Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show. It seems like the most fun show to attend, and I love seeing all of the celebs frolicking amongst each other during the commercials - did anyone catch Brad and Angie coming in a little late?? The GGs always stir up a little controversy and last night was no exception.

The red carpet didn't wow me. Ricky Gervais was a bit curt for my style. And, Michael Douglas, was a surprise presenter for Best Picture seemed and looked to be in pretty good spirits.

The Social Network swept up almost all of the big awards, and since I haven't seen it, it's on my must-see list for this week.

Here are my picks for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good: Apparently I was all about the nude shades this year with a dash of sparkle!

Carrie Underwood - you are perfection
Anne Hathway is the perfect mix of cool and classy
Sandra Bullock is a hot momma

The Bad: You know, you have 1 shot at picking the most beautiful dress...and this is how you left the house?

Not ever a fan of Michelle Williams, she looks like a k-mart flower child

Xtina - bad hair, bad makeup, and trashy dress.

This was disappointing for me. Wanted to see her pick for the night and with a win last night, I feel bad for that she'll have to look at this dress for years to come.

The Ugly:
no words.

What do you think?

Are you lucky enough to be off work today? If so, I'm really, really jealous. I seriously debated calling in for a personal day but decided to just stick it out. Here's to a fast week!

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