Leo - Month 7

 ::: 6 month recap :::

Weight: 15lbs 10oz (9%), and somewhere around 25/26"
Nicknames: Leeman, Lee-Lee, Forest Boy, Weeward, Wee-whoa
Clothes: You're fitting into 9 month clothes which is blowing my mind.
Sleep:  You are a great sleeper buddy. You go to sleep by 7pm and wake up normally by 6:15/6:30am.
Schedule:  We've done quite a bit of traveling this month and have had quite a lot of transitions, so your schedule has been much more day-to-day than it has in months past.  For the most part though you are:
up at 6:30...
6:30-8:30am play
8:30-10:30am nap
10:45-1:00  play (maybe cat nap if we are in the car)
1:00 pm feed
1:00-2:30pm play
2:30-4:30pm nap
4:30pm feed
6:30pm bath
6:45 pm bottle
7:00 pm bed

Health:  You caught a cold while we were in Chicago which was no fun to witness. You had a runny nose, and your first cough....but you were a trooper and recouped after about 4-5 days. We are actually off to the doctor today due to your skin. You seem t have developed eczema and I'm hoping the doctor can give us something to help ease your discomfort. It's on your face, belly, neck and behind your knees. Mommy and your aunts all have pretty bad eczema so I'm really sorry that we've passed it down.
Crying: This month you've learned how to scream....so that's interesting. Sometimes you'll scream if you get really frustrated, but other times you'll just scream to scream.
Feeding:  Well baby, we are just about done breastfeeding. I'm nursing you in the morning, but that will end here soon. You were very fussy while nursing, and stopped being satisfied, so I know you're ready to be done before I am. You're taking to the formula well, but you're not as consistent with eating. During the day we give you five bottles 6/7oz each, but you don't always finish them.

We also started solid foods this month! We've tried quite a few; avocado being your first food, banana, sweet potato, black beans, and butternut squash! We're loosely following Baby Led Weaning and letting you make a total mess every time you eat, but we also bring a spoon to your mouth for you to eat with that too if you choose.
 For now, food is just for fun and we're really enjoying it with you. Although it took us both a few weeks to get here.....you were gagging CONSTANTLY and threw up a few times, but I think you're figuring out what to do now!

Likes: When daddy sings the cookie monster song, your new exersaucer, and your Tomy egg crate. You also love to sit in front of your walker and play with all of the buttons and screws. You like to be around people, you like to be held, to go for walks, and to be outside.
Dislikes: You do not like it when people walk away from you - and you don't like to be left on your tummy for long.
Milestones:  You are sitting like a rock star! You're also making moves like you are practicing to crawl. We've also started trying to get you to wave and clap, but you don't seem overly eager to do either! You took your first plane ride this month and traveled like a champ! You were baptized this month which was very, very special.
Places You’ve Gone:   Chicago!!!
Visitors: We spent two and a half weeks in Chicago and you got to visit and meet all of your family. You were spoiled with love and were passed around and held by about 100 people this month. I was so proud of how happy and nice you were with everyone!

Postpartum:  I'm on high alert as to how ending breastfeeding will go, so I'll report back next month. 

Roscoe: I'd say he's one of your favorite things in this world. You love to touch him, let him sniff and kiss you, and watch him fetch a ball. We took you and Roscoe running together this month, and Roscoe was very protective of you in the stroller around other dogs.


  1. How sweet.

  2. I just love reading these updates :) He is growing so fast! Adorable.