Rio-lly wrong

Monday mornings are about as bad as this outfit....

silver lining

I love the idea of wearing silver/gray for Valentine's Day. Wearing red or pink is a little too cliche for my taste so silver seems like the perfect color for the celebrations. I know a lot of people are against the idea of Valentine's Day - and I'm not a huge proponent either - but I love holiday's and excuses to celebrate, and I like the idea of having a day that you get to celebrate solely with the one you love.


Chicago Restaurants

I am a big fan of trying out restaurants. I like finding good, cheap, byob's, but mainly, I really like dressing up and going to a trendy, expensive restaurant downtown. I like trying them out and being able to say "Yes, I've been there!" when someone at work or in passing asks me if I've tried the latest hot spot.

It's an extravagant hobby, yes...I know.....but....oh well!

Here is the list of the trendy/best restaurants to try out in Chicago. Hopefully in the next 3 years or so, I'll have visited them all. I recommend checking this list out again if you ever get a chance to come visit Chicago - and I'd love to meet you for a drink too!
  • Girl and the Goat
  • Japonias John Legend sighting - going on Saturday
  • L20
  • Table 52 Lady Gaga/Miley Cyrus/Obama's -Valentine's Reservations!
  • Graham Elliot
  • Alienea
  • Spiaggia
  • Mastro's a favorite of Kristen Cavellari

Broken Record

...Like most of the world....or at least most women.....I'm trying to shed some lbs.

I've been down this road 1,000,000,000 times.

But, this time I'm trying something a little different - and hopefully it'll work.

I'm on a 3 month plan. I have a personal trainer for the next 3 months, 3 to 4 times a week. My trainer will be working on building muscle to increase my metabolism and overall just kicking my ass.

Since having a personal trainer is also a financial commitment, my goal is to not eat out during the weekdays which not only saves me $ but also calories. It'll be my job to watch my food intake, and unfortunately for me, that is often the hardest part.

I'm going to be focusing on making healthful choices and keeping my portions down. I have had luck in the past when I write down what I eat during the day, so I will be incorporating that into my plan as well.


For the next 3 months, Thursday's will be HEALTHY THURSDAYS. I'll give my top 2 tips/interesting facts/etc of the week and I'd love, love, love, to hear yours too.

1. Eat a big breakfastAlign Center
Yes, breakfast is important, but for a me a big breakfast is important. I try not to eat between breakfast and lunch, so I need a power breakfast that can keep me full for 5 hours.
My typical breakfast choices are:

  • Fruit smoothie and 1/2 an english muffin with peanut butter and coffee
  • Yogurt, oatmeal, coffee
  • Banana, peanut butter, and granola bar (and of course...coffee!)

2. Have a go-to snack
My go-to snack is almonds. I get that hunger bug right around 3:30/4pm and so I recently bought huge bag of almonds to keep at my desk - in order to avoid getting home at 5:30 absolutley ravenous. The best thing about almonds is that they actually do fill you up. A serving (16 almonds) is about 160 calories and can honestly keep you fueled up until dinner or get you through a hard workout.

Other go-to snacks I like to have at work:
  • Fiber one bar (150 cals) My favorite flavors are the chocolate and peanut butter bars
  • Trail mix (210 cals) - surprisingly this is out of our vending machine! It's the only healthy option.
  • Wheat thins with string cheese (180 cals)

Hope you have a healthy Thursday!



  • I am loving that I got my butt to the gym three days in a row. Now I only need to get in one more workout for the week!
  • I am loving that my tickets are booked for our family trip to Spain! I will be taking off 8 days of work, but it will be so worth it.
  • I am loving that work is getting a little less scary each day
  • I am loving cookies'n'cream frozen yogurt
  • I am loving that January is almost outta here!
  • I am loving my low key weekend we have planned. It's about time.
  • I am loving that I have been getting into bed before 10 this entire week.
  • I am loving that we got Valentine's day reservations at Art Smith's restaurant Table 52 - this is a favorite of Mr. and Mrs. Obama
  • I am loving that the week is almost over! Gotta love Wednesday's.
  • and most of all this week I am LOVING my sister's safety and happiness in Spain. She deserves these next 4 months to be the best of her life.


