Baby Girl's Nursery

This room came together somewhat naturally, and really - pretty easily. I knew I didn't want to go over the top, I didn't have a ton of motivation while I was pregnant, and with some simple touches, this has quickly become one of my favorite rooms. So come take a look. 

The gold mirror gallery wall was really the only inspiration I had for the room, and so I really did everything around it.

It took me a long time to find drapes I liked. These were a score from TJ.Maxx and they're not quite thick enough to be great for light blocking, so we'll have to figure that out when we get there, but for now, I love them. 

Joel and his dad installed these extra long book cases from Ikea and I sort of envision finding a sheep skin rug or something cozy for a little reading nook down the line. 



Leo is still sleeping really well in his crib and we had zero interest in rocking that boat, so I'm borrowing a crib from my cousin until he makes the transition to his big boy bed.

For now, the wall behind the crib is blank until I find something that I love. I'm leaning towards blowing up three black and white pictures once we have our new born pictures taken, and may do them on a canvas type of situation so that nothing heavy would be over her bed. 

My california besties gifted baby Drew her hand painted sign, and Leo's babysitter gifted us the precious doll house. I'd like to have all of the doll house pieces in a different wicker basket, but for now, this is doing the job just fine. 

Drew lucked out with a really big walk in closet, and Joel added a few extra wire shelves to make it that much more efficient.  

I'm still getting used to all of the girly clothes and just can't handle all of the cuteness.


  1. The gold mirror wall is SO pretty. Love the entire room!

  2. I LOVE that little doll stroller and doll house! It’s the perfect room for her to grow into, especially with that walk in closet! What a lovely space!

  3. The room looks amazing! Congratulations on your bundle of joy - she is precious!