Weekend Report

Friday night I had a drink with Laura and Dawn and then we walked to a new friends house for a fun night of burgers, lots of wine, and our 3,003 attempt at starting a book club.

I got 3 texts Saturday morning asking if we had picked a book, and if so, which one. I couldn't remember either.

Saturday morning Joel and I hit the road really early to drive down to San Diego to finally meet our precious nephew Sullivan.

We got there early enough for Joel to prep a huge breakfast for everyone, and me to hog the baby all day long.


It was really fun to hang out with them and hear about life with a new baby since they were a mere 17 days in. We had a mimosa together and then left early to get home before 5.

We had recorded the Vols v. Kentucky game, so we watched that and ordered in thai food - both of which were turned out to be huge victories. I was seriously missing having a little bambino in my arms, so I swaddled Roscoe for the night and tried to pretend he was a newborn.

Sunday was our first day of hosting Thanksgiving prep. We decided to be idiots and brave Costco and a few tears and lots of money later, we pulled into Chiptole for emergency food and vowed we would never go back to Costco on the weekend. ever. again.

In order to fit 16 people for Thanksgiving we had to do some major furniture moving, so we spent all of Sunday afternoon trying to figure out how the big day is going to work. I think we have a good enough plan, but we'll just have to wait and see how it all goes. 

Start sending prayers for us now!



  1. Ohhh my baby time for y'all?! Could this be a sign?! ;)

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  3. Costco, like, always, is hell hah. That baby is too sweet!

  4. You guys look good with a baby ;) We went to Costco on Sunday, too and it was a mad house!! It probably didn't help that ours just opened 5 days before but still - I think we'll stick to week nights!

  5. yeah, you kids look way too cute with a baby...I think its time :) Nieces and nephews are great too though !!

  6. I no lie was just talking to my sister about how enjoyable Costco was....because it was a Monday at 3pm.....the weekends are just nuts!

  7. Umm, you look so precious with a tiny baby in your arms. I am so mean.

    But seriously.... AWWWW.

  8. He is so precious!!!! I can't even take it.