What's in my Bag

The Dishy Decorator's had a great post on what she keeps in her purse and wanted to recreate it over here. I always love when InStyle features celebrities bags so leave me a comment if you decide to do the same at your blog, because I would love to come check it out!

Tory Burch purse

Here is my go-to lip stuff (from left to right)
Neutragena: This stuff is STICKY! It smells so yummy but boys do not like.
Benefit: This is my color. It's called "dancing queen" and it's the perfect pink for a night out
Burts Bees: Lip repair in a bottle. Minty fresh.
Kiehl's balm: This is like vaseline style but my lips are addicted!
Never leave the house (here in Chi-Town) without gloves.
you never know....
This is my favorite item in my purse. I could be a Nook saleswoman. I swear by this thing!
This is the emergency kit for me: food and advil

And that's my bag!

I have a new US weekly and with the Real Housewives of BH finale, I think tonight's going to be a great night!



....and finally on a Wednesday!

  • I am loving the Wednesday night ABC comedy night line up.
  • I am loving wheat Bobli pizza crust. It seriously makes dinner so much easier. Tonight's toppings are onion, black olive, and mushroom.
  • I am loving that I had a better day at work today. Thankfully
  • I am loving that my sister Hannah made it safely to Spain and is off to an amazing start.
  • I am loving that this week is more than half way over!
  • I am loving my new Keruig flavor: Butter Toffee
  • I am loving the fact that it's not pitch black when I get out of the office at 5pm.

Link up here


W(h)ine Time

You guys.......I'm about to have a very, unimportant, and whiney emotional dump of words.

Work is not going well.

I started my new position and I hate it.

It's really, really, really high stress.

I'm not comfortable or confident = two aspects of the job that are absolutley necessary.

My boss, who I really, really like....is overwhelmed himself and isn't being as supportive as I need him to be right now.

I am taking small issues/problems/errors/mistakes as enormous, life altering, wine inducing, xanax-needing problems.

For my job to get better, for me to be comfortable, and for me to sell successfully, I already know the solution = I need to get a POSTIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

I need to mediate and get to a place where I can handle the stress, and tackle it. I need to be able to start work at 8am and completely leave work behind at 5pm. I need to trust myself and believe in my success. I need to know that I can do this, and I've been put in this position because other believe this too.

Tomorrow is a new day and I need to be ready to handle tomorrow with a new perspective.

But....in the meantime, I'm going to sulk, I'm going to enjoy my wine, I'm going to head to my cousins and watch the Social Network, and then I'm going to go to sleep. And hopefully, when I wake up, I will remind myself that I am blessed with health, and love, and friends. I am blessed that I have a job. And most importantly, I'll try again.


Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show. It seems like the most fun show to attend, and I love seeing all of the celebs frolicking amongst each other during the commercials - did anyone catch Brad and Angie coming in a little late?? The GGs always stir up a little controversy and last night was no exception.

The red carpet didn't wow me. Ricky Gervais was a bit curt for my style. And, Michael Douglas, was a surprise presenter for Best Picture seemed and looked to be in pretty good spirits.

The Social Network swept up almost all of the big awards, and since I haven't seen it, it's on my must-see list for this week.

Here are my picks for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good: Apparently I was all about the nude shades this year with a dash of sparkle!

Carrie Underwood - you are perfection
Anne Hathway is the perfect mix of cool and classy
Sandra Bullock is a hot momma

The Bad: You know, you have 1 shot at picking the most beautiful dress...and this is how you left the house?

Not ever a fan of Michelle Williams, she looks like a k-mart flower child

Xtina - bad hair, bad makeup, and trashy dress.

This was disappointing for me. Wanted to see her pick for the night and with a win last night, I feel bad for that she'll have to look at this dress for years to come.

The Ugly:
no words.

What do you think?

Are you lucky enough to be off work today? If so, I'm really, really jealous. I seriously debated calling in for a personal day but decided to just stick it out. Here's to a fast week!