Takeout Thursday

 Yea, it has been that kind of week.

I have been in one of those funks where I all I want to do is crawl under my covers and come out on Easter.

Thankfully, today, the sun came out and so did my nice side.

Since my refrigerator is in the state that it is (and I promise I'm no longer in college), I've decided to open a bottle of my favorite vino, read my 2nd favorite magazine right behind US weekly, and order in some takeout.

Hope you can have an equally enjoyable night, and trust me (this is my first one of the week)


  1. Oh boy! You and I are in a right form right now! Fridge is in the same state, takeaway has been ordered but there is no vino!!! Glad you're doing a little better! XX

  2. Wine and Southern Living - a classic combination!

  3. Sounds like a perfect night to me! We got take-out from one of my favorite Italian restaurants last night--ordering it is always such a fun treat!