Weekend Recap

On a Tuesday...but this weekend didn't exactly go according to my grand plan.

Backing up to Thursday, we kicked off the weekend a little early with a surprise party! My cousin's husband passed all three of his CPA exams and so she threw a little shindig to celebrate!


I love Sonny McClean's in Santa Monica. It's a normal bar....which is pretty rare to find here in LA...and reminds me of Chicago and Iowa every time I go inside.

Friday night we stayed in, I made meatballs and pasta, the weather was cool and we opened wine and watched the Cubs game. 

Saturday morning, even though we stayed up too late, my cousin and I hit up an early yoga class. 

Joel and his brother Andrew went to the cubs game, so that left Leo and I solo for most of the day. 


My girlfriend Anne came into LA from Seattle, and her only  requirement for the weekend was that we hit up Au Fudge (owned by Jessica Biel)

The restaurant is adorable...they decorated it so well and it's truly a genius concept. They have on site "Au Pairs" that will hang with your kids (ages +2) while you sit, have dinner, and enjoy the bar. During the week, they also have parent and me classes and a little coffee shop area.

In full disclosure, the food was ok and the drinks were too. They also featured pureed carrot for $7, which I thought was insanity. 

Anne came back to the house and we had a few glasses of wine with Joel. That night, I knew I was feeling off, but I tried to brush it off blaming yoga, or lack of sleep from the night before. When Anne left, I took my temperature (99 degrees), and figured I just needed a good night sleep.

I got much sicker through the night, achey, cold, and feeling like crap. When I woke up, half dead, my temperature had climbed to 102.4, and I felt like I had strep again. I went to the minute clinic the moment it opened, had a swab test that came back negative, and was told to let the virus run in its course.

I literally stayed in bed sleeping all day Sunday. Thankfully Joel was able to take Anne to a brewery for a fun lunch date - but I was so sad that I missed the whole day with her. 

Joel worked from home on Monday which was amazing, and I'm glad to report that I'm on the up & up, right before we have more visitors arriving for the long weekend! 

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~Buddha:


  1. Yuck, that's the worst. Glad you're a bit better. Take it easy on yourself this week!

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick! No bueno! Also, sad to hear that Au Fudge's food was just eh!

  3. So sorry you were sick for part of the weekend, but I am glad you are feeling better. I love the concept of AU Fudge!

  4. Okay just seeing this....love all these pics!! I had such a blast with you all! Especially the cutest little ham, Leo :) Can't wait to see you all soon!