Getting There

I don't know about you but I spend more time getting ready to go to an airport than I do for work. For me, the airport is a real life runway (no pun intended). Everyone knows airports are people watching hot spots, right? Well think about it, if you're watching other people...other people are watching you. May as well look hot while you have thousands of eyes on you.

Look hot, make it look easy, and be comfortable. God forbid your plane gets delayed 8 hours, you better have an outfit that will look good after laying on the floor. I always layer, and I always have a scarf.

Here's a typical airplane outfit for me:
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (I <3 these)
Shoes: Jcrew
Shades: Ray Ban
Sweater: DKNY
Tank: Shopbop
Scarf: Shopbop

Outfit #2:
Leggings: Splendid
Shoes: Goldies
Watch: Michael Kors
Top: Tucker
Bag: Miu Miu
Scarf: Shopbop

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