Fashion Friday

Thankfully Friday got here very quickly this week, because I honestly don't know if I could have lasted 1 more day. 

This week was really hard.

I had my first experience of firing someone, and it's not a fun experience.
But - that's behind me now, and I'm looking forward to a great weekend.

Tonight, Joel and I are staying in, cleaning up the apartment, grabbing a pizza, and enjoying some wine. Tomorrow, after a Mani/Pedi, we have 2 couples staying with, coming in from South Carolina and Iowa. Along with them, about 15 of Joels best friends are getting together on Saturday night and I can't even imagine how epic Saturday night is going to be. (Did I just use the word epic?...that did not feel right)

Our group is going to head to dinner at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in Lincoln Park and then hit up some of the bars in Old Town.
On Sunday, after brunch, Joel and I are going to head to Crystal Lake for dinner with my family since my sister Hannah is heading back to school for her senior year of college....tear.

Monday,I'm going to the Paul McCartney concert at Wrigley Field.

Not bad, huh?!

Hope you have a glorious weekend planned for yourself!


You will thank me






don't mess with this chic


Over It

I've got the fall bug.

I'm lusting after this look and inspiration board for Fall Fashion

September, where art thou?


Office Space

 Come take a peak at where I work. I spend 8 hours (on a good day) sitting in the pretty little cubicle. Luckily, I work in the heart of downtown Chicago, right on Michigan Ave, and I get to look out at a pretty sick view.

Unluckily, I mostly have to look at this.

No one at my office really gussies up their desk so mine is like the "fanciest" that there is.

 I figure that I spend more time at my desk than I do at my home, so I should at least have a few things that I like to look at.

 Pictures of my sisters and of places that I've been to help me smile throughout the day - which in turn makes me a nicer person to be around.

Secretly I'd love to add a small lamp and candle, but they already think I'm "teacher-y" enough, and I'm playing with the big cats at work, so I think I'll wait until I have my own office...with a door.

I also stole this secret from Guliana Ranic's office at E! - which is to hang a pretty scarf over a boring desk chair. Granted her pretty scarf is Burberry, but this scarf has so many purposes, I wouldn't trade it in for anything (well, okay, I would trade it in for Burberry).

Not only does it make my chair pretty, it's pretty nice to know that I could easily wear it if I were to ever have a fashion emergency.

In fact one of my co-workers had shacked up with a guy a few months back and she had to come to work wearing his white undershirt.....she felt so uncomfortable and SO obvious.....but with the addition of my scarf, she looked fabulous, and even better,  no one could tell she was bein' a hooch!


What does your office space look like? Do you try and add your own sense of style too?


Green Bay, WI

A weekend getaway was just what the doctor ordered.

On Friday night, Claire and I left the city and headed up north to stay at my summer house in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We got up just in time to have a bottle of wine and get to sleep before midnight.

When we woke up, I was ready to seize the day! We went for a long walk around the small town and I remembered why I am so in love with this little patch of paradise.

The living is very easy in the Town of Scott (population 300). People mend to their gardens, they wave to you as they drive by, and live a seemingly simple life.

I don't think I could ever live that sort of life for the long haul, but it sure is nice to take a whole weekend off of computers and TVs and enjoy the nature, sound of the water, and good, good company.

After our walk, the 3 of us girls headed to the lake to indulge in some of my favorite things.
 The three of us didn't stop talking for days

Our lovely summer house, tucked away behind the woods
 Saturday night we had a family BBQ and spent the night on the beach with a bonfire and s'mores. 


I'm back in the city now, feeling refreshed and blessed. Life is good to me.


Think "Boy Meets World"


Did this week just whizz on by, or is it just me?

After work, Claire and I are going to be joining my cousin and going up to my lake house in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

The drive is going to take every bit of 5 (or dare I say 6) hours, so we're going to make a pit stop in Milwaukee for dinner and a glass of wine, then trug upwards another 3 hours.

I normally get super-duper-beyond-normal-crazy anxious about getting to where I'm going, but I'm vowing to Claire to take my time, drive slow, and enjoy the ride. 

That is easier said than done.

Saturday I hope to take a long walk around all of the farms, run up "heart attack hill" (I'll take a picture for you....its ooc), catch up on my magazines (Self & Southern Living), drink lots of yummy white wine, build a fire and tell stories at the lake until the wee hours of the morning.

If I have a day like that, let me tell you, those 6 hours in the car will be worth every second.

I'll be back to Monday to give the full report.

Have an amazing weekend.


