The Ever Famous "Gallery Wall"

Alright girls - it's time you keep me accountable. I, hereby announce, that I WILL do something with the space behind my dining room table.

With a wedding looming on our future there are plenty of reasons why we don't want to spend money on home projects/decorations. For starters, we have a wedding looming in our future....but also, we are going to be registering for things soon - so why buy new frames, or bowls, or a new toaster. 

However, I can't look at this blank slate any longer, so for now, I will buy cheapy deapy frames, and if I get new ones, I will be guilt free when I toss the old ones.

These are a few of the looks I'd like to recreate:

I think Joel and I are too OCD to not go with straight lines and matching frames.

My only worry with this is that it's too similar to the art I have over my couch....

Do you think it's too much order? too many frames? too straight?

Either way I'm going to try and fill the space behind our dining room table with something this weekend so cross your fingers for "after" pictures by Monday! I'll keep all the tags on in case this blows up in my face.

Have a fabulous weekend!! Cheers! 


  1. My favorites are the first two. Personally, I like lots of frames. I don't think it looks to straight and in order. I mean, it does. I don't think it is a bad thing though. I just can't stand for things to be crooked lol

  2. I've been wanting to do something like this as well. Just need to decide where.


  3. We did something like this and while it was a pain in the butt, I love it now. At our house, we didn't do a gallery wall, we did shelves where we can mix and match the photos and frames (it's on my blog from back in February or March if you're interested in seeing it)

    BTW, it looks like a lot of those frames in those photos are Ikea RIBBA frames. They are pretty cheap and hold up GREAT--I bought them because I saw them on so many blogs. They look exactly like the expensive Crate and Barrel frames that we got as wedding gifts.

  4. The 2nd one is what I'm planning on basing mine after! I just love how it's a mixture of items that aren't pictures.

    Still need to work on that....haha

  5. I love that first look - I naturally gravitate towards anything with gray!

    Defining Tabitha

  6. We got a collage set that came all pre-prepared from target I believe. It came with 10 frames, different sizes. It also came with 3-4 ways you could arrange them so it looked like "organized chaos" so to speak! turned out pretty good actually!

  7. I love the first two! You should head to ikea for cheap frames. That is what we did for ours since we are were budget conscious.

  8. First things first, I NEED that poster. Personally, even though I'm ridiculously OCD about other things, my sense of style tends to gravitate towards a bunch of different vintage/rustic frames. But that's my taste, hence why I'm a huge believer you could do this cheaply. Hope it turned out how YOU envisioned it!