Drew - 2 Months Old

1 month

Weight: 9lbs 13oz (14%), 22.5" (28%), and head is somewhere in the 30%
Clothes: You are pretty solidly in 0-3, and have some room to grow in them.
Sleep:  You are a GEM of a night sleeper. As you'll see below, you get your last feeding (a bottle of pumped breast milk) at 7:15am, and only get up once at night. Typically it's somewhere between 3-4:30am. I have a feeling you'll drop this feeding in the coming weeks, so it really doesn't bother me at all.  **update, the last two nights you've slept through the night. Once until 6:30am, and currently you're still sleeping at its 7am! Thank you sweet girl.

During the day, I still don't have a perfectly kept schedule for you, but I love to line up a morning and afternoon nap in the rock and play if we can....but some mornings you take naps on the road in the stroller or in the carrier and then often take a cat nap before bed as well.
Schedule: I loosely follow Mom's on Call and the EASY method to line up our day. No two days are the same, but if I were to a pull a pattern, this is what we are seeing:
4:00am- Feed
7:00/7:30am- Feed, up and I also pump after this feeding for 10 minutes
8:15am- fusses early and is ready for a cat nap. This is normally when we try to walk/get out and she can catch some snoozes on the road.
10am- Feed
10:30am-12:30pm - nap
12:40pm- Feed
1:40pm - nap
3:30pm - Feed
7:15pm-Feed and bed by 7:35pm

Health:  We are SO thankful for your perfect health
Crying:  You are LOUD. You go from zero to sixty fast, but for the most part, are easy to please.
Feeding:You're doing great breastfeeding, and my production is better with you than it was with Leo which has been nice. I think that also helps you be as effecient as you are, since our nursing sessions are really only 10/12 minutes. 

You take a bottle everyday, most of the time with dad, and you are taking about 5.5oz but it takes you about 20/25 minutes and you need lots of burp breaks!
Likes: You really love your baths, being held, taking walks and you've really started to enjoy time playing on your activity mat this month which has been really fun.
Dislikes: Being tired or hungry.
Milestones:  You are SO alert. Everyone comments on how bright eyed you are. You seem to be getting stronger with your neck control each day and this month you started blowing raspberries, coo-ing here and there, tracking items, and swatting at some toys.
Places You’ve Gone:  Nothing crazy - we're still not out and about at full steam ahead just yet but we did go out on our first family outing in public! We took you and your brother to the brewery which was really fun. We stayed for about an hour and you were perfection!
Postpartum: As far as recovery, physically I feel 100%. I still have 15 pounds to lose of baby weight which doesn't seem to want to fall off itself like it did with Leo, so that sucks. I've tried to get in a few workouts on our new treadmill, and while it has been great for my mind, the scale isn't budging yet.

Leo: Ohhh how he loves you. He always wants to hug baby Drew, likes to know where she is at all times, and has been having fun "playing" with her on the activity mat. Current game = baby Drew kicking Leo, which he thinks is hilarious!


  1. Look at you, you cute little sleeper! Good girl for Mama! xo

  2. She's so cute and her big brother looks like he's loving his new role!!

  3. She's adorable and Leo sounds like a wonderful big brother! She's lucky to have him.