Reading, Watching, Listening, & Cooking

Reading: I haven't read anything since Drew has been born. I've really wanted to find a new, good book, but that just hasn't happened. Most nights - true story - at 7:30pm, I finish pumping, take my glass of wine up to bed, watch something silly and light (ie. sisterwives or Real Housewives), and fall asleep at about 8:35pm. I have a list of books I really want to read, but....... ........ ...... hopefully this summer.

Watching: Let's be real....I'm actually watching a lot of Chuggington (which is actually very cute, on Netflix).
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I've also been really happy to see my old favorites Sister Wives and Counting On. And I'm EAGER to see the next season of Southern Charm 

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Listening: I'm really enjoying Dax Shepard "Armchair Expert". The Kristen Bell episode had me actually laughing out loud for a majority of the time. It's long, but enjoyable. I read about the podcast on Cupcakes and Cashmere and have binge listened since.

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Cooking:  This taco salad was SO good (Natalie called it cauliflower rice taco bowls). I used this recipe from Natalie's blog as a jump start and made a few substitutions (no cauliflower rice + carrots). We topped the salads with some corn tortilla chips and a jalapeno ranch dressing ....it felt both decadent and light.



  1. I’m not a big reality tv person, but I’m very excited about Southern Charm again!

  2. I love that little sign! We haven’t started watching Chugginton around here, but I’ll have to check it out. I’m tired of Bob the Train!

  3. Laura recommended The Last Mrs.Parrish to me and it is sooo good. It's a must read!