Leo - Month 18

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Weight: at 18mth2w - 23lbs 11oz (40%), 31.4" (13%)

Nicknames: Leeman, Lee-Lee, Wee-whoa
Clothes: 18 months clothes, and we have gotten away with a few 18-24 month shirts from Gap if I roll the sleeves once. Pants are 12-18mth, still a size 4 diaper and we started wearing size 5 shoes
Sleep:  Overall you are a great sleeper but this past week you were up at 4am twice. You couldn't put yourself back down, so after 10/15 minutes of screaming bloody murder, I would go in a rock you. I have to be honest, I actually loved it. We sat and rocked and it was so sweet and lovely. I put you back into your crib awake, and when I left, you only cried for a few minutes before you fell back asleep. I'm hoping this is it as far as middle of the night wake ups even though it was pretty lovely.

7:00am - Up and Bottle
8:00am Breakfast- you looove waffles!
9-12am play
11:30am/12pmish- lunch
1:00 pm nap
3:15pm snack & playtime
6:00pm dinner with a cup of milk
6:30 pm bath
7:00 pm  bed

Health: You've honestly had a runny nose for like the last 6 weeks? We take a few days off here and there and then you wake up in the morning out of nowhere with another one. I know it's because we are spending more time at the gyms kids daycare, and I'm trying not to feel totally guilty about it. Your doctor told me that now is the time, and its good for you, but it does break my heart a little bit.

Crying: I do have to say I've been so proud of you, speaking of that gym day care. You used to cry and cry and cry and the only way you would be happy was there "magic stroller". Now, we go in, you cry for a minute or two (but they don't have to pry you out of my arms), and you go find toys and friends. It took us about 6-ish weeks, but I am so impressed!
Feeding:  You are a big eater, but getting more and more praticular in your old age. Some days you'll love blueberries, the next day you won't touch them....that that goes for just about everything. You keep me guessing.

Likes:  You are such a happy, joyful little boy. You love being the star of the show, you love being around people, and you play so nicely with friends. You loooove to be outside, you love to look out the windows for deer, or buses, or cars and you get so excited when we spot one. We were downtown Crystal Lake on Sunday after church when the train went by and you almost lost your mind.
Dislikes: You don't like being told what not to do. You may have a bit of your mama in ya.
Milestones: More and more words pour out of your mouth everyday. Dada filmed a little video of you repeating "I love you" last night, so we may even be working on putting words together, but what I think it the best milestone this month is your understanding of things. If we are in the living room, I can tell you to go to your playroom and grab a few books for us to read, and you will march your little booty and come back with a few books. It blows my mind.
Places You’ve Gone: We've been home this month just exploring our new town.
Visitors: You met cousins from Minnesota this month, a new baby cousin that came into the world in January, and lots of family that you haven't seen in a few months time.
Roscoe: The same is true.....You two are truly the best of friends. You want him to chase you all day long, you ask for RoRo as soon as you wake up, and you laugh when he runs up and down the stairs like its the funniest thing you've ever seen.  And most of all (MUCH to me and dad's dismay, you love to throw your food off your highchair to him).
Leo, I cannot fathom the fact that you are 18 months old, and cannot fathom what life was like before you either. You are our treasure and we love you to the "mooon" and back sweet baby. 


  1. Leo and Oliver have so many similar traits I love it! We're so lucky to have sweet boys! Whenever people ask how old Oliver is I always want to say "17months and 2 weeks" bc I'm just not ready to say 18 months! :( Constant runny nose here too. Like everyone says, "it builds up their immune system!" Not fun going through it though!

  2. It sounds like he is doing great! Isn't it amazing how fast time is flying?!