House Updates

Every time I hang a new picture or find a new pillow, the first question Joel asks is - So, are we done yet? 

Ohhh silly Joel, this house is never going to be done.
Over the last few weeks, I've had the itch to do some refreshers. 

For my birthday, Joel got me this painting of the Chicago and Los Angeles skyline. I added the shelf and the two pieces were able to pull together our little entry.

 From there, we I began the patio refresh. Te hunt started at World Market to pick up some fun goodies to add a little color outside.

I found the fun rug for $20 dollars and instantly knew that was the direction I wanted to head in. Finding pillows that didn't fight the rug has been pretty difficult, but I'm trying to sleep on these oversize cream pillows from Pier 1. 

What do you think? Are the pillows too big?

The patio still needs updated pots and some new plants, but I'm enforcing Joel's help over the weekend with that one.

We I also wanted to add two chairs to the patio since we use the patio a lot when we have friends over, and I'm so tired of having our guests in folding soccer chairs. 

To my mom's credit, she told me to start checking out thrift stores in the area, and as luck would have it, the first store I popped into had these two things of beauty.

The set of chairs are just too pretty to keep outside so I'm trying to make them work in our living room.

I have them flanking our media center for now, and I'm loving the color the warm wood brings to the whole room.

So for now, the chairs will stay in the living room, and when we need extra seating outside, we'll just drag them out!


  1. Love that rug on your patio! Where's it from?

  2. What a find!! I'm loving that pair of chairs you found at the thrift store. So nice. If I'm going to be honest, I think those Pier 1 pillows are too big for those chairs which is such a shame because I love those pillows. They look just like the Pottery Barn outdoor pillows.

  3. LOVE the new house updates! The two chairs in the living room are great- such a unique find! World Market is one of my favorite stores, a great place for furniture, candles, ethnic foods, and most important wine! Hope your having a great week love!

  4. I love those chairs!! I need to start checking out thrift stores. Totally underutilized resource. Never question Mama T! Which store was it??

  5. Love those chairs! Lucky you!

  6. Those chairs are such a great find!! I love them in your living room- I think they fit in perferctly. The pillows do look a tad big for the patio chairs but if they're comfy they might be worth it. Do you have a Homegoods by you? Mine has a huge selection of outdoor pillows right now in tons of different colors and patterns.

  7. I LOVE that outdoor rug -- great choice!