Leo - Month 19

Weight: at 18mth2w - 23lbs 11oz (40%), 31.4" (13%)

Nicknames: Leeman, Lee-Lee, Wee-whoa
Clothes: 18 months clothes, and we have gotten away with a few 18-24 month shirts from Gap if I roll the sleeves once. Pants are 12-18mth, still a size 4 diaper and we started wearing size 5 shoes
Sleep:  You have been back to your normal, solid sleep schedule. I'm curious what it would look like if you skipped a nap. There have been a few times that we have been out and about, and I've flirted with the idea. You're getting to be such a big boy, that I think you could probably handle it. If we are 30/45 minutes late to bedtime, you seem to rally really well too, which is awesome!

7:00am - Up and Bottle
8:00am Breakfast- you looove waffles!
9-12am play
11:30am/12pmish- lunch
1:00 pm nap
3:15pm snack & playtime
6:00pm dinner with a cup of milk
6:30 pm bath
7:15 pm  bed

Health: You and Coco got a little cold while your dad and I were in LA. You were sick with it for like 10 days, but nothing more serious than a congested cold and runny nose and a low grade fever for a day. It wasn't too bad, and I can tell I'm getting a little more mom cred because I'm not freaking out at every little sneeze.

Crying: You do love your mama...............
Feeding:  You are basically a vegetarian - but your shining foods include greek yogurt, hummus, pita, peanut butter, eggs, blueberries, oatmeal, avocado, and pasta. Getting new foods into you lately is tough - even sweet foods, like kiwi are impossible to get you to consume, but we're trying not to make a big deal of it. We'll see how it goes!

Likes:  You like a lot. You are a happy little tot. You love to "walk", be outside, you adore bubbles and chalk, playing with your new water table, and being around people. You are a social, loving little boy, and you light up our days.
Milestones: Watching you learn is pretty amazing. You mimic everything - in music class you can pat your legs, touch your toes, reach high to sky, etc. You love to play games and you are receptive to everyone around you. New words this month include ring, watch, chalk, geese, flower, avocado, and probably about 10 or 15 more. I would venture to guess your speaking somewhere over 75 words at this point.
Places You’ve Gone: You were home all month, but mom and dad left you for 3 nights in California. We had such a fun time visiting our friends in LA, and driving down to San Diego to see Uncle Andrew and Aunt Corie, Sulley, and new baby Evie. It was a great little trip away and you did awesome with Coco, Papa, Aunt Nana and Aunt Bird. 

Visitors: I almost have to take this off here because the list is long. Sara and Sean came out to our house from Chicago, you saw lots of cousins on both sides, and spent a lot of time with your grandparents too.
Roscoe: In the morning, after your bottle, Roscoe sits right above the chair that I feed you on in our living room. As soon as your down with the bottle, you start petting him sweetly, talking in this cute little voice saying "Roro", and you kiss him and cuddle him for like 5 or 10 minutes. It's one of my most favorite times of the day...it's absolutely precious.


  1. Look at Leo in his little chair! He is looking like such a little boy! I love how much he is talking and growing; what a gift!

  2. Leo is the cutest!!!!!!! MA has skipped nap a couple times and been fine. We just put her to bed 15-30 min earlier. They rally. She just becomes emotional like if she fell, she will fake cry when usually she just gets up. DRAMA. Leo won't be drama like this crazy one.

  3. It is always fun reading your recaps because my son is about a week younger (9/30). I think I gave birth to a line backer though, he's 30 lbs, almost 36", 2-4t clothes, 6.5 shoe and sz 6 diapers! Help me when he's a teenager, I'm going to need a second mortgage for food alone!