Wedding Wednesday

Take a moment right now to be grateful

Yes, yes.....the wedding is the big affair....but what about the groom? I don't want to lose focus about the fact that while I am having a wedding, what's more important is that I'm getting married. 

And I'm marrying Joel. 
The boy that I've dated since I was 18 years old.

This summer we've been so busy. We've entertained guests, flown to see friends and family, and had work trips all over the dang place. We honestly haven't spent that much alone time together, and this week, that's what we're focusing on and so I figured it would be a good time to focus on him, here.

Here are a few reasons why I'm really excited to get married to him.

1.  He loves our dog. He really loves our dog. And he worries about him and he dotes on him and he talks to him in a funny voice and plays with him on the floor, and it sort of makes me want to have kids tomorrow. He's going to make a really good dad, and he's going to work hard for our kids and he's going to have a lot of fun with them, and that makes me love him even when he's not a dad.

2. He's a hard worker. And while he's working hard, he isn't complaining. It doesn't matter if he is actually at "work", or running, or cleaning the floors (his chore), he does a damn good job at it. He's got that weird personality...something of a perfectionist...and he gives it his all, all the time. I'm not like that, and he's a good example for me.

3.  He let's me "do me". Which comes from my all time favorite saying "Do you boo boo, cause I'ma do me". I like to be the first people to leave a party. And I like to buy nice wine. I like to blog and I like to drink wine at lunch. And I like to take baths at night and go to sleep before 10. And he let's me. He's never made me feel like I need to change for him, because he likes me the way I am, and I like me the way I am too, so it works out.

4.  We live similarly. This is a little "Miss Advised" but one of my all time dating rules is that you have to be with someone that has a similar lifestyle as you. Or at least wants to have the same lifestyle as you. Not that you have to have the exact same hobbies or interests, but you have to have the same foundation of enjoyment, and Joel and I do. We both like to travel and explore new places, we like to hike and go for runs, we like to eat at nice restaurants and cook good food at home. Now, there are a lot of things that we don't mesh on, but we have the same long term daily goals for our life, and I think that's critical. I actually think I'm going to enjoy the next 70 years of my life with Joel as my partner.

5. We make a really good team. When he's up, I try to stay down. If I'm being cray cray, he tries (sometimes) to bring me back to reality. He stresses about driving, I stress about flying. I make a good dinner, he cleans up the dishes better than anybody. I'm a little bit loud, and sporadic, he's more calm and collected. I think together we make each other better and bring out good qualities of one another - and hopefully we'll keep that trend going for years to come.

love these words

He makes me crazy - and we can look at each other with dagger eyes, and there are plenty of nights that we go to bed mad after screaming at each other I have screamed at him, but at the end of the day, we want to live life together foreve....and that's what counts more than the paper I use for my invitations.


  1. This is so, so excellent. And so cute!! I'm posting something quite similar on my blog today, funny how THAT works.

  2. This is so sweet. I agree that the foundation needs to be the same. Opposites may attract, but you need to enjoy each other (and the things you both enjoy doing) forever.

  3. I love this. So sweet, and exactly what you should have in your life partner in crime. :)

  4. love this post! it is so important to remember your wedding day is just that...a day. what is truly important is your marriage and your forever life together. :)

  5. So awesome. It's so easy to get lost in planning the wedding, but what's most important is preparing for your marriage. And all those are great reasons for why you belong with Joel. :)

  6. So very happy for you!! Congratulations, you can just tell the love you two share even by reading this sweet post. I hope you're enjoying being engaged as much as I am, so much to do but so exciting! xx

  7. Yesss!! Great post. I just found your blog and I like to buy nice wine and drink at lunch. I'm a morning person and I live in LA! Welcome to California from your new favorite reader. :)

  8. This is just the sweetest. You guys are too cute.