Fashion Friday

Like I wrote about here and on my fall bucket list, I have been planning on investing in a new pair of leather riding boots.

Last year, along with the rest of the population, I lusted after the Steve Madden Intyce boots. I debated getting them in 2010, but didn't jump on the band wagon......until now.
 (why am I like the last person to join the cool club? i.e. Erin Condren planner?....also - I still don't have Hunter boots! A crime...I know)

Today at lunch, I marched my sick ass over to Nordstroms and snagged the dang boots up without a seconds thought. Nordstroms has the best return policy so I soothed my conscious by telling it that if I regretted my decision I would have weeks to bring them back.

I don't think that will be happening. I'm definitely in love. I wasn't sure if I was going to end up with a new pair of black or cognac boots for this season, but I think I made the right choice going with coganc. I have a feeling this color is just as versatile as black, if not more so.
Sorry about the pile of necklaces, I wasn't sure which would be the best choice!

For $150 bucks I think I'll definitely get my moneys worth. Do you own these boots? Are they comfy? I've hear they'll last at least 2 long seasons...true?

Tonight I'm bringing these boots on their first adventure....a fun night at Fish Bar (ahhhmazing.  

The rest of the weekend Joel and I are going to take easy. We need to run errands, grocery shop, and get the house cleaned. Tomorrow we're going to cook steaks at home and watch football. Not too exciting, but just what I'm in the mood for.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend as well!


Brain dump

  • Have you ever had TheraFlu? Umm...gross. Thinking about it is making me a wee bit nauseous. You have to drink it warm, and within ten minutes so there is really no goofing around. I end up treating it like a mission. I warm up the concoction, get a box of wheat thins and a glass of water and sit down at my dinner table. I take a big gulp of the meds, some water, and then enter in a wheat thin. I have to do this about ten times before it's all done. It kind of reminds me of taking vodka shots in college. 
  • I'm going back to work tomorrow after 3 days of sitting on the couch. I'm anxious to go back to a full inbox, lots of paperwork, and probably quite a few messes I need to pick up. And yet, I'm excited to leave my house for the whole day tomorrow! I just hope I have the energy to make it through.
  • I'm also pretty excited about that the fact that today is Thursday.
  • While we're on the topic of feelings...I'm feeling a wee bit guilty that I took off 2.5 sick days this week, and I'm leaving for Kentucky next weekend, so I'll be taking next Friday off. Not my style to take off so much work in the same month, but....oh well! Work is not my #1 life priority so it'll just have to understand.
  • I have watched so much TV this week I think I've killed 1/12 of my brain cells. My first day home sick I was actually excited to go through my dvr and catch up on old shows. As soon as I burned though that it was live tv for me. There is seriously nothing on during the day....I watched a freaking marathon of extreme couponing...which like TheraFlu...is making me nauseous.
  • When you are sick you have a greater sense of empathy for those who battle chronic illnesses. My appreciation for good health is always increased after being sick. 
  • Being home alone on the couch all day is so lonley and quiet. I kind of feel like I could lose my mind if I was forced to do this for any longer amount of time. Again....I have a greater appreciation for women who get put on bed rest of months at a time. After about a week, it can't be very fun at all.
  • The movie 50/50 looks so sad - I don't know who could ever see that movie. 
  • I do not understand the new changes to facebook
  • I couldn't tell you the last time I went out to the bars with my friends. I think it was probably for Joel's birthday which was August 21st. I don't think I'm missing anything.
  • Joel and I are planning a stay at home date on Saturday night. I have a craving to bake.
  • While I was stuck on the couch I scheduled all of Joel and my doctors appointments for the next few months. My dentist can't see me until January 28th and Joel's doctor can't see him until December 1st. I feel like we are going to the Missoni for Target equivalent of doctors.
  • I'm so much more of a fall dresser, I love being able to wear boots, leggings, scarves, sweaters, etc. It makes me a very happy girl. 
  • I hate to sound like everyone else...but seriously....September is over? How?
well, if I keep this window open any longer I think I'm going to have a list a mile long. Can you tell I've been home by myself with no one to talk to?


pulled the plug

...and finally ordered the much talked about Erin Condren Life planner.

I couldn't get my head around spending $50 dollars for an organizer, no matter how cute, and I had pretty much given up hope. That is, until a sweet message popped up in my twitter.

My shipping was even a little cheaper, so my total came to a whopping $29 bucks. Now that, I can deal with.

I can't wait for October 4th when this pretty little thing will be making its way into my life.

p.s. Thank you again to Miss Blondie - and check out her blog, she's (obviously) a doll!


Fall Bucket List

Put a personal touch on some pumpkins and decorate with them

Go to a pumpkin patch 

Host a book club meeting

Upgrade my fall wardrobe

Invest in good boots

Bake fall goodies for my co-workers

Bake fall treats and bring them to friends and family in the neighborhood

Meet my new baby cousins and prepare a treat for their whole family

Cook dinner with new recipes

Try navy blue for an upcoming manicure

Give a Pumpkin Spiced Latte one more shot 

Order new magazine subscriptions

Run a race

    All of this to be completed by December 1st. 