Hands Free

My bag of choice these days is one that is completely and totally hands free. 

With commuting to and from work everyday, normally hauling my gym bag too, it's absolutely necessary to have both hands free (one for my phone, other one for my coffee)

Here is the current bag I've been rockin'
But, before I head to NYC for Labor Day weekend, I want to invest in a new beautiful, cross body that will easily transition into fall. 

Here are a few that I'm lusting after.


Tee Time

Well.....I survived.

I officially can say that I, Tess Tyrrell, can successfully golf a full 18 holes.
If you happen to be new around here, let me fill you in a little white lie......I stupidly told my boss at work that I knew how to golf, even though, I really didn't.

He wanted to set up a golf game in August for the managers on our floor and I figured it couldn't be that hard. I would have 4 weeks to practice my game.

No big deal, right?


Until you find out that you are officially a part of golf tournament that will be taking place 1 week after you told your dirty little lie.

Insert panic attack.

At my first chance I headed to the driving range to go through a large bucket of balls for practice. Joel and his friends taught me the basics, and I watched about 2 hours worth of YouTube "golf for beginners" videos.

Thankfully my dad has been golfing for 30 years, so on Sunday, he took me out to hit some balls and play 9 holes at our Country Club.

By hole 3, I was actually getting a grip on the game. He had shown be the 4 things to focus on (grip, posture, wrists, and swing) and I seemed to be doing okay.

My dad even took me to the golf pro shop and completely outfitted me in golfer gear - which really upped my confidence too.

Monday morning, after a Starbucks run and a brunch at 9, tee off was at 10:30. My foursome played in 100 degree heat for almost 5.5 hours.
I won't lie, I wasn't good. I actually hit better on Sunday with my dad, but I was lucky enough that the tournament turned out to be Best Ball, so I didn't slow the pace of the game down at all. 
The tournament itself was a lot of fun - they served us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus free booze and swag along the course. I mean, I could get used to this.

I have a feeling many more golf games are in my future.


A night on the town

Friday night after work, I met up with my oldest friend Claire to set sail on a dinner cruise along Lake Michigan. 
The weather couldn't have been more perfect (80 and sunny) and cocktails were served the entire length of the trip. 

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

After her event, we went to Hubbard Inn to meet up with some of my co-workers. After a tequila shot and a glass of champaign, I made the brilliant idea to follow the group to the last stop of the night, Public House.

Joel would love to tell you this story in person, but I woke up frantically Saturday morning freaking out because I thought it was a work day. 

All day Saturday I struggled, moved slowly, and remembered why I can't drink like I did in college. 

Thankfully our Saturday night plans included dog sitting and a relaxing double date night dinner at Aquitaine.

Speaking of dog sitting, if you are like me, and trying to beg convince your siginificant other to buy a dog, do yourself (and some friends) a favor, and dog sit for them.

If your lucky, their dog will fall madly in love with your significant other.

Can we start the puppy conversation yet??


Friday Fashions

Wooohooo - It's Friday!


My outfit for today & tonight

Which one is your favorite? 

I'm so excited for 5:30pm tonight, because my best friend is taking me on her company's summer event, a dinner/drink cruise ship along Lake Michigan. 

Tomorrow Joel and I will be heading to the driving range again, and then dog sitting for friends. 

Sunday, I'm going to finally get my feet wet on a real golf course and play 9 holes with my Dad. Hopefully my Dad is a good teacher, because I have my first golf outing THIS Monday. The golf outing wasn't supposed to happen until the 29th, but much to my avail....it got moved to this week. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend in store, too.


Skinny Recipes

Ever since I stumbled upon Gina's Skinny Recipes I've been a huge fan.

Gina updates her site regularly, with easy to follow instructions, personally taken pictures, and nutritional information on every meal.

Can you beat that?

Before I went to the grocery store last night, I browsed some of her recent posts for dinner inspiration. A perfect summer salad was just what I was craving, so I was beyond delighted to see a Mexican Shrimp Cobb Salad featured.
Along with being an amazing cook, her photography skills are beyond fab too
 I made a few substitutions to Gina's recipe; I chose green pepper for cucumber and white onion for red. 

And I made my own creamy cilantro dressing (ranch, tomtilla salsa, mayo, cream cheese, lime, red pepper and salt).

Overall, this salad was beyond amazing. It makes 6 servings so Joel and I had plenty for dinner and were able to bring a heaping portion for lunch too.  

Most of the ingredients you probably have at home already, so if you do, take my advice and cook this up stat.