Weeknight Dinners

I loved everyone's input last week about the cost of groceries. It was really interesting to see that the majority of people are spending $150-200 a week, which really made me feel good!

Monday - Beet, Kale, and Goat Cheese salad

 I didn't use a recipe for this one, and just sort of went with what I thought would go well together. Inside the salad is kale, goat cheese, chicken, quiona, beets, and honey crisp apple. I served it with a Ceaser dressing.

Tuesday - Crock Pot Taco Salad
I loved this salad, and have it cooking right now for dinner tonight actually. I served it with a jalapeno ranch dressing, but this is the easiest dinner ever! Major win.

Wednesday - Pumpkin Turkey Chili

 We love this chili and it makes for great leftovers. We serve it with chips crumbled on top and greek yogurt. 

Thursday -  Greek Chicken Pitas

I do follow the recipe to make a homemade tzatziki sauce, but if you found a good pre-made option, this dinner would be even easier! 

Friday - Chicken Enchiladas

This is actually my mom's recipe...but it's just shredded chicken, diced green chilies, green salsa and cheese inside. Once it's baked, you pour over a mixture of chicken broth and cream for the sauce. I ended up freezing half the batch for dinner while I'm in Chicago for Joel. 

How do you meal plan?

I spend every Monday morning on Pintrest and Skinnytaste.com It takes me about an hour to go through and map out the week. I try to always serve some kind of salad during the week, and include one night of a soup or chili. 
For a while, I was cooking the same meals week after week, but lately I've been enjoying adding recipes to repertoire and testing new things. 

I'm also trying to get smarter about making a lot of things on Monday, and then stretching them for the week. Like, if my salad on Monday night calls for quiona, I try to find another recipe for that week that I can add quiona in. It's such a time saver if I can be strategic about it. 

Other than that, I try and get my meal planning, shopping, and prep work done on Monday's so that I can't back out of it as the week gets hairier and hairier!


  1. I am excited to try those greek pitas!! Its funny, I have all of these cookbooks, but like you I scour Pinterest for hours on end to meal plan for the week!

  2. I'm definitely going to try those tacos and Greek pitas sometime! They both sound delicious. The hardest part for me is finding recipes that my husband will eat (he is so darn picky) and that are relatively healthy, so for the most part we eat pretty much the same things on repeat. I love hearing about what others are making though!

  3. Do you ever use a rottesiere chicken or do you bake or use your crockpot every time? I tried the crockpot and it was too dry because I was gone too long during the day.

  4. Um, delish across the board. I'm so making those enchiladas tonight! I made a batch of crockpot salsa chicken yesterday and have everything else to just put together when I get home - perfect timing! I'm also aiming for a receipt review/menu post next Monday - didn't take Easter into account for a higher bill and random items this week (whoops).

  5. I am loving these weekly posts for inspiration! We are trying to get back on the meal planning wagon. Bryce has been traveling a TON the last two months which has made it a challenge.