Wedding Wednesday: Goodie Bags

 With all of my bridesmaids coming to California from Chicago, I wanted to have a little something fun to give to all of the guests of the bachelorette party to show my appreciation. 

Keeping in mind all of the girls had to fly back with their goodies, I tried to keep them "Carry On" safe. I worked with Cyndi Roberts on Etsy to create a  custom dopp kits for each girl.

I filled the cute bags with some emergency snacks, gatoraid, and nail polish, and wrapped them in fun bags.

The girls opened their goodie bags on the first night in Santa Barbara and everyone seemed to be really pleased with them. Who can't use a fresh new cosmetic bag!?


  1. Ok, so I happen to randomly stumble across your blog and love it! Which Esty shop did you use for your gifts? Cyndi Roberts, right? Do you know where she is from? I've used a Cyndi Roberts here in the Nashville, TN area for all my monogramming for years. Was just wondering (and hoping) it is the same one! She even monogrammed handkerchiefs for my parents on my wedding day. Again, love your blog!

  2. Those bags are SO cute! Well done. :)

  3. Can you share the Etsy seller you used for those bags! Love the idea! :)

  4. Cute!! You are an amazing bride!

    Those bags are seriously cute.