Weight: 25.0lbs (15%) and she didn't tell me your height but said it was 75% (which I don't believe). You were really wiggly for the measurement but it doesn't matter much - she said your growth curve is perfect.

Nicknames: LeeLee and WeeWhoa, but we often call you Leo John as well.

Clothes: 24mth/2T, 6 shoe, 5 diapers
Sleep:  You're a great sleeper although you've been putting up some nap fights where it can take you up to an hour and a half to fall asleep. You don't cry, but you sing, talk, play and move around in your crib which makes your mama crazy.

7:45: up - and if you're not, I wake up you (in order to help avoid some of our napping issues)
8:00am Breakfast-  we go right to breakfast now and you have your milk in your sippy cup.
9-12am play
11:30am/12pmish- lunch
1:15 pm nap
3:30pm snack 50% of the time & playtime
6:00pm dinner with a cup of milk
7:30 pm  bed

Health: A 3/4 day light cold this month but otherwise nothing. You are a healthy boy and we are so thankful for that.

Crying: Oh you sweet boy....if you fall or something happens, before you crack, your bottom lip will quiver and you will repeatedly say "Hi". It's like you're trying to compose yourself. It absolutely breaks my heart.
Feeding:  Buddy - best month ever! You've been awesome! You've been enjoying deli turkey in quesadillas or in turkey roll ups, have had shredded chicken in some pasta dishes, and even ate a good amount of meatballs this past week. You've also been a great fruit and veggie eater this month and have had a total surge in your eating habits as well.

Likes: The same remains. You like everything. You find joy and excitement in everything we do, which makes doing life with you just wonderful. Honestly, the list of what you like is so long I don't even know where to start. You love people, adventures, being outside, animals, new activities, music, toys, food, bubble baths, nap time.....You like life!
Not Liking: See above.

Milestones: You started school this month which has been a ton of fun! You are the youngest in your class, since we are starting you early (since you'll be the oldest in your actual class come Kindergarten), but let me tell you - you are fooling a lot of us! You hang with the two year olds VERY well and you make your parents very proud! 

You talk all day long, we are constantly impressed with your sentences (we are stringing together lots of 4 word sentences), and you will parrot anything we say....which means we have to be really careful around you!

You have loved puzzles this month, you know lots of your shapes, some of your colors, you know how old you are and your memory is outstanding. You have also impressed me with some conceptual understanding that I think (Biased mom, party of 1) is way above your age, and overall we pretty much think you're the smartest and cutest 2 year old there ever was.
Places You’ve Gone: We went up to Lake Geneva this past month to watch your dad accomplish a 50k race, but otherwise I think we've been around home. We have a really busy fall schedule...you do story time, a music class, and "school", and then spend two mornings a week for about an hour at the gym day care as well. We've also had lots of fun play dates and I've loved watching you make friends.

Roscoe: You are obsessed, ask him to come into your playroom 10x a day, want to kiss him 20x a day, and basically think he's the funniest thing you've ever seen.

Leo John, it is truly the joy of my life being your mom. Your dad and I could spend every waking moment with you, you are our whole world. You bring us such happiness and laughter and our lives are forever changed because of you. 
You are the biggest gift we've ever been given and we love you more than words could ever describe.
Happy 2nd birthday my sweet boy. 


  1. Oh my god Tess this just made me cry. Probably the insane pregnant hormones but he is just the cutest/sweetest little boy! I love watching your snaps of him, he cracks me up (and I hope that's not super creepy since I don't comment really ever...). Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

  2. I cannot believe he is two! He is the cutest and sweetest little boy! Happy, Happy Birthday to Molly Anne's boyfriend! xoxo