Weekend Recap ::: Sushi Girls Night

After my hellish week last week, I couldn't wait for my girls night on Saturday. 

They were so good for my soul. 


And the saki didn't hurt either.

We like to do fun things out of the ordinary, so for this girls night out, Kristin hosted us all at her house for a sushi making night!

After yummy appetizers and a few glasses of almond champagne, we sat down and got rollin'.

Our chef for the night giving us the first demo

The rolls we made were delicious and then Kristin ordered sashimi and speciality rolls from the experts.

I was in charge of dessert, so I got really creative and made a sushi cake (recipe coming tomorrow).


The cake was a big hit and the entire night was just a blast.


My throats been hurting, so last night I had Joel pick me up at 10pm before all the girls went out dancing. I had total #FOMO this morning but hopefully I'll nip the cold in the bud before it turns into anything. 


Friday Thoughts

Fun idea.
The beginning of this week was a tough one, but I'm happy to report that it seems as though the dark cloud has moved it's way away from our house. 

I mean, I had FOUR shoes break this week. FOUR. What the hell kind of luck is that? One of my boot heels almost snapped off in the middle or the office, two of my heel caps broke exposing that little nail, and one of my shoes sole ripped off. It's going to be a very expensive trip to the shoe doctor this weekend.

Luckily I got a little girl time with my girlfriend Jenna, and this weekend should be the perfect amount of productivity and party. 

The Vols play tomorrow so we are heading to the bar to watch the game, getting in some workouts, and I'm going to a sushi-making party with my girlfriends on Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to seeing my LA girls because we've all been in 100 different directions lately and I'm missing them! 

Have a great weekend!
really good advice.


Must Haves

Minnie pant in stretch twill
I'm obsessed and I'm trying to rationalize how many pairs equal too many pairs? The sale price and added 25% discount (HEYSPRING) doesn't help either.

:::Fresh Balm:::

I'm also obsessed with Sugar Rose. It's a really light lip balm, but the color it adds is just perfect. I wish I could tattoo my lips with this color and gloss because it's subtle and natural but adds just the right amount of color. 

:::Gap PureBody Loungewear:::

Marled terry hoodiePure Body leggingsPure Body marled open-front cardigan

I'm on a mission to not look like a total homeless person when I come home and rip off my work clothes (unless of course I'm wearing my minnie's because then I could quite frankly sleep in them). I'm planning a shopping trip this weekend and item #1 is to stock up on some cute at home looks. 

STOP, RUN, AND FIND THIS ROSE. YOU WILL THANK ME, I PROMISE YOU. It's $20 and worth every. single. cent.

:::Easter Candy:::
It seriously gets me worse than Halloween candy. My top two deal breakers are starburst jelly beans and cadbury eggs. 
I would do a lot of bad things for a damn Cadbury egg right now. 

:::Bad Reality Shows:::
I'm sorry but I am hooked on a whole slew of new bad reality shows - namely Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Eric and Jessie, and Southern Charm. Morgan Stewart of RHOBH is so beyond hysterical that I almost cry every single episode. The girl has wit you would buy!

What are you craving this week?


Volunteering :: Girls on the Run

My senior year of college while I was student teaching in a 1st/2nd grade classroom, I decided to volunteer to be an assistant coach/running buddy for a program called Girls on the Run.

Girls on the run is a program for young girls that focuses on teaching physical and emotional life skills through running. The goals are the program are all about leading a healthy, confident life - and using running to get you there.

The program is typically ten weeks long and during the twice weekly practices, we do a 15 minute "lesson" on an important topic; bullying, self-esteem, eating habits, etc - and then train for a 5k race.

It doesn't matter the time it takes to finish, but we focus on building endurance and trying your best.
It's an amazing program and the final race is absolutely adorable. Everyone runs with an older buddy, gets their hair and make-up done, and invites their family to watch and cheer them on.