    I'm setting up post to check in on myself half way though to keep me accountable. All of these things will add to a great fall, and there is no better time to start improving myself than today.


    yucky monday

     Even though Joel and I had a packed weekend, it got cut short by a random cold that decided to invade my body on Saturday morning.

    On Friday we went to a wine tasting with my two besties Claire and Jenna and indulged in lots of yummy wines and beyond amazing cheeses. I'm getting so bad at snapping pictures throughout the night so I have nothing good to show you.

    Saturday morning I got my nails done and finally was able to pick a fall-y color. I went with OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark.
    My mom let me borrow her DY...swoon
    The wedding ceremony started at 1pm, so we left the city at 11:30. It was a torrential downpour and people acted like they've never driven in rain....so guess what? We missed the freaking ceremony. I was not a fun passenger in that ride, let me tell you - the road rage comes out, mainly when I'm not the one driving (much to Joel's demise)

    I've never done missed a ceremony before, and I felt terrible and rude, but the bride is not a very close friend so I was more peeved than sad. 

    We ended up going to my house to hang out with my parents and pup, and that's when I really started to realize I wasn't feeling good. It's something about seeing you mom, you know?
    I cozied up in one of her sweaters and took a nap until we left for the reception at 4:30.

    The bride was a friend from High School and it was great to run into friends I haven't seen in almost 6 years. I was still feeling really bad, so after dinner, Joel took me home at about 9. He said in the car, "I know you are really sick because you never once got on the dance floor". True words.
    Sunday after breakfast with my parents, we went home and I slept all day on the couch. Joel got me some chicken noodle soup, and I tried to sleep through the night.

    Unfortunately I'm home, on my couch, writing this...while I should be at work. Even if I was on my death bed I would feel a little guilty about missing work. I normally call my mom the night before and ask her if its okay for me to not go in. Embarrassing, no?

    I think I'll be ready to go back tomorrow even if I'm a little slow and foggy, but I'm getting a little cabin crazy sitting in my apartment alone, plus - I'm pretty sure my couch has indentations starting to form.


    Fashion Friday

    {Early} Fall Edition

    I'm starting to pull out all of my fall clothes and gathering a list of my "fall must haves" - which will be a post all on its own - but it seems that finding time to actually shop is going to be the biggest hurdle I need to get over.

    We've got another busy weekend ahead of ourselves. Tongiht we are meeting up with my two high school besties, Claire and Jenna, for some sushi and a wine tasting. Joel and I are in a wine club at Que Syrah and about once a month, the small wine shop on Southport hosts a themed tasting. Tonight's theme is right up my alley: Wine and Cheese Pairing.

    Tomorrow I'm going to get a manicure and get my makeup done for a wedding that we have in the suburbs. A friend of mine from high school is getting married. This is my first friend to get married from high school and I'm interested to see what it will be like seeing a lot of people from high school that I haven't kept up with. 

    Since the wedding is in the suburbs Joel and I are going to stay at my (parents) house so that we can 1. Get a free brunch the next day 2. See my darling dog 3. Do some laundry. 

    Sunday night we are having a cousins dinner with some of my cousins that live in Chicago. After a busy summer I really haven't seen all of my cousins a lot, which is not normal for my family, so I'm looking forward to a night of catching up.
    Hope you have a great weekend in store too loves.


    My 1st Blate

    I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years now *(which is a very weird fact, in and of itself) but through this blog I’ve met a bunch of awesome girls that I’ve said, “if they lived in Chicago, we’d totally be besties”.

    Well it just so happened that one of those really cool bloggers ended up moving to Chicago. Hannah, from A Big Little Life, recently picked up and moved from down south all the way up to the windy city.

    After she got her apartment and life settled, we finally made plans to meet for happy hour downtown Chicago.

    I got to the restaurant first, Rockit, and ordered a glass of wine while I waited for her.

    As I sat down, I realized that I was actually pretty nervous. I’ve never met anyone from the blogsphere, and I kept thinking…”what if I get blown off? Should I text her what I’m wearing so she knows where to find me? What are we going to talk about? This must be what it feels like to meet people on Match.com….”

    Before my thoughts got too out of control, this darling girl crossed the street and waved. Hannah had made it, sat right down, and we picked up like old friends.

    Our 1 drink happy hour, turned into a 3 hour dinner where we became actual friends…not just blog friends.

    My first blate was a true success. I wish I hadn't waited so long to venture into the world of online friend making! Hannah and I even talked about getting a bunch of Chicago bloggers to do a meet up - so if your reading and from the Chicago area - leave your email and maybe we can get something going.

