Wedding Wednesday: Carb Free

Who knows why, but for some reason I've been delaying starting the "bridal diet". 

Ok, that's a lie. I do know why. 

I'm really scared to fail at it. 

So, instead of making it this 6 month ordeal of sacrifice and starvation, I've started something that's less scary and a lot more manageable for me.  I'm breaking these next six months into mini sections. Thinking about dieting for 1 month, seems much less scary than 6. Plus, I'm going to have lots of mini check points rather than the pressure of just one.

Just one.

Joel's parents told us on Thanksgiving that they hadn't eaten carbs since August 15th and they both lost 15 pounds. 

These are not the first two people in the world to have ever lost weight on the low-carb diet, but for some reason, they were the first two people that inspired me to start.


For the next 25 days (until we leave for Mexico on December 22nd At which point I will hit the on button for carbs. No chips in Mexico just aint gonna happen) I am going 100% *complex* carb free. No bread, crackers, granola bars, chips, french fries, or English muffins.
No pasta, or bread crumbs. No pizza dough or buns. Nothin.
Like any good Type-A, control freak, I sat at the table for two hours Sunday night and planned away. 

I've got a countdown to the 22nd, a calendar to track my weight in in the bathroom, snack and lunch ideas posted on the fridge, and a meal plan for the next week.
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The past three days haven't been horrible. And, when I'm feeling really grumpy, I try to remind myself of all the good foods I still get to eat: eggs, peanut butter, fruits, avocados, nuts, cheese, and wine.

I'm going to keep up with the same workouts I've been doing and I know I will see success. The goal is 7 pounds and I promise to give you the final results on Wednesday, 12/19.

Wish me luck!
Keep going.


  1. Good luck! I'm trying to be hard core until the 19th too!! It will get easier to diet closer to the wedding date too...those late 3 months is when I got serious.

  2. Go you!! We have been doing p90x2 and the nutrition plan and it is very FEW carbs and I can definitely tell a difference. It's not as much fun but it is worth it!

  3. You can do it Tess! I give you props for doing the carb free way. I tried that once and only lasted 3 days, I just had NO energy.

  4. That's amazing! Girl, you are so strong for doing this! Keep it up, I'll be sending positive vibes yours way :)

  5. Right here with you chickadee! I'm not doing no carbs, but I am cutting sweets which is a big deal and counting calories.

  6. I just got married a couple of months ago and when I was dieting, I used My Fitness Pal to track calories and weight loss. I was skeptical at first that it would work, but I actually saw really good results.

  7. You can go it! Start good habits now so when your wedding is 3 months away you won't have to tweak your diet as much. The last quote is my favorite. I need to remember it takes time...ugh.

  8. I'll preface this by saying I have a problem with diets in general, but I particularly have issues with any that deprive your body of anything. I believe in moderation and putting good things into your body, organic, locally grown, healthy foods, and I think it is kind of hard not to feel and look better by eating those. From what I've seen diets tend to make people want to overeat in other areas or feel deprived and I don't agree with that. That being said, good luck with your overall health and weight goals!