I've been feeling like I need something. Something that doesn't include work, or friends, or Joel. Something that connects me deeper to Los Angeles and breaks my routine a little bit. 

I miss being around kids and I miss the communities that I had back in Chicago, and then it dawned on me.

It's the perfect thing I've been needing. 

There was an assistant coach position at a school right near my house, so when I emailed the California contact, she (and I) couldn't believe the serendipitous timing. 

The team has been training for two weeks now, but I'll jump in, get to know these girls, and coach them to a 5k race on May 18th. 

I can't wait to start next week and have a feeling that this might end up helping me more than the girls.

she believed she could so she did.


Work Wear

3 weeks deep, and I'm still really loving my job. I like having an office to sit at and focus, and getting up and getting ready first thing in the morning has been nice too.

I'm still trying to figure out how to squeeze in workouts all week long. Joel wakes up at the crack of dawn to fit his in, and I'm just not as crazy  committed. And, working out after work just does not work for me.

Oh, and grande lattes in the morning are my newest thing too.  I'm only allowing 2 or 3 a week, but dang I sure do dream about them everyday. 

St. Patrick's Day!

 H&M button down, Gap Pants, TB wedges, scarf from Italy
 Dress from Francesca's, Target leggings, Cole Haan boots
I worked out this morning and got ready at SoulCycle. Have a really light dress made changing really quick and easy.
Ann Taylor Loft dress, H&M Blazer, Franco Sarto sandals
These are new J.crew Minnie's and I'm obsessed. I need them in every color. 
 J.crew button down, J.crew pants, J.crew shoes

Got ready at SoulCycle again (i.e. Ponytail).
 Ann Taylor Loft tee, Gap pants, TB shoes, Ralph Lauren scarf


Balancing Act

I'm still adjusting to working in an office with about ten times the responsibilities and pressure as my old job.

I'm getting home later, and when I get home, I'm wiped. Getting out of my work clothes sometimes feels like a chore.

I've been able to get in 7am SoulCycle classes on both Wednesday and this morning, and I cooked dinner three times this week - but beyond that - things are having to give.

I had to say no to meeting friends this week, because it's just too much. For right now, I'm trying to balance my work, my health, and my family; and I don't see a lot of room for much else. 
FOCUS — molly jacques lettering + illustration
I'm sure with experience and time, things will even out. Until then I'm giving myself permission - and guilt free permission - to balance what I can and forget what I can't. 

And, I haven't totally forgotten about my Husband.

This week we are celebrating being together for SEVEN years. We are taking Roscoe and doing a day trip up in Santa Barbara....our favorite thing in the world to do. 

I can't wait for a full day with my boys just enjoying our favorite place in California thinking about how much we've been through together in the last seven years. 

Time is a crazy thing.


Must Have's

For the last year - I've been aviator obsessed. While I was in Mexico I got a new pair of Ray Ban's, The Erica, and decided to get a little risky with the frame. I have not taken out my aviators once since these bad boys became mine.

 I need this shirt.
I'm also becoming addicted to $5 dollar polish changes. I don't need to get a manicure every week so when I learned about this quick mini-mani I went crazy. They file your nails and keep your nail beds looking pretty - plus paint your nails. There isn't a hand massage, but it takes 10 minutes to go in and go out, so it's super convenient.

And Cajun shrimp is my new go-to spring/summer color. 

I feel like it's the wanna-be teacher in me, but I love "decorating" my office desk. I like it to be a fun place to sit down and spend time everyday, so I picked up a few things to make my office a little more homey.


Have you ever had Tajin? It's a Mexican seasoning, and lot of fruit vendors will shake some on melon and pineapple for a really yummy snack. Well, I'm mildly obsessed with it rimming my glass on a margarita. I tried to make my own at home, but it wasn't the same so I had to pick up a bottle while I was in Mexico a few weeks ago. I'm sure you can find some at a specialty store. You could eat this stuff out of the bottle but it's best served with tequila.