    If you haven't bit the bullet and gone on a blate, take my advice and do it!


    Fall TV

    Finally fall tv is back!! Am I the only one excited about this?

    I'm not really into sad or scary TV shows (or movies and books for that matter), because I like to watch and read things that make me happy and laugh....I don't need the extra anxiety!

    After the Emmy awards on Sunday night, I spend a good twenty minutes setting up my dvr. I will always give new tv series a few episodes, but if they can't get my attention in those 2 shows, I'll scrap them.

    Here are the shows I'm most excited about watching:

    2 Broke Girls 

     Pan Am

    Cougar Town 

    Modern Family 

    The Whitney Cummings Show

    Up All Night 

    and on a semi related topic....I just started reading Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

    Have you read it? It has wonderful reviews and follows a few post-college girls figure out their lives in NYC - so I figured I could relate. If your looking for an easy, sweet read, I'd recommend picking this book up and reading along with me.

    Am I missing anything from my list? I thought about The Playboy Club and Heart of Georgia, but I really don't think I'll having the staying power with those two shows...



    While I was home for the weekend, in Crystal Lake, IL I took my pup Haley for an early morning walk.

    I started to notice the the smells, the flowers, the old houses, the lake, everything beautiful about my hometown.

    I don't know what it was, but I became grateful and nostalgic.

    How did I get so lucky to grow up here? And more importantly....why didn't I realize what a perfect pocket my hometown is, when I was living here? 

    My neighborhood, Lakewood, consists of about 10 blocks of tree lined streets.

    Where even the street signs are sweet.
    Lakewood backs right up to private beaches where our boat sleeps and where I spent almost everyday when I was a kid. 

    During the summers we would tube, jet ski, swim, play king of the raft, and drink Capri Sun's all day long.

    If you stayed at the lake past sundown you would be attacked by the  mosquitoes...and no matter what time  time, whenever you were done swimming you had to run home to shower in order to avoid swimmer's itch. 

    But, you could run barefoot down the streets.
     We really had the life. 
    The houses in Lakewood are pretty cool too. One of my favorites is the Gingerbread House.
    Pretty crazy, right?

    This house is one of my favorites too. They did an absolute amazing job with their landscaping and it reminds me of a house that you might see on the cover of Home & Garden.

    Since these houeses sit right on the lake, the back is much more impressive than the front, but it still isn't too shabby.
    I love the over-sized pots that welcome you into their driveway
    I feel so lucky that I can drive an hour out of the city (well, 2.5 if you leave on a Friday....) and come home.  

    Home to this bubble of paradise. 

    I don't think I'll ever move back to Crystal Lake....I want to find my own bubble of paradise, but I know that for the rest of my life, when I think of home, I'll think of this.

    Cue Michael Buble.


    We made it!

    What. A. Week.

    I can really relate with homegirl in the picture above. That's basically about all of the energy I have left....just take off the shoes and land into bed...however, my social calendar has no sympathy.
    Tomorrow is Joel's Mom's 60th birthday! For her birthday, Joel and his brothers are flying in their middle brother Andrew from California to surprise their mom for her birthday weekend.

    Tonight we are having a casual pizza and beer get together and a great spot in downtown Crystal Lake. It will be a great time to catch up with Joel's extended family and warmly welcome the weekend.

    On Saturday we're going to root for the Vols as they take on their rivals UF, and then Saturday night is a formal dinner to celebrate Kathy's 60 years. She is a great woman, who has raised 3 great boys, and I'm really looking forward to a night of celebrating all that she has done.

    Sunday we'll come back into the city, hit up the grocery store, and hopefully lay low. Our weeks (and weekends) keep zipping by us and I can't seem to make the world slow down. 

    Have you figured out that secret yet?

    Since I don't think there is much I can do about it right now, My focus is on enjoying every moment - and I hope you do too.

    Happy weekend!



     What I'm Loving:

    Our new HP Pad! This is one fancy touchpad, and I'm so happy to call it mine ours. HP is not selling the touchpad any longer, but since Joel works in technology sales he was able to scoop one up before they were all long gone.

    The fact that I'm going to Kentucky to visit my sister Nellie (check out her blog: ) in October. I love having trips to look forward to, and this one will be great. It's going to be a weekend getaway with the whole fam. I really haven't spent much time in Kentucky so I'm excited to check out Lexington and see how my sister is really living in college.

    The cooler temps. In case you missed my earlier post on my fall obsessions, I'm really loving the cool air. I like to have the windows open in the house and go to sleep with fresh air blowing in my room....plus I like the coziness of extra blankets to keep you warm.

    Our team spirit in the form of M&M's. Except that we keep eating them....this used to be a full bowl.

    My manicure color this week: Essie's Spaghetti Strap. It's such a pretty neutral and would make a very pretty wedding day color.

    And finally, these pintrest images:

     I hope you've found a few things to love this week too.