California Style

Happy Friday ladies! 
I'm so glad today is finally here. My training for my latest position wrapped up yesterday and come Monday morning - the territory is all mine!

1. Can you believe that these are the a few of the outfits that I wore this week? It's AUGUST, ya'll? Who woulda thunk? I'm used to hot freaking temperatures in the summer, and I still can't get over the cooler climate here in Cali.

2. I'm throwing Joel a birthday party two weeks from today and I really need to start the process. We are going to do a "wine tasting" themed event, but we're having 15 people at the house for it and I want to add some fun touches to it. I just started a pinning board for all things wine party.

 Wine tasting party.
Wine Tasting Party table
Wine tasting party

3. Speaking of pintrest, I would do a lot of illegal things to have these pretties on my feet - but I cannot imagine they are comfortable.

4. A reminder to us all. Especially around these parts. No sense in ever being anything but kind - life is way, way too short.
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  1. So jealous of your cooler climate! And I love the 2nd outfit! :)

  2. Where is the black and white striped top from? Love it!

  3. Thanks chica! It's Juicy Couture from Nordys

  4. Love your new header! Cooler temps..ugh so jealous. A wine tasting party seems like my kind a party. Have you seen the chalkboard paint cheese boards on pinterest? They are pretty cute.

  5. A wine tasting will be SO fun! We recently had one with some friends and used similar burlap bags they got from Etsy.

  6. I bought these in black over the weekend for $29.99...do you have this store in Cali? Surprisingly comfortable!! http://www.bakersshoes.com/p-246266-BABE.aspx?c=276

  7. You can add "ideal climate" (for me) to the long list of reasons why I love the West Coast. Cute outfits! I hope the party planning goes well, that is such a sweet idea. I'm sure it will be tons of fun. I love that reminder, definitely speaks the truth.