Drew - 1 month

Good gracious this is a weird post to write. Not only do I feel like I was just writing Leo's 1 month recap, but I also can't believe I'm not writing a pregnancy update (because that went by fast), and at the same time I cannot believe Drew has been with us an entire month and yet, only a month. 

Overall, the first four weeks have been a blur. Each week has gotten SO much better, and that excites me because I know the same will continue - but the first few weeks are tough. There just isn't a way around it, but despite that being a constant truth (at least for me), it's gone really, really well. 

Weight:  Drew was born at 7lbs even, dropped down to 6.6lbs when we were discharged, and then was up to 7lbs3oz when we had her two week check up. Leo didn't hit his birth weight by 2 weeks, so I was extra relieved that Drew had. She's been a really efficient eater from the beginning, latched right away, and my milk came in soooo much faster this time around, so I think that really helped!
Clothes: We are just now leaving newborn clothes and diapers. There is a lot of room in the 0-3 clothes, but I think they are just overall easier to put on then the newborn clothes at this point.
Sleep:  You've been a great night sleeper for us. The first two weeks we woke you ever 3.5 hours at night (another reason Leo didn't hit his weight, the boy would sleep so long at night, and so this time around we didn't mess around). Once you hit birth weight, we've let you run the night show, and right now you give us two 4.5 hour stretches which has been great. The day time we're still figuring out, but ideally I like to see you take a long morning and a long afternoon nap, and then cat naps in between.
Schedule: I loosely follow Mom's on Call and the EASY method to line up our day. No two days are the same, but if I were to a pull a pattern, this is what we are seeing:
12:45am - Feed
4:45- Feed
6am - up and fussy
7am - Feed
8:30am-9:30am-happy/cat naps
10am- Feed
10:30am-12:30pm - nap
12:40pm- Feed
1:40pm - nap
3:30pm - Feed
5:30/5:45pm- Feed
Health:  We are SO thankful for your perfect health. I've been a little lots obsessive but I'm trying to calm down a little. We've kept visitors the first month to a bare minimum, haven't had Leo touch her much, have stayed home a lot, and have chapped our hands with the amount of hand washing we are doing.
Crying:  You are LOUD. The day you were born you came out of my stomach LOUD and I remember saying something to the nurses while I was on the OR. We do call you a pterodactyl, but we say it with love. I'd say I see the most of your crying when you are over tired. Thankfully you are taking well to your pacifiers, love to be worn in our wraps, and a white noise maker is our friend.
Feeding:  You've been a great eater from the beginning. You are super fast 10-15 minutes total, and have taken very well to a bottle as well. We are going to start introducing a few more bottles during the week (your last feeding), but overall, breastfeeding has been a wonderful experience this time around.
Likes:  I'm thankful you like being in the Ergo and Solly - they have been our lifesavers. You also really like your wubanub, miracle blanket, long walks, and the swing!
Dislikes: Being tired or hungry. 

Milestones:  You are SO alert. Everyone comments on how bright eyed you are. You seem to be getting stronger with your neck control each day.
Places You’ve Gone:  Nothing crazy - I did take you into a restaurant this past week and you allowed me to have one glorious glass of wine with Coco, and you also got to go to your brother's favorite place in the world; Barnes and Noble. Otherwise, we've been home, at CocoPops, or in the drive-thru line at Starbucks. 

Visitors:  We've kept most visitors at bay for this first month, but you've gotten to spend lots of time with your grandparents, your Aunt Hannah and Aunt Birdie, you met your Aunt Lauren, Aunt Amanda, and your Great Grandma Kuka. We will meet a few more family members and friends this upcoming month.
Postpartum: Honestly, my C-section was a dream (as far as they go!). I recovered very quickly, was able to go home on day 2, and would say that I have zero side effects at this point. The first week was the worst, but when I came home, I was just on an advil regime every 6 hours. At my 2 week check up, I was given permission to drive, pick up Leo, take baths, and begin light exercise again. When they removed the glue at that appointment, I felt immediate relief as well. 

One thing I didn't really anticipate was how not fun nursing the second time around is as your uterus goes back to normal. I had bad period cramps for about 3 weeks, and honestly stayed on the advil for that more than the C-section recovery.

Leo: The first two weeks were a tough adjustment. We had the Christmas craziness, and I do believe that added to it, but not being able to hold Leo or carry him really bothered him. We had helpers at the house for one straight week after Joel went back to work, and Leo just wanted nothing to do with me, but also acted out because of it. He even jumped out of his crib which I couldn't believe! Since I've been able to carry him and resume normal activity, it's gotten a lot better. We're still hearing a lot more "NO", then we've ever heard but that may be more of his age than his new brother status.

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  1. UGH I remember those uterine cramps the first few times I was nursing. I was like, "Are you sure there isn't another baby in there trying to come out!??"