow's inspiration outfit is...

I'm to indecisive to choose right now, so check in tomorrow to find out which inspiration outfit I choose!


not enough time

I'm blaming over-time for the saints/vikings game. I'm gonna try and find a good inspiration outfit for tomorrow, and then I'll do the rest of the week.

Happy Monday!


Friday Night Blogging

Dang. Life as a working girl 'aint all you think it's gonna be. I'm up at 5:45, work from 7:30-4:30, try and drag my *hiney buns (as we lovingly refer to it in class) to the gym, and am asleep before 11.

So here's a week in review of the outfits.
I already posted my 1st day, here is w.th.f

Michael Kors Jumper
Calvin Klien tights
Steve madden shoes
Ann Taylor tee

Stuart Weitzman boots
Ann Taylor Cords
Ann Taylor sweater

Ann Taylor blouse
Jcrew belt
Banana Republic pants
Cole Haan shoes that I borrowed from my mom last minute ;)

I'm having trouble pulling together a lot of different outfits, so I think on Sunday I'm going to find 5 inspiration outfits, and try and match them. I'll show you the inspiration pics on Sunday and you can judge to see how well I match up!


What I really want to do...

As I was sitting at my computer for 1 hour longer than I had allowed myself, I tried to come up with something to write about. Finally it hit me, let me show you what I really want to do tonight.

For starters I want a bottle of really good, Lewis Napa bottle of Syrah
and have it in this...
have this perfect work outfit folded, and ready for tomorrow
and then snuggle up in here

watching-Chicago edition

and enjoying these zero-calorie treats

with these packed full of our clothes

so Joel and I are ready to enjoy our weekend vacation to the Four Seasons in Hawaii

yes, that sounds like exactly what I want to do.


Quite the day!

So many exciting things happened today. I started student teaching in a 1st/2nd classroom AND I received that little present above from Mrs.In Training. The students are cute as can be. Our schedule is great because we have a super busy morning but by lunch at 12:30, its basically over. The staff is awesome, and I'm so excited to be teaching! It's a great profession, and even more so love that I'm in my slippers at 4:30. Hope your having an equally great day.

P.S. Rumor around school was the winner of The Bachelor. *It pretty much ruined my day. DM me on twitter, don't want to ruin the season for everybody...I mean...all 9 of you ;)

**Notice the dust inside the T's...I think it's Q-tip time! Don't judge!!

This was my 1st day outfit
Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: J.crew
Shoes: Red Patent Tory Burch revas


Hits and Misses

Golden Globes
Loved: the E! pre-show,
Hated: Guiliana. I adore her. I watch her reality show with Bill Rancic and they couldn't be cuter. They live in Chicago, they have a great apartment, they are funny, she dresses impeccably. However, she was obnoxious as all get out on the red carpet. She would randomly ask people their diet secrets (ummm, how do you know they diet?), she was over-bearing, and had a horrible hair do. She needed to tone it down like 8 notches. Maybe next year.

Loved: Monique's acceptance speech, Drew's shout out to Monique, and Meryl (for the 1st few minutes)
Hated: Jennifer Aniston & Gerad Butler fake arguing as presenters. It was weirdly uncomfrotable


Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Aniston, Coutney Cox, Olivia Wilde, and Kristen Bell

Her pretty dress is ruined by the fact that she looks like a bobble head because she's too skinny, and her bad hair-do. I love you Ms. Garner, but come on girl, its time to eat!

The length of this dress killed it for me
The dress is too much, and I don't like the hair. All sorts of wrong.

Lots of Love,
Joan Rivers


a little louis

Is this a really expensive joke?


take two

So indeed, the bf and I did go to a movie last night. We finally saw The Blind Side. Wow, was it worth the wait. If you haven't seen it yet, you must cancel your plans for tonight high-tail it over to your nearest theater.

Besides the great story, I was in love with Sandra Bullock's character, Leigh Anne. She is a strong-willed, determined, self-assured, Southern mom. As we were walking out, I told Joel that I wanted to be just like her when I grow up. Besides her fierce attitude, she was also dressed to the nines in almost every shot. **Joel being a die-hard SEC fb fan, loved all of the past and present coach appearances

and, this was my outfit as I watched.

Jeans: Sevens
Sweater: Forever 21
Tank: Express


daily dose

Which movie did we choose? Did you hear about the Morgans? It was....decent. Don't rush out and go see it, but if you are bored, it will do. I'm still under the weather so I'm thinking another movie sounds lovely.

This was my sick girl, going to the movies outfit. I think moving the green belt above the white sweater would have looked cute too. Maybe next time.

Shoes: Ann Taylor
Tank: Express
Jeans: Citizen's of Humanity
Sweater: Norstroms


Slow cookin

I'm milking swollen glands and not getting out of bed until 3 today. At 4, I'm going to go to a movie. And then maybe, if my......cough cough...... sickness is gone, I will try and brave it to go out to dinner.

Which to choose....(Any recommendations??)


Lets go there.

If I had somewhere to go tonight, like say.....the People's Choice awards, Globes, etc., I would wear this outfit.

I would wear this sparkly gem by Balenciaga

These seafoam lovelies by Elizabeth & James

With simple, understated earrings by Jennifer Meyer

Donning a classic quilted beauty

With my Mike and Chris jacket waiting for me in the Limo

I mean, does this not scream Best Dressed list?


little black skirt

The LBD is a staple in most closets. But, what about the little black skirt? It's tending to be more popular than the LBD this season and is perfect for work. Here's how some of the celebs are rockin it

Please ignore Rebecca and Katherine

The LBS is such a great staple because you can really dress it up or down (I mean, how cute is it with a hoodie!)

Here are a few things I've picked up recently to add to my teaching wardrobe (warning - you will notice a button trend)

Michael Kors Jumper

Adrienne Vittadini skirt in merlot

And my first "pre-teaching, just observing" school outfit included black Seven's jeans, Juicy Coutoure Flats, and a Forever 21 blouse.
*I'm working on finding a better way to capture the outfit & shoes. It may just have to be 2 pics.