 The weather has been so nice in LA lately that it has me itching to refresh my garden and patio area. I want to add some more color on the patio, add a new outdoor rug, and liven it up a little. 
HOME | cactus 
All of this Mexican influence has me feeling like I should plan a cinco-de-mayo/birthday party for myself. I think I might need to make that happen this year! Is it weird to plan your own birthday parties?
Cinco de Mayo Party | photos by Melanie Grizzel for Camille Styles 
Question for you ladies, are Jack Rogers sturdy? Sturdy enough to trek through Paris? I must have a sturdy sandal to get me through May, and I'm thinking these might be a solid option. Any thoughts?



Workday Outfits

A few years ago I was great about posting my outfits. I did it for myself - and so my mom could see what I was wearing, but lately I've stopped. I think it's because there are so many "fashion blogs" with mini-photoshoots casually happening while the blogger is decked out in c/o clothing.

That's not even close to what I'm trying to do here, so this is a pretty normal look into outfits. It's how I'm using what I have in my closet and how I'm styling it.

I like to look back at these posts if I'm at a loss for an outfit one day, and they keep me trying a little harder to put together a cute look.

This first week I wasn't sure of the office vibe, so my formality is a little all over the place. My office is actually leased in a law office, so even though I don't have a specific dress code, all of these outfits were appropriate - and they all (but Friday's) work well for outside meetings.

First Day! 
J.crew everything: blouse, belt, pants, & shoes

Ann Taylor blouse, necklace & skirt. Ivanka Trump heels.

 DKNY dress and Bandolino shoes

 J.crew jacket, target top, J.crew skirt & turquoise necklace.


Mind Dump

I have my first week of work under my belt and I'm happy to report that I survived. The first week of work was trial by far and on my second day I was in back to back meetings through dinner. The job is a lot different than any other job I've had - in a completley new industry - so I have a lot of learning to do.
WORKSPACE | Change is good
I like having an office outside of my house. Getting ready and dressed first thing in the morning (post of outfits tomorrow). I'm still trying to figure out where and how to fit in workouts, but I got in 4 strong workouts last week, so hopefully I'll be able to make it happen.

Since this job involves a lot of sitting at a desk and meeting clients for lunches and dinners, I'm trying very hard to be diligant about cooking healthy lunches and dinners any night/day I have free. I spent a few hours yesterday meal planning for the week, and then cooked (actually Joel cooked) two different dinners so that we will have leftovers for lunches.

Since I used to be able to use the weekdays to get errands, cleaning and laundry done, this weekend was the first glimpse of our new reality. I'm trying to make sure everything stays balanced, but that meant our Saturday and Sunday were full of not lounging around.Sundays

I'm very specific on the types of Charddoney that I like, but this one is my new favorite. It's buttery and delicious - and it was $10.99 at our grocery store Sprouts.
 I have been obsessed with solitaire. I've been playing at least 30 minutes a day on my ipad and I have to tear it out of my hands in order to stop. It's been a nice way to not think about anything else and just relax.

I read The Good Wife by Jane Porter while I was in Mexico and couldn't put it down. I ended up finding out that it's the last book in a series of three - each book following a different sister in a big family in Napa. I decided to work my way backwords and am now reading The Good Woman. The books are a little heavy but they've been the best books I've read in a while. **If you don't want to ruin secrets, start at The Good Woman (book 1 of 3).

I won't be as MIA this week on the blog, but in the meantime...


Dinner Time: Caprese Quinoa

I'm on a major quino kick lately. On Mondays I make a huge batch of quinoa and then make a few variations so that Joel and I have healthy lunch options all week.


This weeks spin on boring ol quinoa was a Caprese version that Amanda and I concocted while we were in Mexico.

All you need for this yummy dish is pesto, mozzarella balls, diced tomatoes, thawed frozen spinach and Parmesan cheese.


                  Add warm, cooked quinoa and top with a heavy hand of parmasean. So good!