Leo - 1 Month

Everyone always says that time has a whole new meaning when you have a baby, and holy cow is it true. This was the fastest month of my life, and I cannot believe that just four weeks ago I was going into the hospital to have a baby. 

It's been a month with the highest of highs and some really low lows, but we've found our groove and I go to bed every single night excited to wake up because it means I get to spend the day with Leo.

Weight:  You clocked in at 5lbs 14oz the day you were born, dropped down to your lowest weight of 5lbs 8oz, and just last week weighed in at 7lbs 4oz (with your clothes on). 
Clothes: All Newborn and Up to 7lbs. I did not have near enough newborn clothes and ended up paying a small fortune in overnight shipping from The Gap to load up your first week home.
Sleep:  The first two weeks you pretty much thought you were still inside of me and slept a lot. We had been letting you sleep almost 5 or more hours, but when you weren't gaining enough weight quickly enough, we put a stop to that. By the time you hit your due date though, you had figured out what you needed and how to tell us, and now you wake us up after a little more than 4 or 4.5 hours which we think is pretty darn good!
Schedule: We're going 2-3 hours during the day between feedings. You get a morning bottle when I pump, and then we breastfeed every 2 to 3 hours during the day. Daddy gives you your last bottle between 9-9:30 while I pump, and then you go to sleep until 1 or 2am. You normally eat for 25 minutes and then will go back down pretty easily until 5ish. 

Health:  We are so thankful for your perfect health.
Crying:   You are the most fussy from 5pm-9pm and pretty much only want to be held. I feel bad that I get your best hours while your dad is working, but I appreciate you holding off on the fussiness until there are extra hands to help us out. You love your Wubanub and we are very thankful you take to it as well as you do.
Feeding:  After we saw a lactation consultant, breastfeeding got a lot better around here. You take 2.5oz bottles in the morning and at night, and both times we've weighed you before and after feedings (at The Pump Station if you are in LA) you had taken in over 3oz in just about 20 minutes. The consultant said you were a little over achiever. You go 2-3 hours during the day between feedings and 4ish at night.
Likes:  You love your Wubabub, the stroller, your car seat, your fingers, and your miracle blanket!
Dislikes: Being cold, baths, and being hungry.
Milestones:  I think just "waking up" this month has been your biggest milestone. We've really loved seeing your bright eyes for so many more hours throughout the day and have started to notice your cry getting much stronger.
Places You’ve Gone:  All around town! We got you out of the house early on when Coco and Grandpa were in town your first week and we haven't slowed down since. I try to get one out of the house activity in everyday.
Visitors:  We've been incredibly lucky to have so much family come into town. Your first week Coco, Grandpa, your Aunt Hannah and Aunt Nellie came to California to meet you. You also got to meet a lot of your Tyrrell side since Aunt Erin got married on October 2nd. After you were two weeks we started introducing you to all of your LA friends and you've been loved on ever since.
Postpartum:  I don't have much to compare to but I think my C-section recovery has been fantastic. I was able to walk around the halls after 1 day, and I've increased our walks a little more everyday. I never had to take pain medicine once we got home, and by week three I was almost 100%. I go see my doctor in two more weeks but I'm most excited for clearance to take a bath!

Roscoe: The first week home, Roscoe was really not sure what the heck to do. We found him gnawing on his paws every time you would cry. That started to subside after a little while and everyday Roscoe has been a little more comfortable. We catch him sneaking sniff and licks when you are in our arms. Overall, he has been gentle, shy, and protective of his little brother and we're excited to see him get more comfortable with more time. 


  1. He is so precious! Cam was 5 lbs 13 oz at birth! You guys seem like you are settling into a great routine! I'm glad the bf is going well too!

  2. Three weeks until Aunt Amanda comes to town!! What a great recap. He's adorable!

  3. It sounds like the three of you have settled in great! I am super impressed with his eating and sleeping pattern! Also, I wanted to let you know that this week I was referencing your post about essentials for the first weeks, as I made some emergency Amazon purchases, so thank you!

  4. He's perfect!!! So glad all is going well!!