60 years of wedded bliss

Precious. That is the word that comes to mind when I think about my grandparents and their 60 years of marriage. Kuka and Papa are the foundation of the family and have asked for only one thing from everyone. To foster a close knit family. Mission Accomplished. This weekend was spent laughing, and smiling, and touching, and hugging, and eatting, and dancing together as a family.

Saturday was the big day. At an early service on Saturday morning, Kuka and Papa renewed their vows and recieved a blessing at their church. (After brunch, I am proud to say, I ran 5 miles!! Way off topic, sorry!) Saturday night they hosted a party for 75 of their closest friends and family. After a wonderful dinner, and touching toasts, we danced the night away. Kuka and Papa couldn't have been happier.

Most of my best memories are in the company of my family and I have no one to thank for that but Kuka and Papa. They have are more than words can describe and an inspiration to us all.

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